Tilford Talks with Riccardo Harris and Dr. Kevin Harrison

In celebration of both the legacy of Dr. Michael Tilford and that of Black History Month, Wichita State University's President's Diversity Council will be hosting Tilford Talks. These will be hosted by Mr. Riccardo Harris and Dr. Kevin Harrison. In the spirit of traditional Tilford initiatives, the talks will hold true to the mission of inspiring and promoting equity awareness at Wichita State, while also exploring the challenges to educating diverse student populations. Tilford Talks will explore these important values through lenses that are more abstract than what we are traditionally accustomed to. In ongoing efforts to bridge gaps between the community and the university, these conversations will look at areas that take for granted the responsibility of the entire community in properly educating students of color.

While these areas are far too vast to list, we have chosen the areas of spirituality and law enforcement for this year's conversations. Discussion will include how some groups feel threatened and even traumatized by law enforcement. How can institutions and law enforcement work together to lessen these disparities? How are these disparities impacting the process of educating students of color? What role does research play in changing the narrative so that students of color are empowered by institutions of higher learning rather than subjugated? Featured panelist include Dr. Michael Birzer, Chief Gordon Ramsay, Chief Rodney Clark and Captain Wendel Nicholson. Sponsored by Textron. 

Zoom link: https://wichitastate.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEqce2gpj4iGtYSPqVMQGHrH4G52tXX2Cj-

Friday, February 26, 2021


Kevin Harrison