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Government Contracting Assistance

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Personalized Service

Kansas PTAC counselors are prepared to assist your business to help you secure government contracts. Through individualized counseling, you will learn how the procurement system can work for you. We will assist in developing a government marketing strategy by identifying which government agencies buy your product/service.

Daily Bid-Matching

Kansas PTAC can help you find government advertised bidding opportunities through our web based bid-matching service. Working with your Kansas PTAC counselor, you will develop a search profile (keywords) that will be used to search for open bidding opportunities and contract awards advertised on Federal Business Opportunities and more than 3,000 other federal, state, and local government procurement websites. You will be provided a Web link where you can access search results for the last 20 business days.

Bid Preparation Assistance

Kansas PTAC counselors will help you with bid preparation by assisting you in understanding forms, regulations, clauses, representations and certifications.

Specifications and Standards

Kansas PTAC has a database of more than 100,000 military specifications and standards. Government solicitations or bids often refer to various types of requirements, such as packaging, types of materials, shipping, or marking, that are cited only by reference. Kansas PTAC can research and provide these documents for your use for a minimal or NO fee.

Registrations and Certifications

Kansas PTAC can assist with the various vendor registrations for federal, state, and local governments that will get your company entered into numerous vendors or bidders mailing lists, thus enabling your firm to receive solicitations or bidding forms automatically.

Procurement/Price History

Past procurement activity can help you determine if your price is competitive in relation to previous contract winners and provide potential subcontracting opportunities. Kansas PTAC can provide the federal purchase history of your product, including information about:

  • Agencies that purchased your product
  • The volume of product bought
  • The contract award amount
  • Which firm was awarded the contract

Training and Seminars


Kansas PTAC provides informative training seminars about timely contracting issues, including electronic commerce and the latest procurement guidelines.



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