Dual Enrollment courses at Wichita State allow high school students to participate in university life at a drastically reduced rate. Students who participate in dual enrollment learn from university faculty members in the classroom alongside college students and are able to accomplish more technically rigorous courses not normally offered at the high-school level.


The cost for these courses at Wichita State is $149 per course + the cost of books. 


This Fall we are offering the following courses at this reduced cost:

  • Calculus II
  • College Algebra
  • Public Speaking
  • US History since 1865
  • Biology 106/107
  • General Geology
  • General Chemistry
  • Anthropology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Philosophy


  • Achieve a minimum high school cumulative GPA of 2.75, and
  • Be a high school sophomore, junior, senior, or freshman with a gifted IEP, and
  • Achieve a minimum college GPA of 2.00 (for future dual enrollment semesters), or
  • Have permission from a high school official and parent / guardian
  • Dual enrollment students may take up to six credit hours each semester

Application Requirements

  • Submit the application*
  • Pay the one-time, non-refundable $25 application fee. As a returning high school student, you will not pay this fee again.
  • Send a high school transcript showing the previously completed semester

*Your dual enrollment application is not the same as a freshman application. If you want to apply to Wichita State after your high school graduation, please visit wichita.edu/apply.

International Students

If you're a student in the United States as part of a foreign exchange program and want to participate in dual enrollment, you'll get admitted through the Office of International Admissions. For more information about requirements and deadlines, please contact Michelle Barger, associate director, Office of International Admissions, at michelle.barger@wichita.edu or 316-978-3232.