Group Rentals General Information

  • Reservations must be made seven days in advance for weekday parties. Saturday parties must be reserved eight days in advance. Sunday parties must be reserved nine days in advance.
  • A $25 per hour overtime fee will be charged for those booking between 1:00am and 7:00am. These parties must be booked at least fourteen days in advance.
  • Reservations for times that fall outside normal operating hours must meet certain minimum requirements and be made with 14 days advance notice.
  • The person(s) in charge of their group is responsible for the proper care of equipment and facilities. Any damages will be billed to the person(s) in charge of the group.
  • Shocker Sports Grill and Lanes doors remain open to the public during all group reservations.
  • All food and beverages served during group visits must be provided by Shocker Sports Grill & Lanes, WSU Dining Services or an approved outside caterer. 
  • Above all, have a great time! Your enjoyment and satisfaction is our top priority.