Tonya served as a program manager at the Environmental Finance Center since 2015 before becoming director in 2020. She managed grants and projects during a period of growth for the EFC that brought in more than $2 million in external funding. As director, Tonya is committed to enabling the EFC to help communities and organizations build capacity so that they can tackle environmental challenges. Prior to joining the Environmental Finance Center, Tonya worked at City of Wichita as an air quality specialist and at K-State Research and Extension as a natural resources extension agent. A proud Shocker and Wichita native, Tonya is highly active in the community, leading volunteer work like the Arkansas River Trash Roundup, Wichita’s g2gOutside program and Passport to Nature fundraisers. She also serves as the president-elect on the Friends of the Great Plains Nature Center board. Tonya graduated from Tabor College with a BA in Environmental Biology and International Studies and also completed a Master's of Science in Environmental Science at Friends University.