Stephen W. Brady, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics, arrived at the newly formed Wichita State University in 1967. He received his BA, MA, and PhD in Mathematics from Indiana University. 
Professor Brady is the author of several research papers and is currently writing the seventh volume of a series of upper undergraduate and graduate mathematics texts that number at present (January 2021) 2400 pages. He has served on many university master's and doctoral committees. He has taught most of the mathematics courses offered at the undergraduate level and many  graduate courses. 
Professor Brady has served on most college and university committees and the faculty senate. He has been helping to build the quality of the faculty of the Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics Department as Search Committee Chair for over forty years. For thirty-nine years he has been Director of the Mathematics General Education Algebra Program. 

He was on the WSU Athletic Board in 1970 when one of the planes carrying the football team and boosters crashed in Colorado killing 39. He was involved in the immediate aftermath and in the rebuilding effort afterwards. In 1983, Professor Brady was asked by the Wichita Chief of Police to join a secret task force seeking to apprehend the serial killer BTK. He worked daily on the case using computer and logical skills for many of the 23 years leading up to the killer's capture. He has worked also with other bureaus within the police department and with several federal law enforcement agencies. 
Stephen has an interest in the study of flora and fauna in sub-Saharan Africa. Stephen and wife Phyllis have spent parts of sixteen summers in remote areas of Central, East, and Southern Africa studying, photographing, and videotaping wild animals. They have also taken (upon request) others with them and acted as guides. In addition, they are widely traveled to other parts of the world. 

Stephen has been fortunate to have remained healthy throughout his career and has not missed a day of university teaching for illness for 58  years.

Stephen has been happily married for 56 years to his wife Phyllis, a retired elementary school principal. 

Professor Brady continues his teaching and efforts to help students pursue knowledge.


Academic Interests and Expertise
  • Mathematical Analysis
  • Differential Equations
  • Numerical Linear Algebra
Areas of Teaching Interest
  • Analysis (Graduate)
  • Boundedness Theorems and Other Mathematical Studies of a Hodgkin-Huxley Type System of Differential Equations: Numerical Treatment of Thresholds and Stationary Values: Parts I, II, III, Journal of Mathematical Biosciences 6 (1970), 209-282.
  • The Integro-Differential Equation Form of a Hodgkin-Huxley Type System of Differential Equations, Journal of Mathematical Biosciences 13 (1972), 229-234.
  • Inhomogeneous and Periodic Boundary Value Problems for Burger's Equation, Bulletin of the Calcutta Mathematical Society, Vol 71, No 3, (1979) 135-142--with A.R. Elcrat.
  • Some Results of A Posteriori Error Estimation for Approximate Solutions of Second Order Elliptic Problems, SIAM Journal of Numerical Analysis, Vol 16, No. 6 (1979)--with A.R. Elcrat.
  • The Function Plotter (Manual and Computer Program), John Wiley and Sons, Inc. 1984
  • The Function Plotter Calculus Workbook, John Wiley and Sons, Inc, 1984
  • CRC Dictionary of Mathematics, CRC Press, 1997
    • I am a contributing editor to CRC Press and wrote part of the dictionary.
  • Booklet: Contributor to WSU Academy of Effective Teaching Booklet “A Handbook of Reflections on the Art of Teaching”
  • I am currently writing a series of books on mathematics (sort of a mini-Bourbaki series). Currently 2400+ pages in seven volumes (Mathematical Theory).
Awards and Honors
  • (since 2000) include the WSU Academy For Effective Teaching-Teaching Excellence Award, 2000
  • WSU University President's Award for Outstanding Service, 2001
  • WSU Board Of Trustees Excellence In Teaching Award, 2002
  • Student Support Services Teacher of  the Year-Teaching Excellence Award, 2002; 
  • 3 Awards from Student Support Services, 2009
    • Director’s Award,
    • TRIO Adult Learning
    • Teacher of the Year Recognition
    • TRIO Building Bridges Award-Administrator of the Year
  • Lighthouse Award
    • Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year
    • Outstanding Administrator of the Year
  • Trio Disability Support Services, 2015 
  • Honor’s Facilitator of the Year (Dorothy & Bill Cohen Honors College), 2015
  • Honored by the State of Kansas for 50 years of service in October 2018 
    • Professor Brady has been renominated for several of these awards that are only given once.