Congratulations to those who received grants in April!  Thanks to all of their talents and hard work, as of April 30, 2023, WSU researchers under Academic Affairs have submitted proposals budgeting a total of $63,411,744, received $32,109,681 in awards, and generated $2,970,302 in indirect cost recovery thus far for FY2023.    

We wish you much success in your research efforts over the next month.

Coleen Pugh, Vice Provost for Research


PI/Department:  Laila Ballout, History and Geography
Sponsor:  State of Kansas - ARCS
Amount:  $4,000
KANCAP 2022 - 2027
PI/Department:  Tonya Bronleewe, HWS of Urban & Public Affairs
Sponsor:  Kansas Municipal Utilities / Dept of Health & Environment - Kansas
Amount:  $57,360
PI/Department:  Misty Bruckner, Public Policy & Management Center
Sponsor:  City of Abilene
Amount:  $24,500
PI/Department:  Misty Bruckner, Public Policy & Management Center
Sponsor:  Sedgwick County / U.S. Department of Treasury
Amount:  $477,272
PI/Department:  Misty Bruckner, Public Policy & Management Center
Sponsor:  City of El Dorado
Amount:  $12,450
PI/Department:  Misty Bruckner, Public Policy & Management Center
Sponsor:  City of Hillsboro
Amount:  $4,900
PI/Department:  Misty Bruckner, Public Policy & Management Center
Sponsor:  CML Collective, LLC
Amount:  $7,950
PI/Department:  Misty Bruckner, Public Policy & Management Center
Sponsor:  Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas
Amount:  $63,875
PI/Department:  Misty Bruckner, Public Policy & Management Center
Sponsor:  Dynamic Workforce Solutions
Amount:  $7,000
PI/Department:  Misty Bruckner, Public Policy & Management Center
Sponsor:  Sedgwick County
Amount:  $21,300
PI/Department:  Misty Bruckner, Public Policy & Management Center
Sponsor:  Sedgwick County
Amount:  $9,999
PI/Department:  Remi Chou, School of Computing
Sponsor:  Natl Science Foundation
Amount:  $81,594
PI/Department:  Mai Dao, Mathematics & Statistics & Physics
Sponsor:  State of Kansas - ARCS
Amount:  $3,986


PI/Department:  Darren DeFrain, English
Sponsor:  KTEC Holdings, Inc.
Amount:  $23,500
PI/Department:  Debra Fraser, KMUW
Sponsor:  Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Amount:  $62,871


PI/Department:  William Hendry, Biological Sciences
Sponsor:  Univ of KS Medical Ctr Research Inst, Inc. / Natl Institutes of Health
Amount:  $73,139


PI/Department:  Mythili Menon, English
Co-PI/Department: Karissa Marble-Flint, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Sponsor:  United Way of the Plains
Amount:  $23,810


PI/Department:  Philip Mullins, Dept of ISLE
Co-PI/Department: Jody Fiorini, Dept of ISLE | Jason Li, Dept of ISLE
Sponsor:  American Athletic Conference
Amount:  $15,000


PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  Children First CEO Kansas, Inc.
Amount:  $14,000


PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  Family Promise of Greater Wichita
Amount:  $4,200 


PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  Kansas Department for Children & Families
Amount:  $2,175


PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  Kansas Department for Aging & Disability Services / Substance Abuse - Mntl Health Services Adm
Amount:  $197,335


PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  Kansas Leadership Center
Amount:  $27,350


PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  Dept of Health & Environment - Kansas / Centers for Disease Control
Amount:  $7,344


PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  Dept of Health & Environment - Kansas / Centers for Disease Control
Amount:  $2,663


PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  Kansas Healthcare Collaborative
Amount:  $5,000


PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  Nebraska Association of Local Health Directors / Health Resources & Services Admin
Amount:  $109,561


PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  Nebraska Association of Local Health Directors / Health Resources & Services Admin
Amount:  $34,221


PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  National Associate of State Mental Health Program Directors / Substance Abuse - Mntl Health Services Adm
Amount:  $50,000


PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition, Inc.
Amount:  $4,500


PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  United Healthcare Community Plan of Kansas
Amount:  $25,000


PI/Department:  Haifan Wu, Chemistry
Sponsor:  Flossie E. West Memorial Trust
Amount:  $36,280





