Rental Vehicle Frequently Asked Questions

Contracted Rental Companies

Enterprise (primary) and Hertz (secondary) are the contracted rental vehicle providers for the State of Kansas.  Travel within the State of Kansas requires the use of these vendors.  If a vehicle is unavailable from either vendor, another rental agency may be used. Contact Purchasing Office for more information regarding the documentation needed when using an off-contract vendor. 

Renting a Vehicle

  • You can book the rental vehicle through Sunflower Travel for an administrative booking fee of $15.00. Contact Sunflower Travel at 316-733-2753 or
  • The minimum renter age for State employees (including student employees) conducting Official State Business is 18 years The minimum age for large passenger vans is 25 years old.

Payment Method

  • Personal Credit Card – reimbursed after the trip has concluded on Expense Report in Chrome River.
  • Business Procurement Card (BPC) – for more information, email, and the charge will be processed through Chrome River.

Rental Account Number

If you choose to book your own rental vehicle, you must reference the following numbers to receive the contracted rate and benefits.

  • Enterprise account numbers can be found at myWSU faculty/staff tab within the Chrome River section.
  • Hertz 1978737

Frequently Asked Question’s

Q – Do I need to accept CDW/LDW insurance for an economy vehicle at the rental agency counter?

A – If using a WSU BPC card or Sunflower Travel, do not accept the insurance.  If using personal funds, do accept the insurance.


Q – Do I accept CDW/LDW insurance if I rent a full-sized passenger van (12-15), pickup truck or cargo van through Enterprise or Hertz?

A – If renting under the State of Kansas Contract, the CDW/LDW insurance is included in the daily rate.  If you do not rent under the State of Kansas Contract, you may need to purchase this insurance coverage separately.  For additional clarification, contact the BPC Administrator.


Q – If I rent a full-sized passenger van, pick truck, or cargo van through a non-contracted vendor, do I need to accept the CDW/LDW insurance?

A – Yes, do accept the insurance; it is not built into the daily rate.


Q – If I rent a vehicle internationally, do I accept the insurance?

A – Yes, accept all insurance when traveling internationally since they have different policies.


Q – Do I need to accept PAI/PEI insurance at the rental agency counter?

A – This is not a reimbursable expense based on State of Kansas policy; however, if the traveler chooses to purchase this expense, they may do so.


Q – What if my departure time is before the rental agency opens?

A – Both rental agencies offer advance pickup with prior notification at no additional charge.


Q – If an accident occurs, what should I do?

A – Follow the procedures outlined in the Accident Procedures document on the travel website and contact


Q – Do we have a discount code for personal use?

A – Yes, the code for Enterprise can be found at myWSU faculty/staff tab within the Chrome River section.