Meet Our Team: Dawn Shepler

Dawn Shepler joins Team PPMC as a Program Manager leading the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Coalition. Learn more about our newest team member! 

What excites you most about joining the PPMC?

The opportunity for growth!  It excites me to meet new people and I am consistently looking for new challenges. The work from the PPMC staff that I have seen and heard of is exemplary and am sure that they will be great influences that will contribute to my personal and professional growth.

Who in public service inspires you?

There are so many to name, but, those that are passionate about helping others and their community are who inspire me. So many people in public service are in their roles because they are passionate and empathetic about what they do. They put their heart into their work and no matter what challenges they face, they continue while exuding kindness and grace.

Why is public service important to you?

I grew up as the oldest child and took on a mother figure for my siblings as my parents worked long hours. I have always cared for others, physically and mentally. Through my years, I have found much joy and pride in advocating and fighting for those that did not have a voice and/or did not know how to fight. There is an art and appreciation for people working in public services that are constantly met with challenges and turning them into choices and opportunity. Helping people find their power, their passion, their stability, and their worth is priceless.

What’s your favorite place to eat in Wichita?

Anything Mexican, a good hamburger, or steak, but most of all, anything that my son cooks. The joy of eating is who I am eating with. It is the conversation that I enjoy the most.

What are 5 #hashtags that describe you?