The contracts department is responsible for all aspects of contract administration including the execution of agreements.

  • Individual faculty members and employees are not authorized to sign on behalf of the University or bind the University in any manner.
  • The Contract Department works closely with the General Counsel’s office to ensure contract language is in compliance with University Policy & Kansas Law.
  • As a rule any purchase over $5,000.00 through the state system requires a justification as why this vendor is the only one qualified to render the service or goods.

Contract Guidelines & Procedures

Wichita State University encourages its researchers, as part of their efforts to generate new knowledge and ensure its use for the betterment of society, to enter into collaborative partnerships with business and industry. Such relationships can provide additional funding for their research and can help them ensure that their inventions and other research discoveries are converted into commercial products that benefit society.

As a university, our first responsibility is to ensure that the results of research are freely disseminated so that they can advance knowledge in a field and ultimately benefit society. When we enter into collaborative agreements with industry we understand the concern of industrial sponsors and partners that proprietary information that has been provided in confidence needs to be kept in confidence and those publications should not jeopardize the potential for commercializing new inventions.

The Federal Government prohibits expending federal funds on goods and/or services from any entity suspended or debarred from doing business with the federal government. Procurement of goods and/or services with federal funds from a supplier or contractor should be checked for debarment before purchasing and/or awarding a contract or subaward. The Office of Research provides this service for Principal Investigators and will document verification in the contract file. The federal government maintains the Excluded Party Listing System (EPLS) website at For assistance, contact the Research Compliance Office at or extension 2667 (COMP).