Software License Types

What is Site License Software? 

A site license is a type of software license that allows the user to install a software package in several computers simultaneously, such as at a particular site (facility) or across a corporation. It is simply defines a limitation on the user's access rights. 

What is a Concurrent Software License? 

A software license that is based on the number of simultaneous users accessing the program. It typically deals with software running in the server where users connect via the network. For example, in a five-user concurrent use license, after five users are logged on to the program, the sixth user is prohibited. 

What is Perpetual Software License? 

A perpetual software license is a type of software license that authorizes an individual to use a program indefinitely. Generally, outside of termination, a perpetual software license allows the holder to use a specific version of a given software program continually with paymentof a single fee. 

What is a Software Subscription License? 

Subscription-based softwarerelates to a monthly or annual licencing model, allowing users to pay a per user fee. Customers typically pay an initial subscription up front, and are entitled to use the software only during the subscription term.

What is the difference between subscription and perpetual license? 

A perpetual license (included with upgrade plans) is a licensethat does not expire. It continues to authorize the software even if you do not renew your plan. A subscription license expires after a specific term (1 month or 1 year).