Current Scholarships Available


We have several scholarship opportunities available. Please be mindful of the application dates.

*Incomplete applications will not be accepted*  


WSU Scholarships

Other Scholarships


    Kansas Ethnic Minority Scholarship
    The Kansas Ethnic Minority Scholarship program is designed to assist academically competitive students who are identified as members of any of the following ethnic/racial groups: African American; American Indian or Alaskan Native; Asian or Pacific Islander; or Hispanic.  Scholarship selection is based on financial need as determined by federal methodology.

    Deadline: May 1, 2024 

    Kansas State Scholarship

    The Kansas State Scholarship is designed to assist students with financial need in the top 20-30% of Kansas high school graduates who are designated as state scholars during the senior year of high school.  To be eligible to apply for the Kansas State Scholarship, in the senior year of a Kansas high school you would have:

    1) received a certificate stating that you completed the required curriculum
    2) received a letter stating that you were designated by the Kansas Board of Regents.

    Priority Date: July 1, 2024