The following policy, rules, and conditions apply to all users of University Computing and Wichita State University's computer and telecommunications resources and services. Violations of the policy are unacceptable, unethical and possibly unlawful. Violations may result in disciplinary measures that may include revocation of access and/or legal action.

  • Access to the WSU ethernet backbone is provided for the exclusive use of currently enrolled students, faculty, or staff members of Wichita State University (hereinafter referred to as "Users"). No sharing of this access is allowed. Upon termination of enrollment or employment, access will be terminated.
  • Users must abide by all applicable software licenses, WSU copyright and intellectual property policies, and applicable federal and state laws.
  • Users shall not intentionally seek, provide, or modify information in or obtain copies of files, programs, or passwords belonging to other computer users without the permission of those other computer users. This includes all system files and accounts.
  • Each User is solely responsible for the usage incurred through her/his account or workstation. Individuals who intentionally abuse accounts and privileges, degrade system performance, misappropriate computer resources or interfere with the operation of the computer and/or telecommunication facilities are subject to disciplinary actions. If the User believes that unauthorized person(s) may have violated this access, the administrative offices of University Computing should be contacted immediately.
  • The electronic communication facilities are not to be used for the transmission of commercial or personal advertisements, solicitations, promotions, destructive programs, political material, or any other unauthorized use.
  • Users shall not intentionally develop or use programs that harass other users or that infiltrate the system and/or damage the software or hardware components of the system. Users have the right not to be harassed whether it be physical, verbal, electronic, or other form of abuse.
  • The use of electronic mail or other communications applications to send fraudulent, harassing, obscene, indecent, profane, intimidating, or other unlawful messages is prohibited.
  • While University Computing and Telecommunications Services will make reasonable efforts to ensure that access is available at all times, the user understands that the access will sometimes be down due to power failures, system testing, maintenance, and other special circumstances. If you should have problems with your access, please contact the University Computing Help Desk at 978-4357 (WSU-HELP). Access at any given time is not guaranteed.