Meet JaNeshia, an accomplished professional with a background in public administration, leadership, coaching, and promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace. Recently appointed as the Assistant Director of Innovation and New Ventures, she is committed to promoting positive change and driving innovation in her new role. 

In her role as Assistant Director of Innovation and New Ventures, JaNeshia will leverage her expertise to drive innovation and growth in her organization, with a particular focus on making a positive impact in the Wichita Metro area. She is excited to collaborate with her team to bring new ventures and initiatives to life. She enjoys exploring new cultures and cuisines, and is passionate about supporting causes that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Overall, JaNeshia's dedication, experience, and interpersonal skills make her an excellent fit for her new role as Assistant Director of Innovation and New Ventures. Her commitment to driving positive change and passion for innovation will undoubtedly contribute to shaping the future of her organization.


Academic Interests and Expertise

JaNeshia earned her bachelor’s degree in health service management & Community Development, as well as her master's degree in Public Administration, from Wichita State University. She is also a certified corporate trainer with extensive experience in coaching and developing individuals and teams to reach their full potential. 

Professional Experience

Outside of work, JaNeshia is also an actress, model, and entrepreneur, running her own clean beauty cosmetics company. In addition, she serves as a Staff Senator and Communications Committee member at Wichita State University and is also a member of the Wichita Chamber of Commerce and Create Campaign's The Crown.