New (Fiscal) Year, New Team

As the PPMC is heading into a fresh fiscal year, we took a break to infuse our team with some good times and celebration, and to ignite our vibrant sense of purpose. We did this in part due to some staffing changes at the PPMC.

A special shout out and heartfelt thank you goes to Dulcinea Rakestraw, Monique Garcia, and Larry Daniels for their hard work over the past couple of years as they move to their next adventures!

As I visited with Team PPMC to check-in and talk about next steps, there was a reoccurring request to have time for deliberate team connection. In all work places today, with too few workers and too many projects, it’s easy to lose sight of that connection.

At our retreat, I stepped out of the way and put the fun people in charge. The laughs, memories, and unexpected discoveries brought the team closer together, helped us celebrate some work wins, and reconnect us to our purpose. Here are a few simple ideas on some fun…and we would love to hear your ideas! 

  • Take 30 minutes to an hour to just have fun! We played “minute to win it” style games, aka the Power Packed Minute Challenge
  • Combine work and play – turn your next professional development session into trivia or quiz
  • Have a paint party… and use your beautiful creations to decorate your offices!