Dr. Shruti Rajendra Kshirsagar is an Assistant Teaching Professor and graduate coordinator for the MS in data science program at the School of Computing at Wichita State University. She specializes in Data Science, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Speech Signal Processing. Dr. Kshirsagar's research interests extend to Affective Computing, Healthcare and AI, Medical Image Processing, Assistive Technology, human-machine interface, Artificial Intelligence, and Sound Recognition. 

She earned her PhD in Telecommunications from Institut National de la recherche scientifique (INRS) in Montreal, Canada, where she specialized in Speech & Deep Learning, and data science. She holds a Master's and Bachelor's degree in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Mumbai, with a focus on Communication, statistics, and Signal Processing.

At Wichita State University, Dr. Kshirsagar is responsible for teaching and mentoring graduate students, developing and implementing advanced curricula in Deep Learning and Machine Learning. She has significant industry experience, having worked as an Audio R&D Scientist at EERS Global Technologies Inc. in Montreal and as a Machine Learning for Audio Analytics Intern at Robert Bosch Inc. in Mississauga, Canada.

Dr. Kshirsagar's exemplary contributions to research have been recognized with several prestigious awards, including the Best Doctoral Thesis Award from INRS. She has also been awarded multiple research grants.

Her professional memberships include IEEE Signal Processing Society, IEEE Young Professionals, IEEE Women in Engineering, and the International Speech Communication Association (ISCA), among others. Dr. Kshirsagar's work is widely published in renowned journals and conferences, reflecting her commitment to advancing the fields of Affective computing, deep learning, and signal processing.


Academic Interests and Expertise
  • PhD in Telecommunications (Specialization: Data science), Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS), Montreal, Canada, Jan 2018 - Sept 2022 , Specialization: Speech & Deep Learning, Data Science, Advisor: Dr. Tiago falk
  • Masters of Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India, Aug 2014 - July 2016, Specialization: Communication, Statistics, Signal Processing, Advisor: Dr. Preeti Rao
  • Bachelors of Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India, Aug 2010 - May 2014
Areas of Research Interest

Data Science, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Speech Signal Processing, Affective Computing, Medical Image Processing, Assistive Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Sound Recognition, Healthcare and AI

Areas of Teaching Interest
  • CS 898BD Deep Learning 
  • CS 770 Machine Learning
  • CS 870 Spoken Language Processing 
Selected Publications
Conference Papers
  1. Avila, S., Kshirsagar, S., Tiwari, A., Lafond, D., O’Shaughnessy, D., & Falk, T. (2019). "Speech-Based Stress Classification based on Modulation Spectral Features and Convolutional Neural Networks". EUSIPCO 2019, Spain.
  2. Gaballah, A., Avila, A., Monteiro, J., Tiwari, P., Kshirsagar, S., & Falk, T. (2020). "Development of the INRS-EMT Scene Classification Systems for the 2020 DCASE challenge". DCASE Challenge 2020.
  3. Tiwari, P., Jain, Y., Avila, A., Monteiro, J., Kshirsagar, S., Gaballah, A., & Falk, T. (2020). "Modulation Spectral Signal Representation and I-vectors for Anomalous Sound Detection". DCASE Challenge 2020.
  4. Barhate, S., Kshirsagar, S., Sanghvi, N., Sabu, K., Rao, P., & Bondale, N. (2016). "Prosodic Features of Marathi News Reading Style". Proc. of IEEE TENCON, Singapore.
  5. Rao, P., Mixdorff, H., Deshpande, I., Sanghvi, N., & Kshirsagar, S. (2016). "A Quantitative Study of Focus Shift in Marathi". Proc. of Speech Prosody, Boston, USA.
Journal Papers
  1. Kshirsagar, S., & Falk, T. (2022). "Quality-Aware Bag of Modulation Spectrum Features for Robust Speech Emotion Recognition". IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing.
  2. Falk, T., Tiwari, A., Casani, R., Kshirsagar, S., Tobon, D., & Sue, Y. (2022). "Modulation Spectral Signal Representation for Quality Measurement and Enhancement of Wearable Device Data: A Technical Note". Sensors.
  3. Kshirsagar, S., & Falk, T. (2022). "Cross-Language Speech Emotion Recognition Using Bag-of-Word Representations, Domain Adaptation, and Data Augmentation". Sensors.
  4. Kshirsagar, S., Pendyala, A., & Falk, T. (2023). "Task-Specific Speech Enhancement and Data Augmentation for Improved Multimodal Emotion Recognition Under Noisy Conditions". Frontiers in Computer Science.
  5. Zhu, Y., Tiwari, A., Monteiro, J., Kshirsagar, S., & Falk, T. (2023). "COVID-19 Detection via Fusion of Modulation-Spectrum and Linear Prediction Speech Features". IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing.
  1. Kshirsagar, S. (2016). "Determination Of Acoustic Parameters Of Marathi Prosody". Master’s thesis, IIT Bombay.
  2. Kshirsagar, S. (2022). "Affective Human-Machine Interfaces: Towards Multi-lingual, Environment-Robust Emotion Detection from Speech". Ph.D. Dissertation, INRS.
Awards and Honors
  • INRS, Best Doctoral Thesis Award, Apr 2023
  • MuSAE Lab Grant, Jan 2018 - Aug 2022
  • INRS International Student Scholarship, Jan 2018 - Aug 2022
  • MITACS Accelerate Internship Grant, Aug 2020 - Apr 2021
  • NTU Singapore ‘Tamasek Lab Research Grant’ for International Internship, Summer 2017
  • Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) Scholarship for Masters, Aug 2014 - Jul 2016
  • Flossie West Trust grant for “Peptide and T-Cell Loaded PCL Nanofibers with Controlled Release Mechanisms for Breast Cancer Treatment,” Wichita State University, Mar 2024