Frequently asked questions regarding state budget cuts

On Tuesday, March 1, 2016, Gov. Sam Brownback ordered state budget reductions in response to lower than expected tax collections. Wichita State’s share is expected to be about $2 million from now through June.

Q. How is the university approaching the cuts?
A. President John Bardo has instructed our leadership team to freeze all noncritical spending. This will pose challenges, but it confirms the long-term need to make WSU more self-sustaining through enrollment growth, essential academic programs, market-based courses, industry partnerships, funded research and philanthropy.

Q. What spending is considered critical?
A. Critical expenses are those absolutely required to run the university and keep it growing. Unit heads, deans and vice presidents will be making those decisions in coming days. They will focus on the consequences of delaying or eliminating certain expenses.

Q: Will there be employee furloughs or layoffs?
A: None are contemplated, and we will do our best to avoid them.

Q: Are all open positions now frozen?
A: They will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Deans and vice presidents will be the main decision-makers.

Q: What does this budget cut mean for the Innovation Campus?
A: The budgets cuts will not impact the Innovation Campus because construction there isn't reliant on state funds.

Q: What if I have ideas or questions?
A: If you have questions or can help by identifying potential budget savings, talk to your unit head or division vice president, or go to