Wichita State H-1B Application Process

Step 1: H-1B Request Form Completion - Applicant

The H-1B applicant completes Part A of the H-1B Request Form. The applicant sends the H-1B Request Form by email to the hiring department.

Step 2: H-1B Request Form Completion - Hiring Department

After the applicant completes Part A, the hiring department completes Part B and Part C, and forwards the H-1B Request Form and full position description by email to Human Resources (employment@wichita.edu) to review the position description and to complete Part D.

Step 3: H-1B Request Form Completion Human Resources

Human Resources completes Part D and returns the position description with any recommended changes to the hiring department to review

Step 4: Required Internal Approvals

The H-1B Request Form and all supporting documentation (final position description, CV or résumé, etc.) must be submitted to the following offices for review and signature:

  • Department Chair or Director
  • Dean or Vice President
  • Office of Research Compliance
  • Office of General Counsel
  • Office of the President

Upon approval by all required parties, the Office of the President sends all paperwork to Human Resources (employment@wichita.edu).

Step 5: Human Resources and Outside Legal Counsel Review

Human Resources reviews and forwards all paperwork to WSU's outside legal counsel. Outside legal counsel will reach out directly to the hiring department regarding the H-1B application. If there are any changes to the position description, it is sent back to Human Resources (employment@wichita.edu) for further review.

Step 6: Submit H-1B application to USCIS

Once all paperwork has been finalized, outside counsel will submit the H-1B application to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Step 7: USCIS Review

USCIS reviews the H-1B application. Unless Premium Processing was paid, the review may take several months to complete.

Step 8: Final USCIS Approval

Outside counsel emails Human Resources (employment@wichita.edu) and the hiring department of the outcome of the H-1B petition.

Step 9: Hiring Process

The hiring department must ensure that all hiring processes are complete in coordination with HR. The hiring process is separate from the H1-B application process.


Created:  05/02/2024 NH