Morrison Hall

Building Info

With its distinctive clock tower gracing the campus skyline, Morrison Hall is one of the most recognizable symbols of Wichita State University. By the 1930s the Municipal University of Wichita, with its expanded programs, had outgrown the library that had served Fairmount College. Although it was the Depression, federal funds were secured for a new building, and the Municipal University of Wichita Library, now Morrison Hall, was opened in 1939. Later, at the request of the alumni, it was given the name Morrison Library, named for the first president of Fairmount College. When continued growth necessitated the construction of Ablah Library, opened in 1962, the Morrison Library was renamed Morrison Hall. When the university became Wichita State University in 1964, Morrison Hall became the administrative center of the campus, housing the Office of the President, Academic Affairs, Strategic Communications and the school’s post office.