Meet Our Team

Please join us in welcoming Christian Holley to Team PPMC! As a Wichita State University alumni, Christian earned his degree in finance and will be acting as our new Financial Specialist. 

1. What excites you most about joining the PPMC?

What excites me the most about joining the PPMC is the ability to get into a new business industry that I have never been in before. I am new to the office life, but I know the experiences at PPMC will guide me to become the leader I dream to be in the future.

2. Why is public service important to you?

Public service is important to me because it is a necessary function to build a better community. I believe everyone at some point in their life should give back to their community whether that be through volunteering or just random acts of kindness. My life goal is to give back as much as possible for the good of everyone.

3. Where is your favorite place to eat in Wichita?

My favorite place to eat in Wichita is a Mexican restaurant named Ricardo's.  I really love their special in-house salsa and their burritos.

4. What are 5 #hashtags that describe you?

#Curious #FoodIsMyMood #ExcitedAboutAnything #Relatable #GamerForLife