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WSU NIAR’s Intermediate Additive Manufacturing (AM) Certificate Program is an in-person, 3-day training that incorporates hands-on exercises and lectures.

Course Learning Objectives:

    • Gain an understanding of the general design rules/guidelines pertaining to polymer and metal additive manufacturing via DfAM exercises.
    • Know the best practices of safety aspects while working with 3D printing.
    • Provides intermediate-level CAD training on wireframe and surface design.
    • Learn how to do Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and apply it for 3D printing by incorporating the entire FEA workflow.
    • Carry out 3D printing on an industrial grade machine that includes slicer software, machine setup, build, post-processing, etc.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply the DfAM rules/ guidelines prior to manufacturing a 3D printed part.
  • Design AM parts in the most efficient manner with minimum support structures.
  • Understand the basic terms and definitions associated with environment, health & safety in AM.
  • Identify common risks associated with AM.
  • Be enabled to take preventative actions to minimize and mitigate risks.
  • Design a part on 3DEXPERIENCE using wireframe and surface tools/operations.
  • Explain the typical FEA workflow.
  • Analyze the part prior to 3D printing and predict its behavior under real-world loading conditions via FEA simulations.
  • Create a part on an industrial grade 3D printing machine.

Course Topics

Module 1 – Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)
Introduction to design, DfAM case studies, supports, stress concentration, residual stress, general AM design rules, polymer AM- general design rules, metal AM- general design rules, DfAM steps, design activity.

Module 2 – AM: Environment, Health and Safety
Intro to environment, health & safety, 3D printing hazards, best practices, personal protective equipment, waste disposal, safety signs, safety precautions, machine specific examples, environment, health & safety organizations to know, AM safety quiz.

Module 3 – Intermediate CAD
Introduction to surfacing, surface design process, generative shape design workbench and tools, creating wireframe geometry, creating simple surfaces, performing operations on wireframe and surface geometry, design exercise- impeller.

Module 4 – Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Introduction to engineering problems, why FEA?, goal of FEA, stress-strain curve, FEA workflow, 3DEXPERIENCE FEA sanity checks, FEA exercises.

Module 5 – Industrial Grade 3D Printing
3D printing demo on the Stratasys F900, slicer software demo, machine setup, build, post-processing, lab tour.

Individuals who complete this course will receive a completion certificate. This course is open to the public. No pre-requisites required.