How to use the Advisor Dashboard

The Advisor Dashboard is where you can access a student's information regarding their test scores, unofficial transcript, holds, and more.


  • Log onto myWSU to access Advisor Dashboard
  • DUO authentication is required 
  • Located on the Teach/Advise Tab 

Landing for Advisor Dashboard

Step 1: Selecting a term
  • Select a term from the drop down list.

A visual representation of the drop down list being opened, showing available terms.






Step 2: Enter a student's myWSU ID
  • Enter the student's myWSU ID in the "ID" box using Capital Letters

You can also opt to use last and first name if too many records are returned

  • Make sure to click "ALL"

Image containing student information filled in for searching

Step 3: Difference between "Student", "Advisees", "Both", and "All"

The four options categorize your search to specific people.

Icons of the "student", "Advisees," "Both", and "All" in the dashboard.



"Student" searches only students enrolled in your courses for the selected term

"Advisees" searches only students assigned in Banner as your advisee for the selected terms. Not all colleges assign advisors!

"Both" searches among your students and advisees, as defined before

"All" searches among all students and advisees in Banner

Step 4: Viewing Holds
  • Click Flag Icon

Student information in advisor dashboard with flag icon highlighted

Holds will then appear

Holds information for students in advisor dashboard

Step 5: Viewing Degree Evaluation

The Degree Evaluation will show information regarding their program, term, major, and more.

  • Click on their Class Standing

Class standing being highlighted to show which button accesses the degree evaluation for student

  • Degree Evaluation will appear

Degree evaluation information in advisor dashboard


Step 6: Viewing General Student Information

General student information will show current program, citizenship, student type, class, and more.

  • Click their Major to acess General Student Information

Major being highlighted to show association with General Student Informatio

General Student Information will appear

General Student Information being displayed

Step 7: Viewing Transcript Data
  • Click Transcript Icon on the left side of the Tools section

Transcript icon being highlighted to show association with transcript

  • Click Display Transcript

Display transcript button

Transcript will appear

Transcript information being displayed

Step 8: Viewing Test Scores
  • Click the Test Icon in the middle of the Tools section

Test scores icon being highlighted in the middle of tools section

Test scores including specific ACT categories will be displayed

Test scores information being displayed


Step 9: How to Email Student
  • Click the Email Icon on the right side of the Tools section

Email icon being highlighted on the right side of the Tools section