Welcome to Wichita State!

During the fall and spring semesters, Wichita State’s main campus is a permit-only parking environment on weekdays when the University is open for classes.

Visitors may park during enforcement times in selected lots for three times without a permit each semester.

See the Visitor Parking page for details

WSU students, faculty and staff wishing to park on campus during the enforcement period must register online with the Shocker Parking Management System to park legally. The system features license plate recognition (LPR) technology and virtual permits called ePermits that eliminate the need for color-coded hangtags and stickers for parking enforcement.

ePermits are required from 7 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday (with the exception of the RSC parking garage which requires ePermits 24/7). Please review the parking maps below to locate appropriate parking areas for students, faculty and staff. 

Lots and space with red signage are reserved at all times.

Parking at WSU West, WSU South and WSU Old Town does not require ePermits.

NOTE: To accommodate the license plate scanning system, your license plate must be visible and unobscured. If your license plate is on the rear of your vehicle, backing into a parking stall or pulling through is not allowed and could result in a parking citation.