Professor Schneegurt discusses new WSU Interstellar Seminar LASI 150G at 2022 Galaxy Forum

WSU Biological Sciences Professor Mark Schneegurt was a guest speaker earlier this month at the 2022 Galaxy Forum hosted at the Comosphere in Hutchinson, KS.  Professor Schneegurt spoke about WSU's upcoming Spring 2023 Interstellar Seminar, LASI 150G. 

LASI 150G will cover a comprehensive intersection of topics related to interstellar travel, including interstellar mission architecture, exoworld detection and habitability, planetary protection, as well as the social, ethical, and cultural challenges posed by crewed missions to other star systems.  The course will feature lectures from space researchers at WSU, NASA, KU, and other institutions.  It will be offered remotely, featuring synchronous and asychronous delivery of course lectures.

Other speakers at the 2022 Galaxy Forum included Tobb Barber, a former Wichita-area student and NASA JPL Propulsion Engineer, Sarah Lamm, a NASA Solar System Educator, and Steve Durst, Editor and Publisher of SpaceAge Publishing.