With an 88% increase of external funding for Academic Affairs-led research in FY2023 compared to the previous year, you all deserve a big congratulations and thank you!  Almost all of the colleges grew their research funding in FY2023, with CAS, Health Professions, and Innovation & Design having especially large percentage increases, while LAS reached the largest dollar amount of funding for the colleges, followed by the College of Engineering.  

Congratulations also to those who received grants in July!  In this first month of the new fiscal year, WSU’s AA researchers proposed $11,321,196 in funding, were awarded $2,307,934 and generated $423,159 in indirect cost recovery. 

You will find a spotlight on Alyson Balandran in the announcements section.  Alyson is a Research Grant Administrator on the Post-Award team.

We wish you much success in your research efforts over the next month.

Coleen Pugh, Vice Provost for Research



PI/Department:  Tonya Bronleewe, HWS of Urban & Public Affairs
Sponsor:  Environmental Protection Agency
Amount:  $120,000



PI/Department:  Misty Bruckner, Public Policy & Management Center
Sponsor:  Department for Children and Families
Amount:  $146,640



PI/Department:  Misty Bruckner, Public Policy & Management Center
Sponsor:  City of Kingman
Amount:  $27,500



PI/Department:  Misty Bruckner, Public Policy & Management Center
Sponsor:  Kansas Water Office
Amount:  $15,456



PI/Department:  Misty Bruckner, Public Policy & Management Center
Sponsor:  Kansas Board of Regents / Department of Education - US
Amount:  $54,924



PI/Department:  Misty Bruckner, Public Policy & Management Center
Sponsor:  Kansas Department of Commerce / Department of Labor
Amount:  $54,924 



PI/Department:  Jennifer Friend, Kansas Mentor Induction Center (College of Applied Studies)
Sponsor:  USD 363 Holcomb School
Amount:  $4,400



PI/Department:  Jennifer Friend, Kansas Mentor Induction Center (College of Applied Studies)
Sponsor:  USD 263 Mulvane
Amount:  $3,750



PI/Department:  Erin O'Bryan, Communication Sciences
Co-PI/Department: Elaine Bernstorf, School of Music | Amy Chesser, Public Health Sciences | Cynthia Richburg, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Sponsor:  Regional Institute on Aging
Amount:  $15,996 



PI/Department:  Jennifer Pearson, Sociology
Sponsor:  State of Kansas - ARCS
Amount:  $3,999 



PI/Department:  Manira Rani, Aerospace Engineering
Co-PI/Department: Vijay Matheswaran, Aerospace Engineering 
Sponsor:  Natl Aeronautics & Space Admn
Amount:  $37,610



PI/Department:  Linda Rhone, ED - Student Support Services
Sponsor:  Department of Education - US
Amount:  $514,726



PI/Department:  Zhiyong Shan, School of Computing
Sponsor:  Stony Brook University
Amount:  $25,000 



PI/Department:  Heidi VanRavenhorst-Bell, Dept of Human Performance
Co-PI/Department: Charles Clark, Psychology | Vagner Raso, Dept of Human Performance
Sponsor:  Regional Institute on Aging
Amount:  $16,000



PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  Dept of Health & Environment - Kansas / Dept of Health and Human Services
Amount:  $88,455



PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  Dept of Health & Environment - Kansas / Centers for Disease Control
Amount:  $163,698



PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  Kansas Department for Aging & Disability Services
Amount:  $667,926



PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  Kansas Area Agency on Aging Assn
Amount:  $1,700



PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  Ntl Assoc County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) / Centers for Disease Control
Amount:  $8,011



PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  Dept of Health & Environment - Kansas / Dept of Health and Human Services
Amount:  $396,111



PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  State of Nebraska
Amount:  $8,500



PI/Department:  Scott Wituk, Community Engagement Institute
Sponsor:  Kansas Children's Service League / Dept of Health and Human Services
Amount:  $9,000




Focused Funding Opportunities

For access to WSU’s Pivot account to search for funding opportunities, please sign up and affiliate with Wichita State University using your WSU email address. To request assistance with a customized search please contact funding@wichita.edu.   If any of the following opportunities are of interest to you, please email proposals@wichita.edu as soon as possible so that a grant specialist may be assigned to assist. Visit Pre-Award Services to find out more about applying for external funding.  COMING SOON: a new proposal intake form that will help expedite the proposal assignment process for WSU faculty and staff!


Funding Agency: Dana Foundation

Title: Pilot Grants in Neuroscience and Society

Application Deadline: Letters of Interest due September 1, 2023

Purpose: “Through our grants, we strive to foster collaboration between students, neuroscience and society scholars, funders, policymakers, professionals, and communities in pursuit of advancing knowledge and co-creating neuroscience-informed solutions to complex societal problems.” 