Focused Funding Opportunities
For access to WSU’s Pivot account to search for funding opportunities, please sign up and affiliate with Wichita State University using your WSU email address. To request assistance with a customized search please contact   If any of the following opportunities are of interest to you, please email as soon as possible so that a grant specialist may be assigned to assist. The Office of Research has updated its website with more information about the deadlines for receipt of proposals.  While mandatory forms must be finalized well in advance of the funder deadline, you may continue to focus on your proposal narrative until closer to the deadline.  Please visit Pre-Award Services to find out more.
*** LIMITED*** Funding Agency: W. M. Keck Foundation    
Application Deadline: ***Limited*** Because WSU may only submit two proposals (one medical and one science & engineering), Limited Submission Concept Papers must be sent to by May 31, 2023 at 12 noon, in case an internal competition is needed.  WSU may choose up to four medical and four science & engineering Concept Papers to submit to Keck for concept consultation. You will be informed if your Concept Paper has been chosen to be reviewed by Keck consultants by June 15, 2023, and you will have a chance to finalize your Concept Papers for Keck consultation review (if selected) by June 30, 2023.  Please email for a list of requirements for the internal WSU Limited Submission Concept Papers
Purpose: The Keck Foundation supports fundamental research only.  “The Research Program seeks to benefit humanity by supporting projects in two specific areas: 1) medical research and 2) science and engineering, that are distinctive and novel in their approach, question the prevailing paradigm, or have the potential to break open new territory in their field. Past grants have been awarded to major universities, independent research institutions, and medical schools to support pioneering biological and physical science research and engineering, including the development of promising new technologies, instrumentation or methodologies.” 
Amount: $1,000,000-$2,000,000
Funding Agency: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)
Application Deadlines: Letters of Intent due May 31, 2023; If invited, full applications due August 29, 2023
Purpose: “With this PCORI Funding Announcement (PFA), PCORI aims to fund studies that address high-priority methodological gaps in patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) and clinical comparative effectiveness research (CER). PCORI seeks to fund projects that address important methodological gaps and lead to improvements in the strength and quality of evidence generated by PCOR/CER studies.” 
Amount: $750,000
REMINDER - Funding Agency: Wenner-Gren Foundation
Application Deadline: June 1, 2023
Purpose: “This grant program supports meetings and events that promote the development of inclusive communities of anthropologists and advance significant and innovative research.” 
Amount: Up to $20,000
Funding Agency: NASA Kansas Space Grant Consortium (KSGC)
Application Deadline: June 5, 2023 at 12noon
Purpose: “The NASA Kansas Space Grant Consortium (KSGC) is funding a program aimed at the development of new and innovative ideas to notably enhance our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Improving the way the consortium finds, engages, and supports Underrepresented Minorities (URM), women, and people with disabilities is the priority.”
Amount: $82,000 of NASA funding is available to support 1-3 affiliate projects; Note, cost match is required.
Funding Agency: Society of Family Planning
Application Deadline: June 5, 2023
Purpose: “A dedicated effort is needed to actively support scholars of color focused on abortion and contraception. To this end, we are offering the Changemakers in Family Planning grant, with the goal of responding to institutionalized racism in the science of family planning by providing dedicated support to scholars of color.”
Amount: Salary support, professional development, mentorship and networking
Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Energy (DOE): Water Power Technologies Office (WPTO)
Application Deadlines: Mandatory Concept Papers due June 5, 2023 for Topic 1; July 13, 2023 for Topic 2
Purpose: “This opportunity will make the first large-scale investment in a tidal and/or current energy research, development, and demonstration site in the United States. It will also support a community-led tidal and/or current energy planning and development project.”
Amount: Between $3,000,000-$35,000,000 for Topic 1; $500,000-$10,000,000 for Topic 2; Note, cost match is required.
Funding Agency: USDA: NIFA: North Central Regional Aquaculture Center (NCRAC)
Application Deadlines: Mandatory Pre-Proposal due June 9, 2023; If invited, full applications due September 1, 2023
Purpose: “The North Central Regional Aquaculture Center (NCRAC) is seeking pre-proposals for the aquaculture projects in six theme areas that were developed with extensive input from aquaculture industry, extension and research representatives throughout the region.”
Amount: “There is approximately $900,000 available from NCRAC yearly grants to fund relevant and selected projects.”
Funding Agency: Foundation for Child Development
Application Deadlines: Mandatory Letter of Intent due June 13, 2023; If invited, full applications due October 19, 2023
Purpose: “The Young Scholars Program (YSP) supports scholarship for early-career researchers. The program funds implementation research that is policy- and practice-relevant and that examines the preparation, competency, compensation, well-being, and ongoing professional learning of the early care and education (ECE) workforce.”
Amount: $180,000-$225,000
Funding Agency: Danone Institute North America
Application Deadline: June 14, 2023
Purpose: “Danone Institute North America announces a request for proposals for the third offering of its DINA Sustainable Food Systems Initiative (formerly the One Planet. One Health Initiative). Danone Institute North America is a non-profit innovation center managed by Danone North America, a subsidiary of the global food and beverage company Danone, which has a mission to bring health through food to as many people as possible. Danone believes that the health and nutrition of people and the health of the planet are inseparable. As a reflection of this principle, the goal of the DINA Sustainable Food Systems Initiative is to foster transdisciplinary, community-based work to promote sustainable food systems that impact human nutrition and health.”
Amount: $50,000
Funding Agency: Joint Office of Energy and Transformation
Application Deadlines: Concept Papers due June 16, 2023; If invited, full applications due July 28, 2023
Purpose: “Through this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), the Joint Office will provide funding for: 1) Electric vehicle (EV) charging resiliency planning for continuity of operations and services for all EV users; 2) Equitable business model development and deployment for EV charging; 3) Workforce development to support EV charging; 4) Increased industrial capacity, competition, and redundancy for validation testing and certification in the United States of Alternating Current (AC) Level 2 and/or Direct Current (DC) fast chargers; and 5) Assessing performance and reliability of DC fast charging stations.”
Amount: $250,000-$4,000,000 depending on topic; Cost share may be required depending on topic.
Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Application Deadline: June 22, 2023
