June 29, 2023

Congratulations to those who received grants in May!  Thanks to all of their talents and hard work, as of May 31, 2023, WSU researchers under Academic Affairs have submitted proposals budgeting a total of $86,442,596, received $32,490,732 in awards, and generated $3,407,041 in indirect cost recovery thus far for FY2023.    

You will also find a spotlight on Kimberly Davis in the Announcement section.  Kimberly is a Research Grants Administrator in Post-Award.

We wish you much success in your research efforts over the next month.

Coleen Pugh, Vice Provost for Research



PI/Department:  Edward “Ted” Adler, School of Art & Design
Sponsor:  State of Kansas - ARCS
Amount:  $4,000


PI/Department:  James Beck, Biological Sciences
Sponsor:  State of Kansas - ARCS
Amount:  $3,978


PI/Department:  Misty Bruckner, Public Policy & Management Center
Sponsor:  Professional Engineering Consultants
Amount:  $4,880


PI/Department:  Misty Bruckner, Public Policy & Management Center
Sponsor:  Kansas WorkforceONE
Amount:  $7,050


PI/Department:  Mai Dao, Mathematics & Statistics & Physics
Sponsor:  Natl Aeronautics & Space Admn
Amount:  $19,272


PI/Department:  Yongkuk Lee, Biomedical Engineering
Co-PI/Department: Kim Cluff, Biomedical Engineering
Sponsor:  Kansas Board of Regents
Amount:  $43,265


PI/Department:  Yongkuk Lee, Aerospace Engineering
Co-PI/Department: Kim Cluff, Biomedical Engineering
Sponsor:  Natl Aeronautics & Space Admn
Amount:  $125,000


PI/Department:  Akmal Mirsadikov, Finance Real Est & Decision Sci
Sponsor:  State of Kansas - URCA
Amount:  $4,500


PI/Department:  Mathew Muether, Physics
Sponsor:  Oregon State University / Department of Energy
Amount:  $79,000


PI/Department:  Lisa Parcell, The Research Partnership
Co-PI/Department: Jeffrey Jarman, The Research Partnership
Sponsor:  Tsongas
Amount:  $3,500


PI/Department:  Lisa Parcell, The Research Partnership
Co-PI/Department: Jeffrey Jarman, The Research Partnership
Sponsor:  Tsongas
Amount:  $5,500


PI/Department:  Lisa Parcell, The Research Partnership
Co-PI/Department: Jeffrey Jarman, The Research Partnership
Sponsor:  Tsongas
Amount:  $3,500


PI/Department:  Lisa Parcell, The Research Partnership
Co-PI/Department: Jeffrey Jarman, The Research Partnership
Sponsor:  Tsongas
Amount:  $3,500


PI/Department:  Ajita Rattani, School of Computing
Co-PI/Department: Mara Alagic, School of Education | Rajiv Bagai, School of Computing | Zelalem Demissie, Geology | Atri Dutta, Aerospace Engineering
Sponsor:  Univ of Kansas Ctr – Research, Inc. / Kansas Board of Regents
Amount:  $49,983


PI/Department:  Jennifer Ray, School of Art & Design
Sponsor:  State of Kansas - ARCS
Amount:  $4,000


PI/Department:  Bhisham Sharma, Aerospace Engineering
Sponsor:  Lockheed Martin Space Systems CO
Amount:  $15,000


PI/Department:  Wujun Si, Industrial & Manufacturing Eng
Co-PI/Department: Xiaoheng Wang, HWS of Urban & Public Affairs
Sponsor:  Univ of Kansas Ctr - Research INC / Natl Science Foundation
Amount:  $66,674


PI/Department:  Levente Sulyok, School of Art & Design
Sponsor:  State of Kansas - ARCS
Amount:  $4,000


PI/Department:  Michael Sylvester, School of Music
Sponsor:  State of Kansas - ARCS
Amount:  $4,000


PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  Horizons Mental Health Center
Amount:  $13,500


PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  Kansas Department for Aging & Disability Services
Amount:  $23,700


PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  Dept of Health & Environment - Kansas / Centers for Disease Control
Amount:  $16,000


PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  Child Start, Inc.
Amount:  $3,500


PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  Sunflower Health Plan
Amount:  $25,000


PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  Kansas Department for Aging & Disability Services
Amount:  $75,000




Focused Funding Opportunities

For access to WSU’s Pivot account to search for funding opportunities, please sign up and affiliate with Wichita State University using your WSU email address. To request assistance with a customized search please contact funding@wichita.edu.   If any of the following opportunities are of interest to you, please email proposals@wichita.edu as soon as possible so that a grant specialist may be assigned to assist. The Office of Research has updated its website with more information about the deadlines for receipt of proposals.  While mandatory forms must be finalized well in advance of the funder deadline, you may continue to focus on your proposal narrative until closer to the deadline.  Please visit Pre-Award Services to find out more.