Amount: $150,000


Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Education

Title: OSERS: OSEP: Technical Assistance on State Data Collection – National Technical Assistance Center to Improve State Capacity to Collect, Report, Analyze, and Use Accurate IDEA Data to Address Significant Disproportionality

Application Deadline: September 11, 2023

Purpose: “The purpose of the Technical Assistance on State Data Collection program is to improve the capacity of States to meet the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) data collection and reporting requirements.” 

Amount: $1,500,000 in year one; $2,500,000 in year two, and $3,500,000 in years three through five 


Funding Agency: Sony

Title: Sony Research Award Program

Application Deadline: September 15, 2023

Eligibility: Principal Investigators (PIs) must be a full-time professor (adjunct professors and adjunct researchers are not eligible) or researcher and be eligible to supervise Ph.D. students at the PI's institution. Full professors, associate professors, and assistant professors are eligible to apply.

Purpose: “As part of one of the world's most innovative and recognizable brands, we are committed to support university research and innovation in the U.S., Canada, India, and select European countries, while also fostering partnerships with university faculty and researchers. The Sony Research Award Program provides funding for cutting-edge academic research and helps build a collaborative relationship between faculty and Sony researchers. With awards up to $150,000 USD* per year for each accepted proposal, both the Faculty Innovation Award and Focused Research Award create new opportunities for university faculties and research institutions to engage in pioneering research that could drive new technologies, industries and the future.”  Focused Research Award topics may be found here.  Faculty Innovation Award topics may be found here

Amount: $100,000 for Faculty Innovation Award; $150,000 for Focused Research Award


Funding Agency: American Psychological Foundation

Title: Bruce and Jane Walsh Grant

Application Deadline: September 15, 2023

Purpose: “The Bruce and Jane Walsh Grant in Memory of John Holland supports scientific, scholarly, or applied research and/or educational activities investigating how personality, culture, and environment influence work behavior and health (mental and physical).  Preference will be given to early career psychologists no more than 10 years postdoctoral, and pilot projects that, if successful, would be strong candidates for support from major federal and foundation funding agencies, and “demonstration projects” that promise to generalize broadly to similar settings in other geographical areas and/or to other settings.”

Amount: $19,000 


Funding Agency: National Ataxia Foundation

Title: Research Seed Money Grant

Application Deadlines: Letters of Intent due September 15, 2023; if invited, Full Applications due November 20, 2023

Purpose: “NAF research grants are for new and innovative studies that are relevant to the cause, pathogenesis or treatment of the hereditary or sporadic ataxias. Research grants are offered primarily as “seed monies” to assist investigators in the early or pilot phase of their studies and as additional support for ongoing investigations on demonstration of need.” 

Amount: $50,000 


Funding Agency: KU CoBRE: NIH Center of Biomedical Research Excellence: Chemical Biology of Infectious Disease (CBID)

Title: Call for Pilot Project Applications

Application Deadline: September 18, 2023 at 12noon

Purpose: “The KU NIH CoBRE in CBID will provide investigators with support for research activities, mentoring, and access to Core Lab Services. Applications must describe a pilot research project that fits well with the scientific theme of CBID and incorporates substantial use of one or more associated core labs at KU. The competition is open to all full-time faculty at any State of Kansas Regents University. A Pilot Project recipient cannot hold any IDeA award concurrently with a CoBRE Pilot Project.”  Please email proposals@wichita.edu for a copy of the solicitation.

Amount: $70,000 in annual total direct costs


*** LIMITED *** Funding Agency: Retirement Research Foundation (RRF)

Title: Grants Supporting Advancement in the Fields of Aging

Application Deadline: ***Limited*** Because WSU may only submit one application per department per funding cycle, Notices of Intent to apply must be sent to proposals@wichita.edu by September 20, 2023 at 12noon, in case an internal competition is needed.  The goal date for informing you if you have been chosen to proceed is October 4, 2023.  Mandatory Letter of Intent to the funder (if selected) will be due by November 1, 2023.

Purpose: “RRF funds research that seeks to identify interventions, policies and practices to improve the well-being of older adults and/or their caregivers. Preference is given to projects aimed at generating practical knowledge and guidance that can be used by advocates, policy-makers, providers, and the aging network.”

Amount: Varies; see website for examples of previously funding projects. 


Funding Agency: Office of Naval Research (ONR)

Title: Communications and Networks Applied Research Program N00014-23-S-BC11

Application Deadline: Full Proposals accepted until September 22, 2023

Purpose: “The proposed topic will explore Communications and Networks technologies for naval operations. The goal of the Communications and Networking Program within ONR is to support the Navy's Information Warfare vision by developing measurable advances in technology that can directly enable and enhance end-to-end connectivity and quality-of-service for mission-critical information exchange among widely dispersed naval, joint, and coalition forces.”