Purpose: “The purpose of CIG is to stimulate the development and adoption of innovative conservation approaches and technologies in conjunction with agricultural production. CIG projects are expected to lead to the transfer of conservation technologies, management systems, and innovative approaches (such as market-based systems) to agricultural producers, into NRCS technical manuals and guides, or to the private sector. CIG generally funds pilot projects, field demonstrations, and on-farm conservation research. On-farm conservation research is defined as an investigation conducted to answer a specific applied conservation question using a statistically valid design while employing farm-scale equipment on farms, ranches, or private forest lands.”
Amount: $125,000
Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
Application Deadlines: Mandatory Concept Paper due June 26, 2023; If invited, full applications due August 11, 2023
Purpose: “…Projects to reduce soft costs to improve EV charging infrastructure in underserved communities, provide consumer education on EVs and EV charging, and develop batteries that use low-cost, abundant materials. This funding opportunity seeks the participation of underserved communities and underrepresented groups, and applicants are required to submit Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plans describing actions taken to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment, support people from underrepresented groups in STEM, and advance equity.”
Amount: $500,000-$7,000,000 depending on topic; Note, cost match is required.
Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Defense (DOD)
Application Deadline: June 26, 2023
Purpose: “The Defense Manufacturing Community Support Program is designed to support long-term community investments that strengthen national security innovation and expand the capabilities of the defense manufacturing industrial ecosystem.”
Amount: Up to $5,000,000; Note, cost match is required.
Funding Agency: American-Made Challenges
Application Deadline: June 29, 2023
Purpose: “Computing power that once fit in a room now fits in our pockets or on our fingertips. Microelectronics continue to transform society, but emerging applications for these tiny technologies requires new cutting-edge battery designs to meet demand.   The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies Office launched the Microbattery Design Prize to supercharge this opportunity. This two-phase prize will help inspire promising designs for small-capacity batteries that yield devices with improved performance, safety, and recyclability.”
Amount: For Phase 1, Cash Prize of $75,000 and performance and safety testing services with DOE national laboratories.
Funding Agency: National Institute for Health Care Management (NIHCM) Foundation
Application Deadlines:  Letters of Intent due June 30, 2023; If invited, full applications due September 2023
Purpose: “NIHCM Foundation supports innovative investigator-initiated research with high potential to inform improvements to the U.S. health care system. Projects must advance the existing knowledge base in the areas of health care financing, delivery, management and/or policy.”
Amount: Varies, see funder website for previous awards
Funding Agency: Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs
Application Deadlines:  June 30, 2023
Purpose: “The U.S. Department of State (Department of State), Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs (OES), Office of Environmental Quality (ENV) announces an open competition for organizations interested in submitting applications for a program that supports civil society engagement in environmental protection through capacity building to address plastic pollution by advancing awareness, research, and projects that reduce, reuse, and/or recycle plastic, through formal and informal sectors.”
Amount: Up to $641,975
Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Energy (DOE): Office of Science (SC)
Application Deadline: July 5, 2023
Purpose: “The DOE SC program in Isotope R&D and Production, referred to as the DOE Isotope Program (DOE IP), hereby announces its interest in receiving applications for Research and Development (R&D) on high priority topics, as described within, related to increasing availability of radioactive and stable isotopes in short supply. The proposed R&D should generate data and/or technology complementary to and not duplicative of those that exist or are currently funded. Applications incorporating effective ways to diversify and train the next generation of personnel with essential knowledge and skills related to the production, processing, and purification of radioactive and enriched stable isotopes are strongly encouraged.”
Amount: $100,000-$750,000 per year
Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ): Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA)
Application Deadline: July 6, 2023
Purpose: “With this solicitation, the Bureau of Justice Assistance seeks applications to fund a training and technical assistance provider to work in partnership with five states, local, and/or tribal criminal justice agencies or systems to address the use of fines and fees and ensure they are being imposed in a constitutional and nondiscriminatory way.”
Amount: $2,500,000
REMINDER - Funding Agency: Office of Naval Research
Application Deadline: July 7, 2023
Purpose: “The Office of Naval Research (ONR) Young Investigator Program seeks to identify and support academic scientists and engineers who are in their first or second full-time tenure-track or tenure-track-equivalent academic appointment, who have received their doctorate or equivalent degree in the past seven years, and who show exceptional promise for doing creative research.” 
Amount: $750,000
Funding Agency: Administration for Community Living (ACL): Administration on Disabilities (AoD)
Application Deadline: July 10, 2023
Purpose: “AoD seeks to continue supporting national research on the financial and programmatic trends in long term services and supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by awarding one 5-year Cooperative Agreement. Through this project, AoD anticipates that the field will continue to have access to reliable information for informing policy and programming. In addition, it will allow for research on the effects of more recent policy developments.” 
Amount: $400,000-$450,000 per year
Funding Agency: Administration for Children and Families (ACF)
Application Deadline: July 11, 2023
Purpose: “The Administration for Children and Families (ACF), Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation (OPRE) plans to solicit applications for Prevention Services Evaluation Partnerships. These 3-year grants aim to support summative (i.e., impact) randomized control trial or quasi-experimental evaluations of a mental health, substance abuse prevention and/or treatment, in-home parent skill-based, or kinship navigator program or service. The grants will support collaborations among evaluators and partnering Title IV-E agencies, community entities, and/or other researchers to conduct well-designed and rigorous summative evaluations of programs and services intended to provide enhanced support to children and families, including pregnant and parenting youth in foster care, as well as prevent child abuse and neglect and foster care placements.” 
Amount: $250,000-$1,500,000
Funding Agency: Sedgwick County
Application Deadline: July 11, 2023
Purpose: “Sedgwick County, Kansas is seeking a firm or firms to provide a records management system for the Register of Deeds.” 
Amount: TBD
Funding Agency: Burroughs Wellcome Fund
Application Deadline: July 12, 2023
Purpose: “The Burroughs Wellcome Fund aims to stimulate the growth of new connections between scholars working in largely disconnected fields who might together change the course of climate change’s impact on human health.” 
