Instructions for Completion of Transfer of Property Form

Note: In order to properly comply with state rules governing the tracking of property, the Transfer of Property form has been revised. These instructions reflect those revisions, and should also be used with the old forms. Forms received which do not include clear and complete information will be returned to the department.

The following information must be included on the form:

  1. Check the "Please transfer for us" box if you wish the Physical Plant Warehouse to move the items for you. The Warehouse will not move items that are not listed on this form. Check the "We are transferring" box if you are moving the items yourself.
  2. Provide the WSU Property Number (black and white), if available. Do not provide UCATS numbers. If there is no Property Number, or the number is illegible, the following information must be provided, if available:
  • Enter the manufacturer's serial number in the "Property Number" column.
  • In the "Items to be Transferred" column, include the brand name of the item. If the item is a computer, also include the processor speed (e.g. Pentium II, and 90 Mhz; etc.).
  • Enter the purchase date and original cost of the item in the appropriate columns (Enter both in the "Original Cost" column of the old form.). This information may be obtained from department records.

Note: Only 1 item is to be listed per line in the "Items to be Transferred" column. If there are 2 or more "like" items (e.g. chairs), each item should be separately listed showing identifying information for each (e.g. Chair, brown cloth w/arms; Chair, brown cloth w/o arms). If there are 2 or more "same" items and there are no property number or serial numbers, list the number of "same" items with a full description (e.g. 6 Chairs, brown cloth w/o arms). If more than one page is required, copy the original transfer form before completing.

  1. For items being transferred to the Physical Plant, provide the appropriate "Condition" and "Disposition" codes. (Note: Condition Code 7 is not to be used without prior approval from Property Control.) These codes are not required on items being transferred between departments.
  2. All transfer requests must show the "Dept.#", "Building" and "Rm#" of the department transferring the items, and the department receiving the items.
  3. For items to be transferred to the Warehouse, department number "1401" should be entered in the "Transfer To" "Dept.#" column, and the word "Warehouse" entered across the "Building" and "Rm#" columns.
  4. The transferring department should sign the form and provide a phone number and campus box number. Transfers between departments should be signed by both the transferring and receiving departments. Receiving departments should provide their campus box number for pink copy mailing purposes.
  5. The transferring department should keep the "green" copy as their record of transfer. All other copies should be sent to Property Control at Campus Box 38.

Items That Do Not Require a Transfer Form

Manuals for which equipment no longer exists may be thrown away unless they contain software, or there is a WSU Property Number anywhere on the manual. (Software needs to be listed on the transfer form as: "Software, (Name), v.#, w/ manual"). General office items, such as binders, hand staplers, cords for which there are no equipment, etc., may be disposed of at the department's discretion.