Burcu Ozturk, PhD, MSW, is an Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work. Dr. Ozturk received her undergraduate degree in Social Work from Adnan Menderes University, Turkey, in 2010. In 2015, Dr. Ozturk completed her master’s degree in Social Work from Temple University. In 2020, Dr. Ozturk received her PhD degree from the University of Alabama School of Social work. Her dissertation topic was understanding the lived experiences of Middle Eastern-born immigrant women who were intimate partner violence survivors in the United States, as well as how culture impacts these experiences. During her PhD, Dr. Ozturk had been involved with a family therapy team comprised of social work and psychology faculty and students at the University of Alabama Medical Center psychiatric clinic. In addition, Dr. Ozturk did her post-doc at the University of Oklahoma in forensic social work. Also, Dr. Ozturk worked in Diversion Hub, which is a non-profit organization, as a program evaluator researcher as a part of her post-doc.  

As part of her studies, Dr. Ozturk has worked with different populations. During her undergraduate studies, she worked with teenagers who were involved in crime, domestic violence survivors, children, and the elderly population. For her master’s internship, she worked in high schools as a school social worker where she provided counseling, case management and therapy as a social worker under the guidance of the school social worker.

Dr. Ozturk’ research agenda focuses on domestic violence issues, family, immigrant, and forensic social work. Dr. Ozturk has experience teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses in the USA in courses such as human behavior, international social work, practice and research. She serves as a peer reviewer for academic journals as well as a member of several committees at the Wichita State University.


Areas of Research Interest

Domestic violence

Criminal Justice


Forensic social work

Areas of Teaching Interest

SCWK 851 Applied Social Work Research

SCWK 700 Foundations of Generalist Practice I



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 Book Chapter

  1. Ozturk, B., Yalim, A., Toraman, S. (2020). Crossing Borders: Challenges of Refugee Women. Immigrant Women’s Voices and Integrating Feminism into Migration Theory. IGI Global. (pp. 195-213).
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Awards and Honors
  • 3 Minutes Thesis Competition, Finalist                                                                      2019
    University of Alabama                                      
  • Leslie J. Shellhase Endowed Scholarship $1200,                                                        2019
    University of Alabama School of Social Work
  • Shellhase Endowed Scholarship, $1100                                                                       2018
    University of Alabama, School of Social Work
  • The University of Alabama School of Social Work was awarded:                             2017
    A Recognition of Contribution to Research by a PhD Student, 2017 
  • Scholarship of Ministry of National Education for graduate education in                  2011
    The USA, from Turkish Government.
Areas of Service

Peer Reviewer, Journal of Interpersonal Violence

Member of the MSW committee, School of Social Work, Wichita State University,

Faculty Support Committee, Wichita State University