Amount: $250,000-$500,000 per year


REMINDER - Funding Agency: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)

Title: Engagement Awards October 2023 Cycle

Application Deadline: Letters of Intent due September 28, 2023; If invited, Full Applications due January 10, 2024

Purpose: “The Engagement Award Program supports projects that encourage active, meaningful involvement of patients, caregivers, clinicians and other healthcare stakeholders in all phases of patient-centered outcomes research/comparative clinical effectiveness research. These awards are not research funding opportunities.”

Amount: $100,000 for Stakeholder Convening Support, $250,000 for Capacity Building and Dissemination Initiatives


Funding Agency: U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)

Title: Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for Basic and Applied Scientific Research

Application Deadline: White Papers accepted until September 29, 2023

Purpose: “A BAA announces an agency's research interests including criteria for selecting proposals and soliciting the participation of all offerors capable of satisfying the government's needs.”  Topics included in the current NRL BAA include, but are not limited to, High Frequency Radar; Advanced Computational Electromagnetics; Information Management and Decision Architectures; Mathematical Foundations of High Assurance Computing; Optical Sciences R&D; Advanced Machine Learning Methods for the Radio Frequency Spectrum; Power/Energy Source Materials and Systems’ Development of Microsensors and Microsystems for Physical, Chemical and Biochemical Applications; Photovoltaics for Portable Power; Remote Sensors and Imaging Systems; Atmospheric Effects, Analysis and Prediction; Research into Space, Backgrounds, Imaging and Modeling; and Spacecraft and Space Systems Technology.

Amount: The funded amount and period of performance for any proposal selected for award may vary depending on the research area and the technical approach to be pursued by the offeror selected.


Funding Agency: PhRMA Foundation

Title: Empowering Health Care Equity: Harnessing Digital Health Tools for Inclusive Regulatory Decision-Making

Application Deadline: Letters of Intent due September 29, 2023

Purpose: “The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital health technologies (DHTs) such as sensors, apps, and wearables in medical research. DHTs allowed for the continuation of health care and clinical trials while minimizing the risk of spreading COVID-19. These circumstances helped demonstrate the value and feasibility of using DHTs in clinical trials. The PhRMA Foundation recognizes the need to enhance diversity in clinical trials, and the use of digital health tools also has the potential to support more equitable participation in medical research. Through this new program, the Foundation will invest in research on the use of DHTs in underrepresented populations in clinical trials to advance FDA regulatory decision-making.”

Amount: $25,000 for Planning Grants


Funding Agency: Caplan Foundation for Early Childhood

Title: Grants

Application Deadline: Letters of Inquiry due September 30, 2023

Purpose: “The Caplan Foundation for Early Childhood is an incubator of promising research and development projects that appear likely to improve the welfare of young children, from infancy through 7 years, in the United States. Welfare is broadly defined to include physical and mental health, safety, nutrition, education, play, familial support, acculturation, societal integration and childcare.” 

Amount: See website for examples and amounts of previous grants. 


Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA): National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)

Title: Request for Applications: Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI): Foundational and Applied Science Program

Application Deadlines: October 5, 2023, October 12, 2023 and more, depending on Program Area Priority

Purpose: “The AFRI Foundational and Applied Science Program supports grants in AFRI priority areas to advance knowledge in both fundamental and applied sciences important to agriculture.”  Topics vary greatly; for instance, proposals topics due in October include “Engineering for Precision Crop and Water Management” and “Economics, Markets and Trade.” 

Amount: Varies by topic but generally $300,000 for Seed Grants, $650,000-1,000,000 for Standard Grants and $50,000 for Conference Grants. 


Funding Agency: National Institutes of Health (NIH): National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

Title: Alcohol Health Services Research (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)

Application Deadlines: October 5, 2023, February 5, 2024, June 5, 2024

Purpose: “…closing the treatment gap for individuals with alcohol use disorder (AUD); within this focus, there are five major areas of emphasis: (1) increasing access to treatment for AUD, (2) making treatment for AUD more appealing, (3) examining cost structures and insurance systems, (4) conducting studies on dissemination and implementation of existing evidence-based approaches to treating AUD, and (5) reducing health disparities as a means of addressing the treatment gap in AUD for health disparity populations.” 

Amount: Direct costs may not exceed $500,000 without prior approval


Funding Agency: National Endowment for the Humanities

Title: Dangers and Opportunities of Technology: Perspectives from the Humanities

Application Deadline: October 11, 2023

Purpose: “Supports research that examines technology and its relationship to society through the lens of the humanities, with a focus on the dangers and/or opportunities presented by technology. NEH is particularly interested in projects that examine the role of technology in shaping current social and cultural issues.”

Amount: $150,000


Funding Agency: Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Title: HUDRD-Exploring Office to Residential Conversions (HUDRD-EORC)

Application Deadline: October 12, 2023

Purpose: “This notice announces grant funds to study recent efforts to convert office buildings to residential units, beginning at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The research funded under this notice will lay the groundwork for future studies contributing to general knowledge on the topic of office-to-residential conversions since the start of the pandemic, including the policy landscape, construction challenges, financial tools available for these conversions, and other policy interventions. Submitted research proposals must describe how the knowledge generated under the proposed project will contribute to understanding the Federal, state, or local policies and programs designed to address office-to-residential conversions.” 

