In an effort to ensure consistent, equitable and impartial rules that comply with Department of Labor regulations, Wichita State University is implementing changes to compensatory time (“comp time”) for all non-exempt employees.


The following changes will be made for NON-EXEMPT employees:

Starting July 2019

  • If an employee moves to an exempt position, their comp time balance will be paid out in full.
  • If an employee transfers to another position or department within the University and their hourly base rate of pay remains the same or greater, the comp time balance with transfer with the employee to the new position/department. (as long as the position is eligible for comp time.)
  • If an employee receives a decrease in their hourly base rate of pay, their comp time balances will be paid out at the pay rate they earned it before the decrease is applied.
  • There is no change to the accrual of comp time or the balance maximum at this point in time. This will allow employees to make appropriate plans for summer vacations, holiday shut down and other activities they may have been counting on these hours to cover.
  • Employees should manage their comp time hours and plan for the balance maximums to be reduced from the current 120 hours to 60 hours in February 2020.

Starting February 2020

  • Comp time balances that exceed 60 hours and that were accrued more than one year ago will be paid out to the employee in February.
  • Comp Time balances will reduce from 120 to 60 hours, with a max accrual of 60.

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Created: 6/10/2019 HJB