Funding Agency: Paralyzed Veterans of America

Application Deadline: July 5, 2023
Purpose: “The Research Foundation is focused on funding projects grounded in basic laboratory science and the education of scientists working on breakthroughs directed toward a cure for paralysis, secondary health effects and technologies associated with spinal cord injury or disease.”
Amount: $150,000-$200,000

Funding Agency: National Science Foundation (NSF)

Application Deadlines: Mandatory Letter of Intent due July 11, 2023; If invited, full applications due August 22, 2023
Purpose: “The National Science Foundation (NSF) Convergence Accelerator program addresses national-scale societal challenges through use-inspired convergence research; this solicitation for FY 2023 invites proposals for Track K: Equitable Water Solutions, Track L: Real-World Chemical Sensing Applications, Track M: Bio-Inspired Design Innovations.”
Amount: Up to $750,000 for Phase 1

Funding Agency: Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI)

Application Deadlines: Letter of Intent due July 11, 2023; If invited, full applications due September 26, 2023
Purpose: “The CZI invites applications for four-year projects in the field of deep tissue imaging. To gain a deeper mechanistic understanding of biological systems, CZI’s Imaging program aims to visualize and measure them across biological scales and in their biological context. This Request for Applications seeks to drive development of imaging technology focused on obtaining cellular resolution readouts within complex living organisms. This grant program will advance the field of deep tissue imaging, which aims to obtain cellular resolution in complex tissue and through skin and bone.”
Amount: While an upper budget limit has not been set, requests larger than $2.5 million total costs will receive additional scrutiny and may undergo additional budget adjustments. Proposed budgets should reflect the project scope.

Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

Application Deadlines: Mandatory Pre-Applications due July 13, 2023; If invited, Full Applications due October 12, 2023
Purpose: “The ERA Program aims to fund clean energy projects with at least one resilient clean energy objective, to help deploy community-driven clean energy solutions in rural and remote areas across the country.” 
Amount: $500,000-$5,000,000

*** LIMITED *** Funding Agency: National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)

Application Deadline: ***Limited*** Because WSU may only submit two nominations, Notices of Intent to apply must be sent to proposals@wichita.edu by July 13, 2023 at 12noon, in case an internal competition is needed.  The goal date for informing you if you have been chosen to proceed is August 10, 2023.  Applications to the funder (if selected) will be due by September 20, 2023.
Purpose: “The purpose of this program is to stimulate new research and publication in the humanities. Summer Stipends support continuous, full-time work on a humanities project for a period of two consecutive months. NEH funds may support recipients’ compensation, travel, and other costs related to the proposed scholarly research.”
Amount: $6,000

Funding Agency: Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)

Application Deadline: July 14, 2023
Purpose: “The purpose of the BHWET-CAY Program is to increase the supply and distribution of behavioral health providers in rural and underserved communities to address the behavioral health needs of children, adolescents, and young adults (ages 16-25).” 
Amount: $530,000

Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Education

Application Deadline: July 17, 2023
Purpose: “The purpose of the Transitioning Gang-Involved Youth to Higher Education Program is to provide a funding opportunity for organizations that work directly with gang-involved youth to help such youth pursue higher education opportunities that will lead to certification or credentials. Such programs can include apprenticeships or other workforce preparation programs that promote job readiness upon completion of the program, while simultaneously providing essential wraparound services that include culturally competent social and emotional support.” 
Amount: Up to $990,000

Funding Agency: Greenwall Foundation

Application Deadline: July 24, 2023
Purpose: “The Greenwall Foundation is requesting proposals for the Bridging Bioethics Research & Policymaking grant initiative, which supports the innovative and practical integration of bioethics into policy. This initiative does not fund bioethics research but, rather, supports bioethics researchers, policymakers, and others to take the next step and bridge the divide between research results and policymaking.” 
Amount: Up to $50,000

Funding Agency: National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Application Deadlines: Pre-Application due July 26, 2023; Full Applications due August 2, 2023
Purpose: “The Society is pleased to offer a funding opportunity for investigator-initiated proposals to support research focused on addressing research questions highlighted in the Pathways to MS Cures Roadmap. The Roadmap includes three Pathways: STOPPING MS disease activity, RESTORING function by reversing damage and symptoms, and ENDING MS by preventing new cases.” 
Amount: $660,000 direct costs for up to three years

Funding Agency: Pfizer 

Application Deadline: July 26, 2023
Purpose: “This competitive program seeks to encourage organizations to submit grant applications for educational activities focused on healthcare professionals involved in the management and care of patients experiencing menopause.” 
Amount: Up to $100,000

REMINDER: Funding Agency: National Science Foundation (NSF)

Application Deadline: July 26, 2023
Purpose: “The Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program is a Foundation-wide activity that offers the National Science Foundation's most prestigious awards in support of early-career faculty who have the potential to serve as academic role models in research and education and to lead advances in the mission of their department or organization. Activities pursued by early-career faculty should build a firm foundation for a lifetime of leadership in integrating education and research.” 
Amount: Minimum $400,000-$500,000 depending on NSF Directorate

Funding Agency: U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) 

Application Deadline: July 26, 2023
Purpose: “EDA’s Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship is committed to furthering tech-based economic development initiatives that accelerate high-skill and high-wage job growth, create economic opportunity, and support the future of the next generation of industry leading companies. Funding is available for organizations that aid companies in developing the next generation of technologies. Under the Build to Scale Program, EDA is soliciting applications for two competitions, the 2023 Venture Challenge and the 2023 Capital Challenge.” 
Amount: $400,000-$2,000,000 depending on category; Note, cost match is required.

