Surplus Property

Statutory and Regulatory Basis

The 2010 Legislature amended the State Surplus Property Act to exempt state universities from the Act (K.S.A. 2010 Supp. 75-6606). State law now permits state universities to sell, trade-in or dispose of personal property in accordance with policies adopted by the Board. Section 13.12 of the WSU Policies and Procedures Manual also governs the disposition of University surplus property.


Property Transfer. Departments should refer to the Property Transfer page of this website for instructions for transferring surplus property to the Physical Plant Warehouse.

Computer Data and Program Removal. Departments surplusing computers or other information technology equipment must ensure that all sensitive information (i.e. passwords, data files, or licensed software) is removed from the equipment before it is surplused. The Computer Data and Program Removal Certification box at the bottom of the Transfer of Property Form must be signed before the equipment is surplused.

Equipment Trade-In. Departments wishing to trade in old equipment on the purchase of new equipment must notify Property Control of their intentions so that approval for removal from the property records can be obtained. The amount allowed for trade-in by the vendor should be shown on the documentation for the purchase of the new equipment.

Equipment Replacement. Departments having property traded out by the vendor must notify Property Control of equipment being replaced so that approval for removal of the replaced property from the property records can be obtained.


Disposal Authority
  • Departments or individuals do not have the authority to dispose of any property (including software and books) purchased with funds monitored by the State of Kansas, donated to the University, property manufactured by the University or property transferred from another agency. Section 13.12 of the WSU Policies and Procedures Manual addresses the proper procedures for disposal of surplus University property.
  • University property, regardless of cost, can only be disposed of after approval is obtained from the Office of Financial Operations and Business Technology, Property Control.

Disposal Methods

The University is authorized to dispose of surplus property in accordance with the Kansas Board of Regents Disposition of Surplus Property Policy as follows:
  • Disposals by sale include sale at an advertised fixed or negotiated price, sale by sealed bid, sale to the public by advertised public auction and sale to a junkyard. Click on Sale of Surplus Property below to access a form to notify general public of surplus property for sale.
  • Disposals by donation are limited to Federal Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations and participants in the Federal Surplus Property Program.
  • Disposals by refuse include cannibalization, recycle or trash.
Sale of Surplus Property

Wichita State University offers surplus property for sale under K.S.A 2010 Supp. 75-6606, and the Kansas Board of Regents Policy and Procedures, Section 11, Authorized Disposition of Surplus Property. Click on the heading for links to more detailed information.