Amount: $200,000-$860,000


Funding Agency: National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Title: Secondary Analysis and Integration of Existing Data to Elucidate Cancer Risk and Related Outcomes (R21 Clinical Trials Not Allowed)

Application Deadlines: October 16, 2023 and February 16, 2024

Purpose: “Applications proposing to conduct secondary data analysis and integration of existing datasets and database resources, with the ultimate aim to elucidate cancer risk and related outcomes (e.g., risk prediction or reduction, survival, or response to treatment, etc.). The goal of this initiative is to address key scientific questions relevant to cancer by supporting the analysis of existing clinical, environmental, surveillance, health services, vital statistics, behavioral, lifestyle, genomic, and molecular profiles data.” 

Amount: Direct costs are limited to $275,000 over a two-year project period.


Funding Agency: Office of Naval Research (ONR)

Title: Enabling Technologies for Electronic Warfare (EW) and Surveillance N00014-23-S-BC14

Application Deadline: Full Proposals accepted until October 27, 2023

Purpose: “To fully enable spectrum superiority, naval forces (including the Marine Corps and Navy) must be able to control the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) by exploiting, deceiving, or denying enemy use of the spectrum while ensuring persistent naval intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities. The advance of adversary ISR and EW capabilities across the full EMS, and the proliferation of inexpensive, efficient processors and transceivers has eroded our advantages, created a contested and congested operational environment, and degraded our naval ISR capabilities.”

Amount: ONR plans to allocate approximately a total of $15-20 million dollars for efforts related to the Technical Areas in this Call. The period of performance for projects will be one to three (1-3) years.


Funding Agency: Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR)

Title: Digitizing Hidden Collections: Amplifying Unheard Voices

Application Deadline: November 1, 2023

Purpose: “This program supports the digitization of rare and unique historical and cultural materials in a variety of formats and the creation and promotion of online access to those materials. Projects will deepen public understanding of the histories of communities and populations whose work, experiences, and perspectives have been insufficiently recognized or unattended.” 

Amount: $50,000-$300,000


Funding Agency: National Institutes of Health (NIH): National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)

Title: Role of Environmental Stress in the Health Inequities of Alzheimer’s Disease-Related Dementias (ADRD) (R01-Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

Application Deadline: November 1, 2023

Purpose: “This Notice of Funding Opportunity invites applications for basic, translational, and clinical research projects that propose to study the role of environmental stress on the health inequities in ADRD, including Frontotemporal Dementia. Lewy Body Dementia,  Vascular Contributions to Cognitive Impairment and Dementia, and Mixed-Etiology Dementia. Environmental stressors include but are not limited to heat, crowding, air pollution, noise, violence, and psychosocial stress.” 

Amount: Application budgets are limited to $499,999 in direct costs per year and need to reflect the actual needs of the proposed project.


Funding Agency: National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM)

Title: Air Force Science & Technology Fellowship Program

Application Deadline: November 1, 2023

Purpose: “The Air Force Science & Technology Fellowship Program offers nationally competitive fellowship awards to postdoctoral and senior scientists to perform collaborative research at U.S. Air Force research facilities across the country.”

Amount: $76,542 base stipend


Funding Agency: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)

Title: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Fellows

Application Deadline: November 1, 2023

Purpose: “The program is seeking outstanding midcareer health professionals, behavioral and social scientists, and others with an interest in health and the drivers of health who are skilled and committed; with expertise in health and health equity; and can offer an informed perspective on important and complex challenges facing policymakers.”

Amount: $175,000 fellowship


Funding Agency: Wenner-Gren Foundation 

Title: Post-PhD Research Grant

Application Deadline: November 1, 2023

Purpose: “This grant program funds individual research projects undertaken by doctorates in anthropology or a closely related field. Our goal is to support vibrant and significant work that furthers our understanding of what it means to be human. There is no preference for any methodology, research location, topic, or subfield. The Foundation particularly welcomes proposals that integrate two or more subfields and pioneer new approaches and ideas.”

Amount: $25,000


Funding Agency: National Institutes of Health (NIH): National Institute on Aging (NIA)

Title: Behavioral and Social Research on the Role of Immigration on Life Course Health and Aging, including AD/ADRD (R21 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

Application Deadline: November 3, 2023

Purpose: “…explore how structural, community, and interpersonal mechanisms operate over the life course among middle- and older aged racial and/or ethnic subgroups considered to be a minority in the U.S. to shape health outcomes, and any resulting in health disparities.” 

Amount: The combined budget for direct costs for the two-year project period may not exceed $275,000.