Funding Agency: HALO (Kraft Heinz and Amcor Limited)

Application Deadline: July 31, 2023
Purpose: Multiple opportunities are posted on an ongoing basis by organizations who wish to partner with researchers to find solutions to various challenges.  For example, Kraft Heinz is currently seeking proposals for “National sweetener ingredient technology for low pH” and Amcor Limited is currently seeking proposals for “Vinyl chloride- and styrene-free heat sealable coating for food packaging.”  See the website for additional opportunities and deadlines.
Amount: Varies based on opportunity. 

Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Justice: Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA)

Application Deadline: July 31, 2023
Purpose: “BJA seeks applications for funding to provide national training and technical assistance to support the local BCJI Program sites and share resources with the field to address persistent and high crime in neighborhoods through community-oriented crime reduction strategies that are collaborative, community-led, evidence-based, integrated into broader revitalization efforts, and sustainable.”
Amount: Up to $750,000

Funding Agency: Department of Health & Human Services (HHS): Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health

Application Deadline: August 1, 2023
Purpose: “The Health Equity Leadership Development Initiative aims to address the gap in federal fellowship opportunities for individuals interested in working at HHS to advance health equity and address the social determinants of health through health policies, programs, and practices.” 
Amount: $600,000-$700,000

Funding Agency: Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)

Application Deadline: August 1, 2023
Purpose: “Through this solicitation, BJS seeks to provide funding and technical assistance to increase the number of local law enforcement agencies reporting data to the FBI’s NIBRS to improve hate crime reporting as authorized by the Jabara-Heyer NO HATE Act.” 
Amount: Up to $4,400,000

Funding Agency: Farmers Advocating for Organics (FAFO)

Title: Grants
Application Deadlines: Mandatory Letters of Interest due by August 1, 2023; Full Applications, if invited, will be due August 17, 2023
Purpose: “Grants are awarded to research, education and advocacy projects that advance FAFO’s mission: to protect and promote the organic industry and the livelihood of organic farmers.” 
Amount: $5,000-$50,000

Funding Agency: Department of Health & Human Services: Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health

Application Deadline: August 1, 2023
Purpose: “The HHS Office of Minority Health anticipates funding two cooperative agreements to support a Center for Indigenous Innovation and Health Equity (CIIHE). The CIIHE will support efforts, including research, education, service, and policy development, to advance sustainable solutions that address indigenous health disparities and advance health equity in American Indian and Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander populations.” 
Amount: $1,750,000-$2,250,000

Funding Agency: Department of Health & Human Services: Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health

Application Deadline: August 2, 2023
Purpose: “The purpose of this initiative under the Public Health Service Evaluation Fund is to implement and evaluate hepatitis C community navigation and linkage to care interventions. Interventions of interest are those that are likely to improve hepatitis C treatment rates, reduce transmission, reduce hepatitis C disparities, and reduce hepatitis C-related liver cancer and mortality among people who are disproportionately impacted by viral hepatitis.” 
Amount: $200,000-$440,000

Funding Agency: Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation

Application Deadline: August 3, 2023
Purpose: “The Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Awards Program supports the research and teaching careers of talented early-career faculty in the chemical sciences at primarily undergraduate institutions. The award, which requires an institutional nomination, is based on accomplishment in scholarly research with undergraduates, as well as a compelling commitment to teaching.” 
Amount: $75,000

Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ): Office of Justice Programs: Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP)

Application Deadline: August 7, 2023
Purpose: “OJJDP seeks to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDP Act) by enabling an organization to provide financial and technical assistance to an estimated 75 to 100 communities nationwide, reflecting all 50 states, the territories, and the District of Columbia. These subgrants will help to cover the costs associated with convening local youth justice serving agencies and organizations, impacted youth and families, local leaders, and other stakeholders for the purpose of sharing information about the JJDP Act, local delinquency prevention resources, juvenile justice system activities, Youth Justice Action Month, and emerging issues in the community.” 
Amount: $600,000

Funding Agency: Spencer Foundation

Application Deadline: August 9, 2023
Purpose: “The Small Research Grants Program supports education research projects that will contribute to the improvement of education, broadly conceived.  This program is “field-initiated” in that proposal submissions are not in response to a specific request for a particular research topic, discipline, design, method, or location. Our goal for this program is to support rigorous, intellectually ambitious and technically sound research that is relevant to the most pressing questions and compelling opportunities in education.” 
Amount: $50,000
Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA): National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)
Application Deadlines: August 10, 2023, August 24, 2023, and more, depending on Program Area Priority
Purpose: “The AFRI Foundational and Applied Science Program supports grants in AFRI priority areas to advance knowledge in both fundamental and applied sciences important to agriculture.”  Topics vary greatly; for instance, proposals topics due in August include “Pollinator Health: Research and Application,” “Welfare of Agricultural Animals,” “Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases,” and “Food and Human Health.” 
Amount: Varies by topic but generally $300,000 for Seed Grants, $650,000-1,000,000 for Standard Grants and $50,000 for Conference Grants. 

