Website maintenance tonight

Check in your pages

A lot of files on the website have moved but the pages that have links to them have not been republished with the new locations. We are going to fix that with a dependency scan later tonight.

That means that we're going to have the server run through all the internal dependency tags (the {{f:1243566}〉 type bits) on the site, turn them into text links ( ) THEN turn them back into dependency tags.

This process will make our site more accurate internally, at least. But it will also make truly broken links that much more obvious to the public, so you might want to check your critical pages as soon as you can.

We're doing this on a Friday night because it is when server traffic is lowest and this is something that can bog down the server.

This will publish every page that is not checked out. So if you have a page that you want to make sure is not published, go check it out right now. (Turn the lightbulb on.) Meanwhile, we system admins are going to check-in any files that have been checked out for more than a week, because it's almost certainly accidental. If you have something checked out on purpose, you might just check it in and then check it out again to reset the timer.