Amount: $2,500-$50,000
*** LIMITED *** Funding Agency: National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)
Application Deadline: ***Limited*** Because WSU may only submit two nominations, Notices of Intent to apply must be sent to by July 13, 2023 at 12noon, in case an internal competition is needed.  The goal date for informing you if you have been chosen to proceed is August 10, 2023.  Applications to the funder (if selected) will be due by September 20, 2023.
Purpose: “The purpose of this program is to stimulate new research and publication in the humanities. Summer Stipends support continuous, full-time work on a humanities project for a period of two consecutive months. NEH funds may support recipients’ compensation, travel, and other costs related to the proposed scholarly research.”
Amount: $6,000
Funding Agency: Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA)
Application Deadline: July 18, 2023
Purpose: “With this solicitation, the BJA seeks applications for funding to support prisons and state correctional agencies’ efforts to transform their cultures, climates, and physical spaces to create and sustain safe, humane, and effective environments for people who work, visit, and are incarcerated in them.” 
Amount: $500,000-$3,000,000 depending on topic
Funding Agency: National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Application Deadline: July 19, 2023
Purpose: “This Small Research Grant (R03) program will support meritorious projects to provide needed scientific insight to improve the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and/or care for individuals with Alzheimer's disease and Alzheimer's disease-related dementias (AD/ADRD). Specifically, this NOFO will support projects covering a wide range of topics related to AD/ADRD. The overall goal of this NOFO is (i) to encourage the next generation of researchers to pursue research and academic careers in AD/ADRD research; and (ii) to stimulate established researchers who have not had a major award in AD/ADRD research to perform pilot studies to develop new, innovative AD/ADRD research programs that leverage and build upon their existing expertise.” 
Amount: Applications may request budgets of up to $100,000 in direct costs per year for up to two years.
Funding Agency: National Institutes of Health (NIH): National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS)
Application Deadline: July 19, 2023
Purpose: “NCATS invites applications for the Awards Supporting Cutting-Edge Technologies for Translational Science Notice of Funding Opportunity to foster investigator-initiated development of highly innovative technologies to address barriers, limitations, or bottlenecks in translational science – particularly for therapeutic development. This program will support the early-stage proof of concept, high-risk and potentially high-reward studies for feasibility and exploratory technology development, which can transform or significantly improve the efficiency of therapeutic development to achieve NCATS ultimate goals - more treatments to all people more quickly. The research proposed should be for the development of technology that can break new ground or extend present technology toward new directions or novel applications. With this initiative, we expect to support the development and/or prototyping of new technologies that will lead to improved efficiency in the therapeutic development pipeline.” 
Amount: Applications can request budgets that are up to $275,000 direct costs for the 2-year project period of the award. No more than $200,000 direct costs may be requested in any single year.
REMINDER: Funding Agency: National Science Foundation (NSF)
Application Deadline: July 26, 2023
Purpose: “The Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program is a Foundation-wide activity that offers the National Science Foundation's most prestigious awards in support of early-career faculty who have the potential to serve as academic role models in research and education and to lead advances in the mission of their department or organization. Activities pursued by early-career faculty should build a firm foundation for a lifetime of leadership in integrating education and research.” 
Amount: Minimum $400,000-$500,000 depending on NSF Directorate
Funding Agency: National Institute of Justice (NIJ)
Application Deadline: July 31, 2023
Purpose: “National Institute of Justice's (NIJ) Measures of Community Perceptions Challenge (the Challenge) invites innovative methods for measuring community attitudes, perceptions, and/or beliefs about public safety.” 
Amount: Total prize pool of $175,000
Funding Agency: Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation
Application Deadlines: Letters of Intent due August 1, 2023; If invited, full applications due January 16, 2024
Purpose: “The Beckman Young Investigator (BYI) Program provides research support to the most promising young faculty members in the early stages of their academic careers in the chemical and life sciences, particularly to foster the invention of methods, instruments and materials that will open up new avenues of research in science.” 
Amount: Up to $600,000 over four years
Funding Agency: William T. Grant Foundation
Application Deadline: August 2, 2023
Purpose: “This program supports research to build, test, or increase understanding of programs, policies, or practices to reduce inequality in the academic, social, behavioral, or economic outcomes of young people ages 5-25 in the United States. We prioritize studies that aim to reduce inequalities that exist along dimensions of race, ethnicity, economic standing, language minority status, or immigrant origins.” 
Amount: $100,000-$600,000 for Major Research Grants; $25,000-$50,000 for Officer Research Grants
Funding Agency: William T. Grant Foundation
Application Deadline: August 2, 2023
Purpose: “This program supports research on strategies to improve the use of research evidence in ways that benefit young people ages 5-25 in the United States. We want to know what it takes to produce useful research evidence, what it takes to get research used, and what happens when research is used.” 
Amount: $100,000-$1,000,000 for Major Research Grants; $25,000-$50,000 for Officer Research Grants
Funding Agency: National Institute of Justice (NIJ)
Application Deadline: August 7, 2023
Purpose: “NIJ seeks proposals for rigorous research and evaluation projects that inform our understanding of the impact of culture and climate on the ability of correctional agencies to achieve their missions—most fundamentally to maintain a safe, humane and secure environment for both staff and incarcerated individuals in the institutions that they manage; to recruit and retain staff; and to promote and sustain needed changes in their organizational cultures, operations, and programs to better achieve their missions.” 
Amount: Applicants are encouraged to propose budgets that match the research activities proposed, up to the full dollar amount anticipated to be awarded under this solicitation ($3,500,000).
Funding Agency: National Archives: National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC)
Application Deadlines: Optional draft due August 15, 2023; Full applications due November 2, 2023