Funding Agency: Adobe

Application Deadline: August 11, 2023
Purpose: “Every year, Adobe funds a university faculty research program to promote the understanding and use of data science in the area of marketing. Our goal is to encourage both the theoretical and empirical development of solutions to problems in marketing.” 
Amount: $50,000

Funding Agency: March of Dimes

Application Deadline: August 14, 2023
Purpose: “Six annual grants are awarded to seasoned researchers seeking to make consequential translational discoveries that will drastically alter clinical care for pregnant women and babies, whether through evidence-based prevention, diagnosis or intervention.” 
Amount: $200,000

Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

Application Deadlines: Mandatory Concept Papers due August 17, 2023; If invited, full applications due November 29, 2023
Purpose: “This program will provide funding to support the recycling of consumer electronics batteries and battery-containing devices to help build a robust domestic critical material supply chain for EV batteries in the United States. The funding will accomplish this by: 1) Increase participation by consumers in recycling programs; 2) Improve the economics of consumer battery recycling to create a market for recycling, including battery recycling research, development, and demonstration activities to create innovative and practical approaches to increase the reuse and recycling of batteries; and 3) Increase the number of these programs, including state and local programs to assist in the establishment or enhancement of state consumer electronics battery collection, recycling, and reprocessing programs and to establish collection points at retailers.” 
Amount: $500,000-$10,000,000 depending on topic; Note, cost share may be required.

Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Education

Application Deadline: August 17, 2023
Purpose: “In awarding research grants, the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) intends to provide national leadership in expanding knowledge and understanding of (1) education outcomes for all learners from early childhood education through postsecondary and adult education, and (2) employment and wage outcomes when relevant (such as for those engaged in career and technical, postsecondary, or adult education).” 
Amount: Estimated annual range of $100,000-$1,250,000 depending on topic and congressional action.

REMINDER - Funding Agency: Kansas NASA EPSCoR

Application Deadline: August 18, 2023 at 12noon
Purpose: “The research efforts must: 1) Contribute to and promote the development of research capability in NASA EPSCoR jurisdictions (i.e., Kansas) in areas of strategic importance to the NASA mission; 2) Improve the capabilities of the NASA EPSCoR jurisdictions to gain support from sources outside the NASA EPSCoR program; 3) Develop partnerships among NASA research assets, academic institutions, and industry; and 4) Contribute to the overall research infrastructure and economic development of NASA EPSCoR jurisdictions.” 
Amount: $750,000; Note, cost match is required.

Funding Agency: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)

Application Deadlines: Brief Proposals due August 18, 2023; if invited, Full Applications due January 12, 2024
Purpose: “HD4A aims to reduce the barriers often faced in accessing rich data by serving as a conduit between unique data owners and interested researchers. Under this 2023 HD4A call for proposals, successful applicants for Data Access Awards will be provided free access to selected data sets, while limited funding is available for a small number of projects from First-Time Investigators who will receive both funds and access to conduct studies using selected data sets.” 
Amount: Free data access; First-Time Investigators may apply for up to $100,000 also

Funding Agency: National Science Foundation (NSF)

Application Deadlines: Mandatory Preliminary Proposal due August 21, 2023; If invited, full applications due October 30, 2023
Purpose: “The APTO program serves the TIP directorate’s need for technology assessment to understand where the U.S. stands—as a whole and in individual regions—vis-à-vis competitiveness in the key technology focus areas named in Sec. 10387 of the CHIPS and Science Act. TIP is interested in answers to the question of which science and technology investments would offer the greatest impact in the key technology focus areas and would be essential to the long-term national security and economic prosperity of the United States. As a key aspect of TIP’s technology assessment activity, the APTO program will bring together multidisciplinary teams to help develop the data, intellectual foundations, and analytics necessary to inform decision making.” 
Amount: Awards are expected to have annual budgets between $500,000 and $4,000,000.

Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Justice: Office of Justice Programs: Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)

Application Deadline: August 21, 2023
Purpose: “BJS seeks applications for funding to update the SPI instrument, field test the updated instrument, and prepare a national implementation plan to field the next iteration of the SPI.”
Amount: Up to $2,000,000

Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Justice: Office of Justice Programs: Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)

Application Deadline: August 22, 2023
Purpose: “BJS seeks applications for funding in fiscal year (FY) 2023 to conduct research and testing activities related to the development of new data collections that will measure persons' access to justice for their civil legal needs.”
Amount: Up to $2,000,000

Funding Agency: Kansas NSF EPSCoR

Application Deadline: August 31, 2023
Purpose: “First Awards are seed grants for early career, tenure track faculty. They are designed to spur research in resiliency and smart infrastructure while helping awardees compete nationally for funding. REI Awards are for any faculty member at designated universities in Kansas to kickstart projects in resiliency.”
Amount: Direct costs budget of $50,000

Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

Application Deadline: August 31, 2023
Purpose: “The American-Made Heliostat Prize is a competition designed to accelerate technology innovation through the design, development, and demonstration of key components of heliostats. Heliostats are devices that tilt mirrors to track the sun and reflect sunlight toward a receiver.”
Amount: $580,000 across three phases

Funding Agency: Elsa U. Pardee Foundation

Application Deadline: August 31, 2023
Purpose: “The Elsa U. Pardee Foundation funds research to investigators in United States non-profit institutions proposing research directed toward identifying new treatments or cures for cancer. The Foundation funds projects for a one-year period that will allow the establishment of capabilities of new cancer researchers or new cancer approaches by established cancer researchers.” 
Amount: By design, there are no limits set on the grant amount that can be requested.