Funding Agency: National Institutes of Health (NIH) 

Title: Exploratory Grants for Climate Change and Health Research Center Development (P20 Clinical Trial Optional)

Application Deadline: November 7, 2023

Purpose: “This program will support the development of a transdisciplinary research environment to sustain a program of fundamental and applied research to examine the impacts of climate change on health and to develop action-oriented solutions to protect the health of individuals, communities, and nations from the hazards posed by climate change. This opportunity will allow development of new research teams collaborating with communities and other partners to develop projects that generate data that will build or expand research capacity across a range of thematic scientific areas in support of the four core elements of the NIH’s Initiative in climate heath research: health effects research, health equity, intervention research, and training and capacity building.” 

Amount: Application budgets are limited to $850,000 direct costs per year and need to reflect the actual needs of the proposed project. 


Funding Agency: National Science Foundation (NSF) 

Title: Smart Health and Biomedical Research in the Era of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Data Science (SCH)

Application Deadline: November 9, 2023

Purpose: “The purpose of this interagency program solicitation is to support the development of transformative high-risk, high-reward advances in computer and information science, engineering, mathematics, statistics, behavioral and/or cognitive research to address pressing questions in the biomedical and public health communities.” 

Amount: $300,000 per year


Funding Agency: North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) 

Title: Youth Educator Grant Program

Application Deadline: November 9, 2023

Purpose: “The Youth Educator program provides opportunities for youth to learn about Sustainable Agriculture (farming and ranching that is ecologically sound, economically viable, and socially responsible). Youth Educator grants support projects by youth educators encouraging youth to try sustainable practices and explore sustainable agriculture as a viable career option.” 

Amount: $6,000


Funding Agency: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Title: Innovation Grants

Application Deadline: November 15, 2023

Purpose: “Our research grants support studies that will increase our understanding of suicide or test treatments and other interventions that save lives.”  

Amount: $50,000-150,000


Funding Agency: Gerber Foundation

Title: Research Grant Award

Application Deadlines: Concept Papers due November 15, 2023; If invited, Full Application due February 15, 2024

Purpose: “The mission of The Gerber Foundation (to enhance the quality of life of infants and young children in nutrition, care, and development) has remained the guiding beacon for Foundation giving throughout its history. Accordingly, priority is given to projects whose primary beneficiaries are young children from birth to three years of age.” 

Amount: $30,000-$350,000


Funding Agency: American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS)

Title: Luce/ACLS Program in China Studies

Application Deadline: November 16, 2023

Purpose: “With the encouragement and guidance of the Henry Luce Foundation, ACLS has conducted a series of strategic planning activities to reassess and reconfigure the Luce/ACLS Program in China Studies.  After surveying and convening scholars at all ranks, higher education leaders, journalists, librarians, curators, and other readers of research and writing on China, we have re-imagined our program to meet the needs of China studies in the 21st century.” 

Amount: Short- and Long-term Fellowships and Travel Grants ($5,000) available


Funding Agency: National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Strategic Coordination (Common Fund)

Title: Pilot Projects Enhancing Utility and Usage of Common Fund Data Sets (R03 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

Application Deadline: November 17, 2023

Purpose: “Many valuable and widely available data sets have been generated by multiple Common Fund programs. The purpose is to announce the availability of funding to demonstrate and enhance the utility of selected Common Fund data sets, including generating hypotheses and catalyzing discoveries. Award recipients are asked to provide feedback on the utility of the Common Fund data resources.”

Amount: $200,000 in direct costs


Funding Agency: National Institutes of Health (NIH): National Cancer Institute (NCI)

Title: Development of Innovative Informatics Methods and Algorithms for Cancer Research and Management (R21 Clinical Trial Optional)

Application Deadline: November 17, 2023

Purpose: “…for innovative informatics methods and algorithms to improve the acquisition, analysis, visualization, or interpretation of data across the cancer research continuum including cancer biology, cancer treatment and diagnosis, early cancer detection, risk assessment and prevention, cancer control and epidemiology, and/or cancer health disparities.”

Amount: The combined budget for direct costs for the two-year project period may not exceed $275,000.


Funding Agency: American Lung Association

Title: Awards and Grants

Application Deadline: December 15, 2023

Purpose: “We continue to support trailblazing research, novel ideas and innovative approaches with the goal of eliminating lung disease and improving life for those living with lung disease. Together, we are investing in brilliant scientific minds of the future and supporting science with the potential to improve prevention, detection and treatment options.”