Purpose: “The NHPRC seeks archival projects that will significantly improve online public discovery and use of historical records collections. We welcome projects that engage the public, expand civic education, and promote understanding of the nation’s history, democracy, and culture from the founding era to the present day. The Commission encourages projects focused on collections of America’s early legal records, such as the records of colonial, territorial, county, and early statehood and tribal proceedings that document the evolution of the nation’s legal history.  Collections that center the voices and document the history of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color are especially welcome. In addition, with the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence approaching, the Commission is particularly interested in projects that promote discovery and access to collections that explore the ideals behind our nation’s founding and the continuous debate over those ideals to the present day.” 
Amount: $150,000; Note, cost match is required.
Funding Agency: Kansas NASA EPSCoR
Application Deadline: August 18, 2023 at 12noon
Purpose: “The research efforts must: 1) Contribute to and promote the development of research capability in NASA EPSCoR jurisdictions (i.e., Kansas) in areas of strategic importance to the NASA mission; 2) Improve the capabilities of the NASA EPSCoR jurisdictions to gain support from sources outside the NASA EPSCoR program; 3) Develop partnerships among NASA research assets, academic institutions, and industry; and 4) Contribute to the overall research infrastructure and economic development of NASA EPSCoR jurisdictions.” 
Amount: $750,000; Note, cost match is required.
Funding Agency: National Science Foundation (NSF)
Application Deadlines: August 18, 2023 and January 18, 2024
Purpose: “The Decision, Risk and Management Sciences Program (DRMS) supports scientific research directed at increasing understanding and effectiveness of decision making by individuals, groups, organizations and society. DRMS supports research with solid foundations in theories and methods of the social and behavioral sciences. This social and behavioral science research should advance knowledge, address fundamental scientific and societal issues and have strong broader impacts.” 
Amount: Depends on type of NSF grant proposal submitted (conference, RAPID, EAGER, etc.)
Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Defense (DOD)
Application Deadline: September 8, 2023
Purpose: “The MURI program supports basic research in science and engineering at U.S. institutions of higher education that is of potential interest to DoD. The program is focused on multidisciplinary research efforts where more than one traditional discipline interacts to provide rapid advances in scientific areas of interest to the DoD.” 
Amount: Typically, between $1,250,000 and $1,500,000 but varies by topic.
Funding Agency: National Science Foundation (NSF)
Application Deadline: September 8, 2023
Purpose: “The CIRC program drives discovery and learning in the core disciplines of the three participating CISE divisions by funding the creation and enhancement of world-class research infrastructure. This research infrastructure will specifically support diverse communities of CISE researchers pursuing focused research agendas in computer and information science and engineering. This support involves developing the accompanying user services and engagement needed to attract, nurture, and grow a robust research community that is actively involved in determining directions for the infrastructure, as well as management of the infrastructure. This should lead to research infrastructure that can be sustained through community involvement and community leadership, and that will enable advances not possible with existing research infrastructure.” 
Amount: $50,000-$5,000,000 depending on project type
Funding Agency: National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)
Application Deadline: September 14, 2023 (Optional draft due August 9, 2023)
Purpose: “As energy costs rise and natural disasters become more frequent, humanities organizations - such as museums, libraries, archives, historic sites, and colleges and universities - face an enormous task: to anticipate operational, physical, and financial impacts of climate-related events on their institutions, while also reducing their own impact on the environment. Climate Smart Humanities Organizations supports these efforts by offering federal matching funds for comprehensive organizational assessments that lead to strategic climate action and adaptation plans.” 
Amount: $300,000; Note, cost match is required.
ONGOING - Funding Agency: Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H)
Application Deadline: Abstracts accepted now through March 14, 2024
Purpose: “ARPA-H’s mission is to accelerate better health outcomes for everyone by supporting the development of high-impact solutions to society's most challenging health problems. Awardees will develop groundbreaking new ways to tackle health-related challenges through high-potential, high-impact biomedical and health research. With a scope spanning the molecular to the societal, ARPA-H seeks proposals that aim to rapidly achieve better health outcomes across patient populations, communities, diseases, and health conditions, including in support of the Cancer Moonshot.  Proposals are expected to use innovative approaches to enable revolutionary advances in science, technology, or systems.  The four initial focus areas are:(1) Health Science Futures; (2) Scalable Solutions; (3) Proactive Health; and (4) Resilient Systems.” 
Amount: TBD (contracting opportunity)
Funding Agency: National Science Foundation
Application Deadline: “Proposals submitted to this DCL will be reviewed and funded on a rolling basis while this notice is posted.”
Purpose: “This Dear Colleague Letter (DCL) invites researchers to submit Rapid Response Research (RAPID) proposals for time-sensitive research including, but not limited to: 1) Developing AI tools and environments to advance age-appropriate equitable learning and inclusive teaching; 2) Supporting learning about and interest in AI; 3) Using AI to teach AI; and, 4) Integrating generative AI in education in an ethical, responsible, and effective way.” 
Amount: Up to $200,000 for up to one year in duration
Funding Agency: ECMC Foundation
Application Deadline: Ongoing, letters of inquiry accepted on a rolling basis
Purpose: “We make grants and investments that fit within one of our three strategic priorities (removing barriers to postsecondary completion, building capacity of institutions, systems and organizations and transforming the postsecondary ecosystem), and we are particularly interested in those proposals that focus on implementing systemic reforms to improve postsecondary outcomes for students from underserved backgrounds.” 
Amount: Varies, see funder website for previous awards
Funding Agency: FINRA Investor Educator Foundation
Application Deadline: Ongoing, Project Concept Form accepted at any time
Purpose: “Through the General Grant Program, the FINRA Investor Education Foundation funds research initiatives and scalable educational projects with unique demonstration value to ensure that people in the United States and U.S. territories have the knowledge, skills and tools to make sound financial decisions throughout life.” 
Amount: $50,000-$100,000
REMINDER - Funding Agency: ORAU
Application Deadline: Ongoing
Purpose: “ORAU Events Sponsorship Grant Program has now been restructured and is now called the ORAU Innovation Partnerships Grant Program. The goal of this grant program change is to drive new opportunities for university consortium members and ORAU experts to formulate meaningful collaborations.  The program will focus on research and education topics that align well with ORAU’s expertise and current research priorities (Climate & Environment, Health Equity, and Future of the STEM Workforce.)” 
Amount: $4,000