Funding Agency: National Institutes of Health (NIH): National Cancer 

Application Deadline: September 1, 2023
Purpose: “This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) solicits grant applications proposing exploratory research projects focused on the early-stage development of highly innovative technologies offering novel molecular or cellular analysis capabilities for basic, clinical, or epidemiological cancer research. The emphasis of this FOA is on supporting the development of novel capabilities involving a high degree of technical innovation for targeting, probing, or assessing molecular and cellular features of cancer biology. Well-suited applications must offer the potential to accelerate and/or enhance research in the areas of cancer biology, early detection and screening, clinical diagnosis, treatment, control, epidemiology, and/or address issues associated with cancer health disparities.” 
Amount: Application budgets are limited to $150,000 per year (direct costs).

Funding Agency: National Science Foundation (NSF)

Application Deadlines: For the Sustained Resources track only, a Concept Outline is due by September 1, 2023; December 1, 2023 is the full proposal deadline for both the Sustained Resources track and the Innovative Resources track.
Purpose: “The Geoinformatics program funds the deployment, operation, and sustainment of cyberinfrastructure resources to serve and support Earth Sciences research and education. his Geoinformatics solicitation includes two tracks to support CI at different stages of development and operations: an Innovative Resources track to support early-stage development, deployment, and community-building, and a Sustained Resources track to support sustained operations and community support for mature cyberinfrastructure resources.”
Amount: $200,000 per year for Innovative Resources track; Sustained Resources track is the next phase of support after Innovative Resources and amounts may vary widely.

Funding Agency: National Science Foundation (NSF)

Application Deadline: September 5, 2023
Purpose: “The Technology Translation (PFI-TT) track offers the opportunity to translate prior NSF-funded research results in any field of science or engineering into technological innovations with promising commercial potential and societal impact. PFI-TT supports commercial potential demonstration projects for academic research outputs in any NSF-funded science and engineering discipline. This demonstration is achieved through proof-of-concept, prototyping, technology development and/or scale-up work. Concurrently, students and postdoctoral researchers who participate in PFI-TT projects receive education and leadership training in innovation and entrepreneurship. Successful PFI-TT projects generate technology-driven commercialization outcomes that address societal needs.”
Amount: Up to $550,000

Funding Agency: National Science Foundation (NSF)

Application Deadline: September 7, 2023
Purpose: “The POSE program aims to harness the power of open-source development for the creation of new technology solutions to problems of national and societal importance. Many NSF-funded projects result in publicly accessible, modifiable, and distributable open-source products, including software, hardware, models, specifications, programming languages, or data platforms, that catalyze further innovation.”
Amount: $300,000 for Phase 1

Funding Agency: National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)

Application Deadline: September 7, 2023 (Optional draft due July 27, 2023)
Purpose: “The Dialogues on the Experience of War program supports the study and discussion of humanities sources that address the experiences of military service and war from a wide variety of perspectives.”
Amount: $100,000

Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

Application Deadline: September 8, 2023
Purpose: “This Funding Opportunity Announcement will support the Government-wide approach to the climate crisis by driving the innovation that can lead to the deployment of clean energy technologies, which are critical for climate protection. Specifically, the Research and Development activities funded under this Announcement will ensure relevance and responsiveness to the needs of electric vehicle manufacturers via working with, and through a consortium, that brings together a significant fraction of the major manufacturers of electric drive vehicles in the U.S., to manage pre-competitive, vehicle-related Research and Development in advanced battery technology, with substantial involvement by the DOE.” 
Amount: Up to $60,000,000; Note, cost share may be required.

Funding Agency: NASA Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES) 2023

Application Deadlines: September 8, 2023 (Fall/Winter), January 26, 2024 (Spring/Early Summer), March 29, 2024 (Late Summer/Fall)
Purpose: “The NASA Innovation Corps Pilot is intended to provide support for participation in the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps Program to train faculty, students in higher education, post-docs, and other researchers in innovation and entrepreneurship skills. The pilot employs education through courses to guide teams in the process of developing a business model while supporting teams as they explore the commercial potential of their research.” 
Amount: $300,000 for Short Course New Awards

REMINDER - Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Defense (DOD)

Application Deadline: September 8, 2023
Purpose: “The MURI program supports basic research in science and engineering at U.S. institutions of higher education that is of potential interest to DoD. The program is focused on multidisciplinary research efforts where more than one traditional discipline interacts to provide rapid advances in scientific areas of interest to the DoD.” 
Amount: Typically, between $1,250,000 and $1,500,000 but varies by topic.

