Empowerment in Every Purchase: Explore Black-Owned Businesses in our Community

As we commemorate Black History Month, we have the opportunity to support local black-owned businesses. Below we have compiled a list of those businesses spanning various industries in our community.

PPMC Favorites

Laura Baxter: Hungry Bunny Virtual Donut Shop & Sol Food

"I like them because they are very local community focused and driven.  Khloe from Hungry Bunny has talked to youth entrepreneurs via zoom, sharing the challenges of small business"

"Parrishon from Sol Food, had samples at a charity event that offers youth programs. Her menu, a unique niche, specializes on plant based and vegetarian options that look and taste amazing." 

Paula Downs: The Artichoke Sandwich Bar 

"I worked downtown for many, many years and my go-to place to eat- because I love to eat- has always been the Artichoke- their sandwiches (#8) can’t be beat.  I love that they are a place for musicians to come and share their talents!"

Christian Holley: Sport Burger

"I love this place because they represent the power of making dreams a reality in our community. The place has been around for more than 20 years, and it has some of the best burgers in town (believe me by the ratings)."

James Roberts: The Blackprint

"I do love visiting Blackprint and just recently tried some of the Dope Coffee they sell."

Briaja Tucker: Lola's Candles

"Her candles are the best in town! Not only do they smell good, they burn even better. Everyone knows a good candle will always smell better when burned."