Upward Bound Math Science 

Upward Bound Math Science, hosted by Wichita State University, provides an academic-year program and a summer program for low-income, first-generation high school freshmen through seniors who are interested in math, science, engineering, or health professions and encourages them to pursue these subjects as post-secondary majors.

The Academic Year Component

September through May the academic-year portion, known as the “Saturday Workshops,” provides Wichita area participants services, such as:

  • Tutoring (In-person and Online educational services - Photo Study)
  • Community Service
  • Social/Cultural Events
  • Campus Visits
  • Social Wellness and Mental Health

Summer Residential Component

During June and July, Upward Bound Math Science offers a six-week residential program is where students attend classes on WSU’s Main Campus and reside in the WSU’s residence halls. Students take classes in the following subject areas:

  • Foreign Language
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Career Exploration
  • Research Methods

In addition, student services include:

  • College Tours and Visitation
  • Tutorial Support
  • Cultural Enrichment
  • Science and Engineering Research
  • Research Opportunities & Presentations
  • Final College Trip

Mission Statement

  • The Mission of Upward Bound Math and Science is to:
  • Stimulate and advance interest in mathematics, science, and computer technology,
  • Challenge students to perform to the best of their ability,
  • Provide a unique residential, academic, exploratory, hands-on experience, and
  • Encourage high school students to realistically consider the attainment of a post-secondary degree in mathematics or the sciences.

Who can Apply?

  • You should join the program and participate if:
  • You are a Kansas high school student or in the eighth grade and are about to enter high school
  • You would like to go to college, but don't yet know how to apply or qualify for college
  • You have the interest and enthusiasm for new, exciting experiences and friendships
  • You want to pursue a career in science, mathematics, engineering, or a related area
  • You are eager for the knowledge and opportunities that only college can bring you
  • Neither parent in the home has earned a bachelor’s degree; or
  • Your income level does not exceed federal guidelines for the program

How Can I join?

  • Let your School Counselor know that you are interested in applying, or
  • Call Upward Bound Math Science at Wichita State University 316-978-3316

For more information, Upward Bound Math Science is located at the Brennan Hall 1, Room 114
Upward Bound Math Science
1845 Fairmount Box 156
Wichita, KS 67260-0156
Tel: 316-978-3316