Funding Agency: Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI)

Application Deadline: September 14, 2023
Purpose: “The goal of the Pilot Award is to provide early support for exploratory ideas considered higher risk but with the potential for transformative results, particularly those with novel hypotheses for autism. This funding mechanism is particularly suitable for investigators new to the autism field, though we encourage applicants to consult with experts in autism research to ensure their projects are relevant to the human condition.”
Amount: $300,000 or less

Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Application Deadline: September 14, 2023
Purpose: “This program area priority examines the interrelationship of natural resources and the environment with agriculture and rural communities. Research projects funded through this priority area will advance economic theories, methods, tools, analyses, and applications that contribute to understanding an ecological approach to agriculture (including forestry and aquaculture) to balance production and sustainable resource management simultaneously in a changing climate.”
Amount: $300,000 for Seed Grants; $650,000 for Standard Grants

Funding Agency: National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Application Deadline: September 26, 2023
Purpose: “The Stephen I. Katz Early Stage Investigator Research Project Grant supports an innovative project that represents a change in research direction for an early stage investigator and for which no preliminary data exists. Applications submitted to this Funding Opportunity Announcement must not include preliminary data.  Applications must include a separate attachment describing the change in research direction.  The proposed project must be related to the programmatic interests of one or more of the participating NIH Institutes and Centers based on their scientific missions.” 
Amount: Application budgets are not limited but need to reflect the actual needs of the proposed project.

Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

Application Deadline: September 27, 2023
Purpose: “This is $4 million prize program designed to spur innovations in U.S. solar hardware and software technologies and address challenges to rapid, equitable solar energy deployment.  DOE is interested in both hardware and software technologies. Hardware innovations should be able to be manufactured in the United States. Software innovations should help address the non-hardware costs of solar, like customer acquisition, financing, and grid integration.” Note, there will be an informational webinar on July 11, 2023.
Amount: Up to $700,000 in cash and $150,000 in technical support vouchers

Funding Agency: National Science Foundation (NSF)

Application Deadline: September 28, 2023
Purpose: “Supports experienced researchers in forging new research directions or entering new fields. Research must be in one or more areas supported by the Division of Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation.”
Amount: $100,000-$200,000 per year

Funding Agency: National Institutes of Health (NIH): National Institute on Aging and National Cancer Institute

Application Deadline: November 3, 2023
Purpose: “The purpose of this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) is to invite basic observational or experimental behavioral and/or social science R01 applications that test how intrapersonal and interpersonal mechanisms of behavior change interact with, influence, or are influenced by characteristics of social networks, with implications for health. Research supported through this NOFO will examine at least two levels of analysis: interpersonal processes and social network characteristics.”
Amount: Application budgets are limited to $500,000 in direct costs and need to reflect the actual needs of the proposed project.

Funding Agency: National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Application Deadline: November 8, 2023
Purpose: “The purpose of this initiative is to support investigator-initiated research in genomics and health equity, with the ultimate goal of developing approaches, generating and disseminating data, and implementing metrics or interventions that will advance the equitable use of genomics to improve health in U.S. populations.”
Amount: Application budgets cannot exceed $200,000 in direct costs per year, and must reflect the actual needs of the proposed project.

Funding Agency: Library of Congress

Application Deadline: November 27, 2023
Purpose: “The Library of Congress is calling on video game developers to create fun and lightweight video games related to civics that incorporate Library resources. This challenge is part of an effort to improve public knowledge of the rights and responsibilities of American citizens.”
Amount: $35,000 total cash prizes available

ONGOING - Funding Agency: Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H)

Application Deadline: Abstracts accepted now through March 14, 2024
Purpose: “ARPA-H’s mission is to accelerate better health outcomes for everyone by supporting the development of high-impact solutions to society's most challenging health problems. Awardees will develop groundbreaking new ways to tackle health-related challenges through high-potential, high-impact biomedical and health research. With a scope spanning the molecular to the societal, ARPA-H seeks proposals that aim to rapidly achieve better health outcomes across patient populations, communities, diseases, and health conditions, including in support of the Cancer Moonshot.  Proposals are expected to use innovative approaches to enable revolutionary advances in science, technology, or systems.  The four initial focus areas are:(1) Health Science Futures; (2) Scalable Solutions; (3) Proactive Health; and (4) Resilient Systems.” 
Amount: TBD (contracting opportunity)

REMINDER - Funding Agency: ORAU

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Purpose: “ORAU Events Sponsorship Grant Program has now been restructured and is now called the ORAU Innovation Partnerships Grant Program. The goal of this grant program change is to drive new opportunities for university consortium members and ORAU experts to formulate meaningful collaborations.  The program will focus on research and education topics that align well with ORAU’s expertise and current research priorities (Climate & Environment, Health Equity, and Future of the STEM Workforce.)” 
Amount: $4,000

Funding Agency: National Science Foundation

Application Deadline: Varies by topic.
Advanced Manufacturing – proposals accepted anytime
Applied Mathematics – Nov 1-15, 2023
Astronomy and Astrophysics – Oct 1-Nov 15, 2023
Biomechanics and Mechanobiology – proposals accepted anytime
Biosensing – proposals accepted anytime
Chemistry: Disciplinary Research Programs – Sep & Oct - varies based on discipline
Computational & Data-Enabled Science and Engineering – Sep & Oct – varies based on discipline
Energy, Power, Control, and Networks – proposals accepted anytime
Environmental Biology – proposals accepted anytime
Environmental Engineering – proposals accepted anytime
Foundational Research in Robotics (FFR) – proposals accepted anytime
Geomorphology and Land-use Dynamics – proposals accepted anytime
Geophysics – proposals accepted anytime
Linguistics –Jul 17, 2023
Manufacturing Systems Integration - proposals accepted anytime
Mathematical Biology – proposals accepted anytime
Molecular and Cellular Biosciences – proposals accepted anytime
Physics – Nov & Dec – varies by topic
Secure & Trustworthy Cyberspace – proposals accepted anytime
Smart & Connected Communities – proposals accepted anytime until April 1, 2024
Social Psychology – Jul 17, 2023
Sociology – proposals accepted anytime
Statistics – Dec 1-15 annually

