Wichita State’s NCAMP approves new Victrex thermoplastic material system for inclusion in materials database

Victrex HeroneThe National Center for Advanced Materials Performance (NCAMP) at Wichita State University has approved a new unidirectional tape (UDT) for use in aerospace programs.

Victrex engaged in a process spanning more than two years to successfully qualify VICTREX AE™ 250-AS4 UDT to the NCAMP allowables database. Hexcel has a proven record of qualifying composite materials solutions through NCAMP, and this newly available allowables database enables aircraft designers to easily adopt a new composite system solution.

The combination of the industry standard HexTow® carbon fiber supplied by Hexcel, and the new thermoplastic resin system from Victrex can be incorporated into the manufacturing of composite materials that may reduce energy use, decrease aircraft weight, and improve aircraft durability. 

NCAMP, part of Wichita State’s National Institute for Aviation Research, works closely with the FAA and industry partners to qualify material systems and populate publicly available databases. These NCAMP databases accelerate production and reduce the costs related to a typical qualification of composite material systems by aircraft manufacturers. By having an NCAMP-qualified system, suppliers can bring materials to market faster on a larger scale and help their end-users reach FAA certification sooner than the typical certification process.

The adoption of thermoplastic composites in the aerospace industry is on the rise, due to the benefits from materials that lower aircraft weight and reduced associated fuel burn, while providing cost savings to the airline and lowering carbon emissions for the environment. 

All of the data and associated documents will be included in the NCAMP shared material database at www.wichita.edu/industry_and_defense/NIAR/Research/victrex-ae-250.php