A Learning Management Systems Specialist, at Wichita State University, her passion lies in teaching. She teaches courses in both the Women’s Studies and Philosophy Departments at Wichita State University (WSU). With a BA degree in English and History from Mount St. Mary’s College, Los Angeles, CA., MA in Philosophy from Catholic University of America, Washington D.C., MA in Religious Studies from the University of St Thomas in Rome, Ms. Morriss is still embarking on further studies. She has completed 18 graduate hours in Communication from University of Phoenix and WSU.

She has been at her current job at WSU for 25 years, starting by running the telecourse program and transitioning to working with online courses, she teaches online as well as face-to-face classes. Her hobbies include owning and operating a no-kill animal sanctuary where they care for approximately 500 animals. One of her favorite courses is “Women and Animal Rights,” which she teaches online. She is prominent in Women’s Studies online where she teaches “Diverse Women in Popular Culture” and other courses.