Funding Agency: National Science Foundation

Application Deadline: Varies by topic – click each topic to learn more about these special program opportunities.
Broadening Participation in Engineering (BPE) – Track 3 & 4 Letter of Intent due Sep 20, 2023; Track 1 & 2 proposals accepted anytime
Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE): Core Programs – Varies by size of application (Small, Medium, Large)
Division of Chemistry: Disciplinary Research Programs (CHE-DRP) – Oct 31, 2023 for CMI, ECS and MSN; Sep 30, 2023 for CAT, CSDM-B, SYN
Expeditions in Computing – Varies by topic

WSU Office of Research Workshops

Topics include an Introduction to the WSU Office of Research with resources and contacts, WSU policies and procedures related to research, finding funding utilizing Pivot, project budgeting and general grant-writing tips.  Previously recorded workshops can also be found on the Office of Research website.

WSU Office of Research Workshops on National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Proposals: January through August (or until the submission deadline).

A common first step in establishing an NSF research center is to demonstrate success with an REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) Site in the field of interest.  REU Sites are also helpful in recruiting graduate students. NSF REU proposals are typically due in August or September.  Vice Provost Coleen Pugh and any interested teams will coordinate and work on their proposals for submission in 2023 to separate divisions according to the following approximate schedule:
January: planning meeting, and discussion of budgets and target students
February: complete section on WSU institutional support of undergraduate research
March: complete section on departmental/unit/topical area of undergraduate research experiences/history
April: complete list of undergraduate researchers who have been mentored by Site faculty, and PI history of mentoring undergraduate researchers
May: complete section with proposed undergraduate research projects by Site faculty
June: complete section on training activities, including research/field-specific activities, professional development activities, industry/research field trips
July: complete section on coordinated social activities and housing for all WSU REU Sites
August: complete any remaining sections and polish proposals.
Email funding@wichita.edu to register for this NSF REU Workshop series. 

Hanover Research Grants Workshops: June 29, 2023

Hanover Research offers a series of webinars on a variety of topics “designed to help grant-seekers develop their skills and plan for upcoming competitions.” The webinar on June 29, 2023 is titled “Grantseeking for Clinical Faculty​.” 

NIH National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) Webinar on Funding Opportunities: July 6, 2023

NIDCR will hold an informational webinar for individuals interested in learning about NIDCR supported research training and career development funding opportunities.  The webinar will describe funding opportunities that support research training for individuals from high-school students to early career investigators.

National Academies Information Session: Advancing Success Towards SDG2 (Zero Hunger) Through Science and Technology: July 13, 2023

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, in connection with the Sustained Dialogue on Peaceful Uses of nuclear technology, will hold an information session on food security under the auspices of the Roundtable on Global Science Diplomacy. The goal is to broadly address the role of science and technology in U.S. government implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG2, Zero Hunger).

Applications for William T. Grant Foundation Early-Career Reviewer Program due July 18, 2023

The early-career reviewer program recruits early-career researchers to serve as peer-reviewers of grant proposals submitted to the William T. Grant Foundation for studies on improving the use of research evidence. Apart from reading and evaluating grant proposals in their areas of expertise, early-career reviewers receive personalized feedback from Foundation program officers and have access to additional reviews prepared by senior peer-reviewers. Altogether, this professional development program aims to build early-career researchers’ understanding of the proposal evaluation and peer-review process for research grants to strengthen their own proposal writing skills and ultimately advance their careers.

WSU Information Security: Privacy & Security Training: August 8, 2023; 4:00-5:00pm in RSC Room 256 (Edmiston)

Gina Riggs and Mark Rodee offer WSU Privacy and Security Training monthly on the second Tuesday of every month during the academic year.  Learn how to prevent, detect and respond to information security and privacy concerns.  If you have a question before the next scheduled training, please reach out to Gina and Mark at the email address below.
Email informationsecurity@wichita.edu with questions. 

Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI) STEM Hub: 2022-2023 Grant Training Webinar Series: September 8, 2023

The NSF HSI STEM Resource Hub Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 webinar series focuses on celebrating and learning from successful NSF HSI awardees.  We host panels of successful PIs on specific topics that will engage our audience and support grant writing efforts for those planning a proposal submission. This webinar series focuses on a broad array of topics that promote student success, wellness and diversity and inclusion. Dr. Martha Desmond and Dr. Delia Valles are the hosts for this series. The HSI STEM Hub recommends participation in these webinars to learn from successful awardees, particularly if you are currently writing a proposal or are interested in writing a proposal to secure a grant.  The September 8, 2023 topic is “Online Adaptation to Promote Student Success” (rescheduled from May 5, 2023). 

