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Enhance — Enable — Empower

Working with partners to address current community, workforce and research needs. 
Ennovar at Wichita State University has designed an employment model that meets partner needs and enhances the learning process for student employees — integrating education and employment to the benefit of all.

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Our Students

The applied learning model and our partnerships allow our students the opportunity to:

  • Apply knowledge and skills gained in the classroom to the real-world
  • Experience the corporate environment
  • Earn recognition and potential career opportunities with Partner Employers
  • Make critical professional contacts
  • Test drive a prospective career
  • Gain practical training and experience that provides the tools to help them land a career post-graduation
  • Improve confidence
  • Build skills in fields that are looking to hire new talent.
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Our Partners

  • Supplement their team and maximize performance at minimal cost
  • Gain the unique perspective and product of ambitious, energetic, and intellectually creative students
  • Identify and engage with a talented pool of individuals who have the potential to enhance the partner company’s team as employees
  • Fulfill partners needs with candidates who are already familiar with the culture, work processes, and outcomes of the partner organization
  • Create their future workforce faster by putting students to work for your organization now