Amount: Varies: $50,000 Catalyst Awards, $75,000 Innovation Awards, $50,000 Public Policy & Public Health Awards


ONGOING - Funding Agency: Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H)

Title: ARPA-H Open Office Broad Agency Announcement

Application Deadline: Abstracts accepted now through March 14, 2024

Purpose: “ARPA-H’s mission is to accelerate better health outcomes for everyone by supporting the development of high-impact solutions to society's most challenging health problems. Awardees will develop groundbreaking new ways to tackle health-related challenges through high-potential, high-impact biomedical and health research. With a scope spanning the molecular to the societal, ARPA-H seeks proposals that aim to rapidly achieve better health outcomes across patient populations, communities, diseases, and health conditions, including in support of the Cancer Moonshot.  Proposals are expected to use innovative approaches to enable revolutionary advances in science, technology, or systems.  The four initial focus areas are:(1) Health Science Futures; (2) Scalable Solutions; (3) Proactive Health; and (4) Resilient Systems.” 

Amount: TBD (contracting opportunity)


Funding Agency: Office of Naval Research (ONR)

Title: ONR Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic (STEM) Program N00014-23-S-F005

Application Deadline: Proposals accepted anytime between down and April 2, 2024

Purpose: “ONR seeks a broad range of applications for augmenting existing and/or developing innovative solutions that directly maintain and/or cultivate a diverse, world-class STEM workforce to maintain the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps’ technological superiority. The goal of proposed efforts must provide solutions that establish, build, and/or maintain STEM educational pathways and workforce opportunities for diverse U.S. citizens directly relevant to ONR science and technology areas.”

Amount: The funded amount and period of performance of each proposal selected for award may vary depending on the technology area and the technical approach to be pursued by the offeror selected.


REMINDER - Funding Agency: ORAU

Title: Innovation Partnerships Grant Program

Application Deadline: Ongoing

Purpose: “ORAU Events Sponsorship Grant Program has now been restructured and is now called the ORAU Innovation Partnerships Grant Program. The goal of this grant program change is to drive new opportunities for university consortium members and ORAU experts to formulate meaningful collaborations.  The program will focus on research and education topics that align well with ORAU’s expertise and current research priorities (Climate & Environment, Health Equity, and Future of the STEM Workforce.)” 

Amount: $4,000


Funding Agency: National Science Foundation

Title: NSF Individual and Small Team Proposals

Application Deadline: Varies by topic.

Advanced Manufacturing – proposals accepted anytime

Applied Mathematics – Nov 1-15, 2023

Astronomy and Astrophysics – Oct 1-Nov 15, 2023

Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowships (AGS-PRF) – proposals accepted anytime

Biomechanics and Mechanobiology – proposals accepted anytime

Biosensing – proposals accepted anytime

Chemistry: Disciplinary Research Programs – Sep & Oct - varies based on discipline

Cultural Anthropology Program Senior Research Awards –Jan 16, 2024

Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR) Core Research (EHR:Core) – Oct 5, 2023

Division of Materials Research: Topical Materials Research Programs (DMR-TMRP) – proposals accepted anytime

Division of Materials Research: Condensed Matter and Materials Theory (CMMT)– proposals accepted anytime

Division of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences Core Programs (MCB) - proposals accepted anytime

Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases – Nov 15, 2023

Energy, Power, Control, and Networks – proposals accepted anytime

Environmental Biology – proposals accepted anytime

Environmental Engineering – proposals accepted anytime

Foundational Research in Robotics (FFR) – proposals accepted anytime

Geomorphology and Land-use Dynamics – proposals accepted anytime

Geophysics – proposals accepted anytime

Linguistics –Jan 15, 2024

Manufacturing Systems Integration - proposals accepted anytime

Mathematical Biology – proposals accepted anytime

Methodology, Measurement, and Statistics – Jan 25, 2024

Molecular and Cellular Biosciences – proposals accepted anytime

Physics – Nov & Dec – varies by topic

Science of Learning & Augmented Intelligence –Feb 14, 2024

Secure & Trustworthy Cyberspace – proposals accepted anytime

Security and Preparedness –Jan 15, 2024

Smart & Connected Communities – proposals accepted anytime until April 1, 2024

Social Psychology – Jan 16, 2024

Sociology – proposals accepted anytime

Statistics – Dec 1-15 annually


Funding Agency: National Science Foundation

Title: NSF Special Programs

Application Deadline: Varies by topic – click each topic to learn more about these special program opportunities.

Broadening Participation in Engineering (BPE) – Track 3 & 4 Letter of Intent due Sep 20, 2023; Track 1 & 2 proposals accepted anytime

Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE): Core Programs – Varies by size of application (Small, Medium, Large)

Critical Aspects of Sustainability (CAS) – Various funding mechanisms available

Computer Science for All (CS for All) – Feb 14, 2024

Division of Chemistry: Disciplinary Research Programs (CHE-DRP) – Oct 31, 2023 for CMI, ECS and MSN; Sep 30, 2023 for CAT, CSDM-B, SYN

Division of Materials Research: Topical Materials Research Program – Accepted anytime

Division of Physics: Investigator-Initiated Research Projects – Varies by topic

Earth Sciences:  Instrumentation and Facilities Program – Accepted anytime

Ethical and Responsible Research (ER2) – Jan 22, 2024

Expeditions in Computing – Preliminary Proposal due Jun 19, 2024

Human-Environment and Geographical Sciences Program (HEGS) – Jan 16 and Aug 20, 2024