Funding Agency: National Science Foundation

Application Deadline: Varies by topic.
Advanced Manufacturing – proposals accepted anytime
Applied Mathematics – Nov 1-15, 2023
Astronomy and Astrophysics – Oct 1-Nov 15, 2023
Biomechanics and Mechanobiology – proposals accepted anytime
Biosensing – proposals accepted anytime
Cellular and Biochemical Engineering – proposals accepted anytime
Chemistry: Disciplinary Research Programs – Sep & Oct - varies based on discipline
Computational & Data-Enabled Science and Engineering – Sep & Oct – varies based on discipline
Economics – Aug 18 and Jan 18 annually
Energy, Power, Control, and Networks – proposals accepted anytime
Engineering of Biomedical Systems – proposals accepted anytime
Environmental Biology – proposals accepted anytime
Environmental Engineering – proposals accepted anytime
Foundational Research in Robotics (FFR) – proposals accepted anytime
Geomorphology and Land-use Dynamics – proposals accepted anytime
Geophysics – proposals accepted anytime
Linguistics –Jul 17, 2023
Manufacturing Systems Integration - proposals accepted anytime
Mathematical Biology – proposals accepted anytime
Molecular and Cellular Biosciences – proposals accepted anytime
Physics – Nov & Dec – varies by topic
Secure & Trustworthy Cyberspace – proposals accepted anytime
Security and Preparedness –Aug 15, 2023
Smart & Connected Communities – proposals accepted anytime until April 1, 2024
Social Psychology – Jul 17, 2023
Sociology – proposals accepted anytime
Statistics – Dec 1-15 annually



Funding Agency: National Science Foundation

Application Deadline: Varies by topic – click each topic to learn more about these special program opportunities.
Broadening Participation in Engineering (BPE) – Track 3 & 4 Letter of Intent due Sep 20, 2023; Track 1 & 2 proposals accepted anytime
Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE): Core Programs – Varies by size of application (Small, Medium, Large)
Division of Chemistry: Disciplinary Research Programs (CHE-DRP) – Oct 31, 2023 for CMI, ECS and MSN; Sep 30, 2023 for CAT, CSDM-B, SYN
Expeditions in Computing – Varies by topic
Industry-University Cooperative Research Centers Program (IUCRC) – Preliminary Proposal due Sep 13, 2023

WSU Office of Research Workshops

Topics include an Introduction to the WSU Office of Research with resources and contacts, WSU policies and procedures related to research, finding funding utilizing Pivot, project budgeting and general grant-writing tips.  Previously recorded workshops can also be found on the Office of Research website.

