Meet Our Team: Monique Garcia

Meet a new addition to Team PPMC: Monique Garcia! Monique is the Community Initiatives Manager for the PPMC. Monique has nearly 28 years of experience working in local and federal government and the private sector. She has worked on Capitol Hill under two presidential administrations, for Sedgwick County government in public health/communications, followed by ICM, Inc., Black Hills Energy and the Kansas Health Foundation. A native Wichitan, Monique received her bachelor's degree from the University of Kansas and her MBA from Southwestern College.

What excites you most about joining the PPMC?

I am very excited and blessed to join an exceptionally talented team here at the PPMC! Each PPMC team member has remarkable skill sets and are very passionate about serving our communities. I’m just so happy to be a member of this team as we continue to grow and embrace new collaborative projects that will further strengthen our communities.  Coming off the heels of a pandemic, it’s even more important that we do whatever it takes to support our community partners through our various service offerings. What also excites me about PPMC is that it’s a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that not only works with public service, but also in the nonprofit and private sectors to best serve communities in a truly inclusive manner.

Who in public service inspires you? 

The men and women who work in public service inspire me because their work makes meaningful impact in our lives – they improve communities and can influence social change – for the better.

Having worked in the legislative, executive and local branches of government enabled me the remarkable opportunity to work directly with a huge variety of public servants who are really passionate about their work and want to help people – be it the legislative assistant on Capitol Hill, an FBI special agent like my sister, to a local health department staff member who makes profound impacts on public health.

Why is public service important to you?

For me, I believe that public service work ethic and philosophy began when I was a child – growing up in a family-owned Mexican restaurant here in Wichita. I learned at an early age from my grandparents and parents that each customer who walked through the restaurant door was to be served with kindness and respect. The same can be said with public service, each ‘customer’ if you will, residents of each community, do indeed matter and we strive to inclusively deliver exceptional services for all.

What’s your favorite place to eat in Wichita?

My favorite place to eat in Wichita is Connie’s Mexico Café! My Grandma Connie and Grandpa Ralph Lopez and my mom Carmen opened Connie’s in 1963 and I love the burritos and cheeseburgers. Yes, the cheeseburgers at Connie’s are great, believe it or not!

What are 5 #hashtags that describe you?

#ServantHeart #ComunidadPrimero (Community First), #CollaborationRocks #ItsAllAboutRelationships #FaithFamFriends