National Archive of Data on Arts & Culture (NADAC) and National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Recorded Webinar: Analyzing Data on Arts and Culture in Large-scale Health, Education and Labor Studies

In April, NADAC held Analyzing Data on Arts and Culture in Large-scale Health, Education, and Labor Studies, a webinar detailing NEA’s research priority areas, grant funding opportunities, and several examples of research projects supported by the NEA, including datasets archived or cataloged in NADAC.    

REMINDER - Hanover Grants Learning Center Available

WSU Faculty and Staff may now access course content through the Hanover Research Grants Learning Center by registering and using a referral code.  Courses are designed for on-demand grantsmanship training.    
Email proposals@wichita.edu to request the referral code to register for access to the Hanover Research Grants Learning Center. 

Learn to Use BeoShock for your Advanced Research Computing Needs

Wichita State University continues to host Beoshock, a High-Performance Computing Cluster (HPC). This HPC is available and free to faculty members, researchers and students engaged in course work or research activities. BeoShock runs the CentOS Linux operating system and features approximately 720 processor cores, two high memory compute nodes with 1.5 terabytes of memory, and four graphics processing unit (GPU) accelerators. BeoShock also has a variety of software tools that may be helpful in your research endeavors, such as Matlab, Mathematica, R, Python and many more.  


Office of Research EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT – Kimberly Davis   

Kim joined the Office of Research in April 2021 as a Research Grant Administrator in the Post-Award team.  Previously, Kim worked twenty years for the City of Wichita, twelve of those years as the Accountant for Housing and Community Services administering Public Housing and Section 8 grants from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Kim, a native of Kansas City, Kansas, loves being back on the campus of WSU, where she earned her Bachelors of Business Administration with a major in Accounting and minor in Management.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband of 40 years (this August), one daughter, three sons and 17 grandchildren (which include two sets of twins).  She also enjoys teaching tap, ballet and jazz dance in the community and praise and worship at her church.  Kim is also a former KC Chiefette and avid Chiefs fan.   Read more about the Office of Research staff…


National Science Foundation (NSF) “Our Focus Areas”

The NSF has created new focus area landing pages, highlighting funding opportunities in different priority areas of interest to the NSF. 

Explore NSF “Our Focus Areas” webpage


National Science Foundation (NSF) Dear Colleague Letter (DCL): Special Guidelines for Submitting Collaborative Proposals under the U.S. NSF/GEO-DFG/Geosciences Lead Agency Opportunity on Collaborative Research on Climate Change

The Directorate for Geosciences (GEO) of the NSF and the German Research Foundation (DFG) Geosciences are pleased to announce an NSF/GEO-DFG/Geosciences Lead Agency Opportunity. The goal of this opportunity is to reduce barriers to working internationally.  As an initiation of the partnership, proposals will be accepted for collaborative research on climate change.   

Read the NSF DCL 23-113


National Institutes of Health (NIH): Center for Scientific Review: Resources and Programs for NIH Grant Applicants

NIH has published an infographic designed to help institutions and researchers navigate the NIH. 

NIH Resources and Programs for NIH Grant Applicants Infographic


National Institutes of Health (NIH) Notice: The Use of Generative Artificial Intelligence Technologies is Prohibited for the NIH Peer Review Process

The purpose of this Notice is to clarify NOT-OD-22-044 on Maintaining Security and Confidentiality in NIH Peer Review: Rules, Responsibilities and Possible Consequences and inform the extramural community that the NIH prohibits NIH scientific peer reviewers from using natural language processors, large language models, or other generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies for analyzing and formulating peer review critiques for grant applications and R&D contract proposals. NIH is revising its Security, Confidentiality, and Non-disclosure Agreements for Peer Reviewers to clarify this prohibition. Reviewers should be aware that uploading or sharing content or original concepts from an NIH grant application, contract proposal, or critique to online generative AI tools violates the NIH peer review confidentiality and integrity requirements. 

NIH Notice NOT-OD-23-149


NIH Soliciting Ideas for Common Fund

The NIH requests ideas for biomedical and behavioral research challenges and opportunities that may be of interest to the Common Fund. These ideas may inform activities to advance areas of science relevant to these challenges/opportunities, including, but not limited to, scientific workshops, pilot initiatives, and/or future Common Fund programs. 

NIH Request for Information


REMINDER: WSU Indirect Cost Recovery Rate Agreement Signed

Negotiations with the federal government on WSU’s new F&A (Facilities and Administrative) rates, effective July 1, 2022, are now complete and the new agreement was signed on March 1, 2023. Please note the following significant changes to the Academic Affairs rates: The On Campus Organized Research rate decreasing from the current 48% to a new rate of 40%, the On Campus Other Sponsored Activities rate decreasing from the current 30% to a new rate of 19%, the Off Campus Organized Research rate remaining the same at 26%, and the Off Campus Other Sponsored Activities rate decreasing from the current 26% to a new rate of 17%. The new rates will impact your proposal and award budgets, as well as the distribution and availability of F&A funds used to support research activities on campus.  Read the new F&A Rate Agreement here.


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