Office of Research Workshops



WSU Office of Research Workshops on National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Proposals: January through August (or until the submission deadline).
A common first step in establishing an NSF research center is to demonstrate success with an REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) Site in the field of interest.  REU Sites are also helpful in recruiting graduate students. NSF REU proposals are typically due in August or September.  Vice Provost Coleen Pugh and any interested teams will coordinate and work on their proposals for submission in 2023 to separate divisions according to the following approximate schedule:
January: planning meeting, and discussion of budgets and target students
February: complete section on WSU institutional support of undergraduate research
March: complete section on departmental/unit/topical area of undergraduate research experiences/history
April: complete list of undergraduate researchers who have been mentored by Site faculty, and PI history of mentoring undergraduate researchers
May: complete section with proposed undergraduate research projects by Site faculty
June: complete section on training activities, including research/field-specific activities, professional development activities, industry/research field trips
July: complete section on coordinated social activities and housing for all WSU REU Sites
August: complete any remaining sections and polish proposals.
Email to register for this NSF REU Workshop series. 
EPA Small Drinking Water Systems Webinar Series: Harmful Algal Blooms and Algal Toxins: May 30, 2023
“The first presentation will provide an overview of technical assistance provided to the Government of El Salvador’s drinking water agency, ANDA in 2020 due to a harmful algal bloom that caused widespread taste and odor complaints in El Salvador’s capital city of San Salvador.  The second presentation will discuss the molecular monitoring approaches used in applied environmental microbiology studies conducted in our laboratories. The presentation will primarily focus on the detection and quantification of cyanobacterial groups and cyanotoxin genes implicated in harmful algal blooms.”
WSU Office of Research Award Panel Workshop: Successful Applications to the NIH R15 Research Enhancement Program: May 31, 2023 at 1pm
WSU has recently received several National Institutes of Health (NIH) R15 Research Enhancement Awards.  Please attend this workshop session which will include a panel discussion with successful researchers at WSU who have received this funding: Dr. Moriah Beck, Dr. Nikki Keene-Woods and Dr. Yongkuk Lee. 
Email to RSVP for NIH R15 Workshop
NSF Clean Energy Technology Funding Webinar: May 31, 2023
During the webinar, Program Directors will share information about themes of interest, submission instructions, and more. Thematic areas include: Hydrogen, fusion, and/or geothermal technologies; Industrial heat and/or energy efficiency technologies; Offshore wind/wave technologies; Critical materials for clean energy technologies; Net-zero fuels and bioenergy; and Education and workforce development efforts. 
NSF Growing Convergence Research Lecture Series: June 1, 2023
Convergence is understood to require integration from multiple fields. But what is “integration”? How is it achieved? What facilitates or impedes it in the research process? These questions are among those we addressed as we followed extended problem-solving processes in four pioneering research labs in the bioengineering sciences as researchers developed novel modeling practices (in vitro and computational) in order to understand and control complex biological systems. We characterized these labs as “adaptive problem spaces” where different kinds of interdisciplinary systems form as researchers adapt concepts, methods, materials, and epistemic norms and values to cross-disciplinary problems. Moreover, researchers are transformed as they learn to address these problems from different perspectives. This presentation will provide an overview and discuss specific findings about the nature and processes of interdisciplinary integration and the characteristics we identify as important to cultivate in the education of convergence researchers. 
REMINDER - National Science Foundation Virtual Grants Conference: June 5-8, 2023
“The NSF Grants Conference is designed to give new faculty, researchers, and administrators key insights into a wide range of current issues at NSF. NSF staff will provide up-to-date information about policies and procedures, specific funding opportunities and answer attendee questions.”
National Science Foundation CAREER Proposal Submission Logistics Webinar: June 6, 2023
“The webinar will include a demo of how to prepare a CAREER proposal in, a review of the system-related requirements in the CAREER proposal submission timeline guidance, and a Q&A segment. Submit questions in advance to”
National Institute for Health Care Management (NIHCM) Foundation: Understanding the Growth & Influence of Private Equity in Health Care: June 6, 2023
“Private equity investment has grown in recent years, playing a significant role in the financing of health care in the United States. Increased involvement may be due to a variety of factors, including limited regulation, rising demand for and costs of health care services, and many opportunities for profitability. Private equity investment in health care impacts several key aspects of care, such as consolidation, costs, quality, and utilization. This webinar will explore private equity in health care, including a discussion of why private equity investment is difficult to monitor and regulate.”
HRSA: Maternal Health Among Hispanic/Latina Women: June 6, 2023
“The Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA), Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs (IEA) invites you to be part of the next session of our Advancing Health Equity Among the Hispanic/Latino Populations Spanish Learning Series.”
OSU HPCC Workshop (Offered by NVIDIA): Fundamentals of Deep Learning: June 7, 2023
“In this workshop, you’ll learn how deep learning works through hands-on exercises in computer vision and natural language processing. You’ll train deep learning models from scratch, learning tools and tricks to achieve highly accurate results. You’ll also learn to leverage freely available, state-of-the-art pre-trained models to save time and get your deep learning application up and running quickly.”
National Institutes of Health (NIH): Webinar: NIH Research Enhancement Award (R15)…What You Need to Know!  June 15, 2023
“Prospective grant applicants and research administrators are invited to learn more about AREA and REAP program during this one-hour, virtual event. Join your peers as NIH experts share an overview of the R15 programs and insight into key components of the application process, followed by a Q&A.”
National Collaborative on Gun Violence Research: Webinar Series: July 11, 2023 and September 12, 2023
The National Collaborative on Gun Violence Research is pleased to invite you to the first in a series of three webinars highlighting recent insights into gun violence prevention. Leading researchers supported by the collaborative will discuss these findings and their policy implications.  The webinar topic on July 11. 2023 is titled “Effectiveness of Red-Flag Laws and Other Emergency Protective Orders.” 
WSU Information Security: Privacy & Security Training: August 8, 2023; 4:00-5:00pm in RSC Room 256 (Edmiston)
Gina Riggs and Mark Rodee offer WSU Privacy and Security Training monthly on the second Tuesday of every month during the academic year.  Learn how to prevent, detect and respond to information security and privacy concerns.  If you have a question before the next scheduled training, please reach out to Gina and Mark at the email address below.
Email with questions. 
Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI) STEM Hub: 2022-2023 Grant Training Webinar Series: September 8, 2023
The NSF HSI STEM Resource Hub Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 webinar series focuses on celebrating and learning from successful NSF HSI awardees.  We host panels of successful PIs on specific topics that will engage our audience and support grant writing efforts for those planning a proposal submission. This webinar series focuses on a broad array of topics that promote student success, wellness and diversity and inclusion. Dr. Martha Desmond and Dr. Delia Valles are the hosts for this series. The HSI STEM Hub recommends participation in these webinars to learn from successful awardees, particularly if you are currently writing a proposal or are interested in writing a proposal to secure a grant.  The September 8, 2023 topic is “Online Adaptation to Promote Student Success” (rescheduled from May 5, 2023). 
The Grantsmanship Center: Free Resource: Five Elements of a Compelling Proposal
Access this free blog article about writing a more competitive grant proposal.  Description:  This article examines five essential elements of a successful grant proposal that are often neglected.
REMINDER - Hanover Grants Learning Center Available
WSU Faculty and Staff may now access course content through the Hanover Research Grants Learning Center by registering and using a referral code.  Courses are designed for on-demand grantsmanship training.    
Email to request the referral code to register for access to the Hanover Research Grants Learning Center.  
Learn to Use BeoShock for your Advanced Research Computing Needs
Wichita State University continues to host Beoshock, a High-performance Computing Cluster (HPC). This HPC is available and free to faculty members, researchers and students engaged in course work or research activities. BeoShock runs the CentOS Linux operating system and features approximately 720 processor cores, two high memory compute nodes with 1.5 terabytes of memory, and four graphics processing unit (GPU) accelerators. BeoShock also has a variety of software tools that may be helpful in your research endeavors, such as Matlab, Mathematica, R, Python and many more.  


