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When the Kansas Department of Commerce is the topic of conversation, much of the discussion centers on business and community development.

Of course, Commerce also focuses on workforce development that’s a vital part of the state’s economic-development efforts. Commerce’s workforce services division, along with five Local Workforce Development Boards statewide – a collaboration known as KANSASWORKS -- is hard at work every day connecting job-seeking Kansans with prospective employers. KANSASWORKS’ resources and services have been especially critical due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to high unemployment nationwide.

KANSASWORKS offers proven resources to businesses, job seekers, educational institutions and training providers to ensure the state’s workforce is equipped to meet industry needs and help create economic success for Kansas residents and businesses. 

When the pandemic drove up unemployment in Kansas as businesses closed due to social distancing needs, KANSASWORKS moved quickly to implement strategies that are getting Kansans back to work.

Virtual job fairs have been one effective resource since COVID-19 hit. Because people haven’t been able to gather at crowded job fairs in the traditional way, KANSASWORKS immediately pivoted to a series of virtual job fairs. The results have been outstanding, with participation by hundreds of job seekers and more than 1,000 employers.   

Here’s what Governor Laura Kelly said about the success of the events: “These virtual fairs are a great system to connect employers and jobseekers across the state so that we can get Kansas back to work, safely.”

The latest KANSASWORKS Virtual Job Fair for October recently wrapped up, and the next one is scheduled for Dec. 8 to 9. Employers throughout the state will be hiring and allowing job seekers to live chat with potential employers. Job seekers can pre-register here.

Along with virtual job fairs, KANSASWORKS staff across the state offer a variety of programs and resources help Kansans find good jobs. Staff at Workforce Centers can be found here.

In each Workforce Center, KANSASWORKS offers job seekers:

  • Job search assistance
  • Job referrals
  • Resume assistance
  • Career advisement
  • Labor market information
  • Help with interviewing skills

Services offered for employers across Kansas include:

  • Job postings on KANSAScom
  • Pre-screening job candidates
  • Coordinating assessments
  • Organizing recruiting events

KANSASWORKS also offers a free app for job seekers – in the past year alone, nearly 13,000 people accessed a KANSASWORKS job search. Additionally, a KANSASWORKS job search engaged more than 5,500 people interested in job openings across Kansas.

KANSASWORKS staff have worked diligently to get jobs posted on their website. You’ll also find COVID essential job postings and other valuable and timely resources here: COVID Essential Job Postings

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