Industry-University Cooperative Research Centers Program (IUCRC) – Preliminary Proposal due Sep 13, 2023

Mathematical Sciences Infrastructure Program –Feb 6 and Aug 6, 2024

Research and Mentoring for Post-baccalaureates in Biological Sciences (RaMP) –Jan 18, 2024

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) –September 27, 2023

Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) in Engineering and Computer Science – Oct 11, 2023

Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) in Biological Sciences (BIORETS) – Jul 31, 2024



WSU Office of Research Workshops

Topics include an Introduction to the WSU Office of Research with resources and contacts, WSU policies and procedures related to research, finding funding utilizing Pivot, project budgeting and general grant-writing tips.  Previously recorded workshops can also be found on the Office of Research website.

Office of Research Workshops


HRSA: Last session of Advancing Health Equity among Hispanic/Latino Populations Spanish Webinar Series: Forging Pathways to Increase the Hispanic/Latino Workforce: August 29, 2023

“A dynamic panel and HRSA workforce grantees will provide testimonials, highlight HRSA programs and resources to support individuals across health workforce disciplines, and share information about HRSA-supported organizations engaged in the growth and development of the Hispanic/Latino workforce.”

HRSA August 29, 2023 Webinar Registration


Hanover Research Grants Workshops: August 31, 2023

Hanover Research offers a series of webinars on a variety of topics “designed to help grant-seekers develop their skills and plan for upcoming competitions.” The webinar on August 31, 2023 is titled “Funding Landscape for Health Workforce Development​.” 

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Free NIH Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research (IPPCR): September 1, 2023 - August 1, 2024

The NIH IPPCR course trains registrants on how to effectively and safely conduct clinical research. The course focuses on the spectrum of clinical research and the research process by highlighting biostatistical and epidemiologic methods, study design, protocol preparation, patient monitoring, quality assurance, ethical and legal issues, and much more.  Note: NIH offers a non-registered ​lecture option if you wish to view only part of the IPPCR series. 

NIH IPPCR Course Website


DOE Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) Webinar: Celebrating One Year of the IRA and What’s Next for the Solar Industry: September 7, 2023

Join this webinar to discuss how the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has impacted domestic solar manufacturing and encouraged equitable solar energy deployment since it was passed last year—and where DOE sees the industry heading next. 

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Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI) STEM Hub: 2022-2023 Grant Training Webinar Series: September 8, 2023

The NSF HSI STEM Resource Hub Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 webinar series focuses on celebrating and learning from successful NSF HSI awardees.  We host panels of successful PIs on specific topics that will engage our audience and support grant writing efforts for those planning a proposal submission. This webinar series focuses on a broad array of topics that promote student success, wellness and diversity and inclusion. Dr. Martha Desmond and Dr. Delia Valles are the hosts for this series. The HSI STEM Hub recommends participation in these webinars to learn from successful awardees, particularly if you are currently writing a proposal or are interested in writing a proposal to secure a grant.  The September 8, 2023 topic is “Online Adaptation to Promote Student Success” (rescheduled from May 5, 2023). 

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WSU Information Security: Privacy & Security Training: September 12, 2023; 4:00-5:00pm in RSC Room 256 (Edmiston)

Gina Riggs and Mark Rodee offer WSU Privacy and Security Training monthly on the second Tuesday of every month during the academic year.  Learn how to prevent, detect and respond to information security and privacy concerns.  If you have a question before the next scheduled training, please reach out to Gina and Mark at the email address below.

Email informationsecurity@wichita.edu with questions. 


PCORI Applicant Town Hall Advancing the Science of Engagement: September 12, 2023

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute will offer a series of applicant town halls on the various opportunities for funding during the month of September.  Presenters will discuss at each town hall the process of submitting a responsive Letter of Intent to PCORI for funding.  See the PCORI website for information about upcoming events and specific funding announcements. 

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EPA Emergency Response Research Webinar Series: September 13, 2023

EPA's Office of Research and Development hosts this webinar series to share current research activities and results. This webinar series covers the latest information on research supporting EPA's response to chemical, biological, and radiological incidents, as well as natural disasters.  The September 13, 2023 webinar is titled “Case Study: Estimation of Waste Following a Large-Scale Natural Disaster.”

EPA Emergency Response Research Webinar Series 


NIH Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (OBSSR) Director’s Webinar: The Theoretical and Practical Importance of Advancing Health Equity: September 19, 2023

Health equity has become a hot topic over the past few years. The COVID-19 pandemic made salient just how separate and unequal the United States remains in modern life, and the consequences of that inequality for the health and wellbeing of individuals and broader collectives. In response, scientists, policymakers, and the broader public renewed their interest in (or became interested in the first time) what can be done to address these issues and improve health equity in our society. Although broad interest in health equity is relatively new, research on this topic is extensive—social scientists have been studying it for decades... 