National Science Foundation (NSF) Dear Colleague Letter (DCL): Availability of Earth Observation Data for NSF-Funded Researchers
“Recent developments in satellite and sensor technology have led to unprecedented advances in the resolution, extent, and frequency of Earth observations. High spatial and temporal resolution capabilities now allow for the investigation of crucial research questions across several Earth system science education and research themes. Yet, many of these datasets have previously been unavailable for research purposes because they are generated by commercial providers. This DCL announces the availability of high-quality commercial Earth observation data to NSF-funded researchers at no additional cost through the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Commercial SmallSat Data Acquisition (CSDA) Program.” 
National Science Foundation (NSF) Renames Large Facilities Office to the Research Infrastructure Office
“The National Science Foundation’s office of Budget, Finance and Award Management is excited to announce the renaming of the Large Facilities Office to the Research Infrastructure Office!  This new name better communicates the office’s current role in supporting oversight and good practices for NSF’s major facilities and mid-scale research infrastructure portfolios.” 
National Science Foundation (NSF) Dear Colleague Letter (DCL): Clean Energy Technology RAISE or EAGER Proposals
“As energy use in the United States continues to grow, the use of clean, sustainable energy sources must increase to meet demand. These sources include energy from biomass, geothermal, wind, hydropower, tidal power, and solar sources. For the purposes of this DCL, clean energy represents new efficient technology based on novel fundamental concepts, the energy saved through increased energy efficiency and conservation measures for existing technologies, as well as energy derived from renewable sources.” 
Special Emphasis Notice (SEN): AHRQ Announces Interest in Health Services Research to Advance Health and Healthcare Equity
“The purpose of this Special Emphasis Notice (SEN) is to inform the research community of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s (AHRQ) strong and continued interest in receiving applications that advance the goal of achieving equity in healthcare delivery in the United States.  AHRQ is committed to supporting healthcare delivery systems and health professionals in their efforts to transform care to be more equitable by producing evidence and supporting the development and testing of measures, interventions, and tools to ensure every person has the opportunity to attain their full potential for health and well-being.” 
Council on Higher Education as a Strategic Asset (HESA)
According to the State Science & Technology Institute (SSTI), “a recently formed coalition of national leaders from higher education, government, business, nonprofits, and the military have created the Council on Higher Education as a Strategic Asset (HESA). Inspired by the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB), the council will advance recommendations for changes in higher education institutions to enable them to prepare the workforce to support the United States’ most critical national priorities.” 
REMINDER: WSU Indirect Cost Recovery Rate Agreement Signed
Negotiations with the federal government on WSU’s new F&A (Facilities and Administration) rates, effective 1 July 2022, are now complete and the new agreement was signed on March 1, 2023. Please note the following significant changes to the Academic Affairs rates: On Campus Organized Research rate decreasing from the current 48% to a new rate of 40%, the On Campus Other Sponsored Activities rate decreasing from the current 30% to a new rate of 19%, the Off Campus Organized Research rate remaining the same at 26%, and the Off Campus Other Sponsored Activities rate decreasing from the current 26% to a new rate of 17%. The new rates will impact your proposal and award budgets, as well as the distribution and availability of F&A funds used to support research activities on campus.  Read the new F&A Rate Agreement here.



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