Dr. Matthew D. Howland is an anthropological archaeologist whose research focuses on the application of digital 3D and spatial methods to the study of the past. Dr. Howland is the director of the Geospatial Archaeology Laboratory at Wichita State University and received his PhD and MA from the University of California San Diego and his BS/BA from Penn State. His research involves the application of low-altitude aerial remote sensing, including UAV/drone-based photography, to record and map archaeological sites in 3D and conduct intra-site spatial analyses in GIS. Dr. Howland also applies 3D and spatial storytelling platforms for community-engaged digital public archaeology. Dr. Howland is engaged in active field research in Kansas, Georgia, and the Eastern Mediterranean. His work has been published in journals such as the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, PLOS One, Journal of Archaeological Science, and Advances in Archaeological Practice, and has been covered in media outlets including CNN, Vice, and Newsweek.


Academic Interests and Expertise

GIS, Low-altitude aerial photography, photogrammetry, UAVs, drones, LiDAR, 3D, digital archaeology, public archaeology, ceramic petrography


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