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NIH Advancing Health Equity through Culture-Centered Dietary Interventions to Address Chronic Diseases Workshop: September 28-29, 2023

Workshop Goal: To review the state of the science and provide recommendations for future research on the development and implementation of culture-centered dietary interventions among diverse communities and culturally-appropriate nutrition indices and guidelines and the consideration of cultural foodways and sociocultural factors (e.g., acculturation) in implementing effective dietary interventions. 

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REMINDER - Hanover Grants Learning Center Available

WSU Faculty and Staff may now access course content through the Hanover Research Grants Learning Center by registering and using a referral code.  Courses are designed for on-demand grantsmanship training.    

Email proposals@wichita.edu to request the referral code to register for access to the Hanover Research Grants Learning Center. 


Learn to Use BeoShock for your Advanced Research Computing Needs

Wichita State University continues to host Beoshock, a High-Performance Computing Cluster (HPC). This HPC is available and free to faculty members, researchers and students engaged in course work or research activities. BeoShock runs the CentOS Linux operating system and features approximately 720 processor cores, two high memory compute nodes with 1.5 terabytes of memory, and four graphics processing unit (GPU) accelerators. BeoShock also has a variety of software tools that may be helpful in your research endeavors, such as Matlab, Mathematica, R, Python and many more.  

Learn more about BeoShock High-Performance Computing and access the BeoShock High Performance Computing User Guides


Office of Research EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT – Alyson Balandran

Alyson joined the Office of Research in November of 2021 as a Research Grant Administrator.   She majored in Accounting with a Minor in Computer Science at Southwestern Oklahoma State University (SWOSU).  At SWOSU, Alyson worked in the Comptroller’s Office and then in Research Administration in both pre- and post-award before taking a job as a Proposal Development Specialist at the University of Oklahoma (OU).  While at OU she met her husband Luis and they started their family.  They have three children and spent several years living in Montevideo Uruguay for Luis’ work.  In her free time Alyson enjoys spending time with her family, reading, crocheting/knitting and most recently learning Python for data analysis.   Read more about the Office of Research staff…


National Science Foundation (NSF) Public Access Enhancements in Research.gov

Effective July 24, 2023, the NSF made enhancements to the Project Reporting System in Research.gov to enable datasets and research materials to be entered as distinct product types that are managed and reviewed separately. More information and resources can be found on the NSF About Public Access webpage; there are no changes to NSF’s Public Access policy or project reporting requirements, which remain in effect.

Read More at NSF About Public Access


NIH Institutes Share Samples of Funded Grant Applications

“If you are new to writing grant applications, sometimes seeing how someone else has presented their idea can help as you are developing your own application. With the gracious permission of successful investigators, some institutes have provided samples of funded R01, R03, R15, R21, SBIR/STTR, K, and F applications, sharing plans, leadership plans, and more. They have even provided sample summary statements so you can know what to expect to receive as the outcome of the review of your application.”

NIH Drawing a Blank?  Samples Can Get You Started!


U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Releases 2023 Critical Materials Assessment

The DOE released its 2023 Critical Materials Assessment, which evaluated materials for their criticality to global clean energy technology supply chains.  The Assessment focuses on key materials with high risk of supply disruption that are integral to clean energy technologies.

Read more about the DOE 2023 Critical Materials Assessment


Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission – Kansas Touring Roster Artist Inclusion Application Open

“The Kansas Creative Arts Industries maintains an approved Touring Roster of Kansas-based touring companies and artists. In this program, the artist or artist's management sets the fee and negotiates the booking. Applicants must have a history of touring and maintain a reasonable fee range. Roster artists are required to perform outside their community regularly. Touring artists offer single performances as well as optional services that may include workshops, master classes, lecture-demonstrations, arts education components, residencies, or short performances. The fact that an artist is approved to the roster does not imply or guarantee that the artist will receive bookings in the coming year. If you are an artist, becoming a Kansas Touring Performer helps you to be found by presenters and connects you to the community of other roster artists.”

Kansas Touring Roster Artist Inclusion Application Website


National Academy of Medicine Special Publication: Perspectives on Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health

“Social factors, signals, and biases shape the health of our nation. Racism and poverty manifest in unequal social, environmental, and economic conditions, resulting in deep-rooted health disparities that carry over from generation to generation. In Perspectives on Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health, authors call for collective action across sectors to reverse the debilitating and often lethal consequences of health inequity.”

Read or Download the NAM Special Publication on Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health


REMINDER - National Science Foundation (NSF) Spring 2023 Virtual Grants Conference Recordings Available

Presentations and recordings of NSF sessions are available in the resource center on demand.  Topics include proposal preparation, award management, CAREER program guidance and more.

Watch NSF Spring 2023 Virtual Grants Conference Sessions


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