Meet Our Team

Please join us in welcoming Jamie Fuller to Team PPMC! As a Wichita native, Jamie has joined our team as a Research Project Manager.

1. What excites you most about joining the PPMC?

I am excited to join the PPMC, because it gives me the opportunity to apply my research skills to helping and improving the community I grew up in. I am passionate about participatory research methodologies and their ability to inform local public service organizations provide better, more seamless, and more efficient services to the communities they serve. 

2. Why is public service important to you?

Public service is important to me because public servants are the byways connecting individuals to services and opportunities that can give them better lives. Over the last decade, Wichita and the surrounding areas have blossomed and developed their own identities and ideas about what it means to be from Wichita. It is because of public servants that we have this vibrant local community. To me, public service is important because these organizations keep communities alive, energized, and thriving. 

3. Where is your favorite place to eat in Wichita?

My favorite place to eat is Kim's Noodle Bar off of south Greenwich Rd. Their pho is phenomenal, which is a major accolade among all the delicious pho in Wichita.

4. What are 5 #hashtags that describe you?

#PhDLife #Wanderlust #CatMom #PlantLover #AnthropologyNerd