Blackboard at WSU

Blackboard is the Learning Management System (LMS) we use at Wichita State. All courses have a Blackboard "classroom" associated with them. Your instructor for each class will decide how much to use this space, but in general, in-person classes use Blackboard slightly less, and online classrooms use Blackboard considerably more. We are currently working on transitioning all WSU courses to Blackboard's newest patform, Ultra, but until the transition is complete, it's likely you will have classes in both Ultra and Original Blackboard. Since these formats are different, we have provided information and training materials for both below. 


Getting Started FAQ 

How do I access Blackboard? 

Your Blackboard user ID is, and your password is your WSU password. You can access Blackboard in two ways:

  • Enter the URL Log in using your Blackboard credentials.
  • Log in to your myWSU page using your WSU ID and password, and select the Blackboard Icon on the top right of your screen. Be aware that this sign-in method automatically logs you out of Blackboard after a period of time, which may cause you to lose any work in progress.  
Where do I find my courses? 

Courses you are registered for automatically appear on the Courses tab of the Base Navigation menu. All courses, past and present, are listed there, organized by semester. For information about changing the course view, visit the Blackboard Base Navigation section below. 

Why are my courses marked unavailable or private? 

Courses are added to Blackboard 30 days before the first day of class. Your instructor must make a Blackboard course available before you will be able to enter the site and access content. 

Why do I seem to have classes in two different styles?

Wichita State is currently transitioning from the Original Blackboard format to the new Ultra Blackboard format. The format for each course is determined by your instructor, so until the transition process is complete, you will likely see classes in both formats.  Visit the Blackboard Help section below for training and information on Original and Ultra formats. 

How do I edit my profile? 

You can edit your profile by selecting your name in the Base Navigation menu. Visit the Blackboard Base Navigation section below for more information. 

Blackboard Help

screenshot of ultra home base navigation

The home base, which is in Ultra format for all Wichita State users is where you land when you log into Blackboard. Its global settings allow you to edit your profile, see your courses, view grades for all of your classes, and much more. This section gives you an introduction to the home base menu items.  

screenshot of original blackboard course view

Training and information regarding courses taught in the Original Blackboard format. 

screenshot of blackboard ultra course view

Training and information regarding courses taught in the Blackboard Ultra format.

Blackboard mobile screenshot

 With the Blackboard Learn app, you can do everything from your phone that you can do in your web browser. 

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