The Flats at WSU Fact Sheet

With the recent news about The Flats at WSU, a new on-campus apartment complex at Wichita State University, we’ve encountered a few misconceptions about the complex, its intent, funding and ownership. A few things to consider:

  • Wichita State University does not own The Flats at WSU. The complex is owned and was funded by a private entity in the same manner that Starbucks and planned retail locations will be. No student fee monies have gone into the development of the complex. The only students paying are the students who will live there.
  • The complex is intended to augment student housing options. The Flats at WSU has nothing to do with any future plans for Fairmount Towers nor any future development of traditional student housing. It is simply another option for on-campus living. Students have, and will continue to have, many housing choices at a wide range of price points at WSU. No one will ever be required to live in these apartments.
  • Rates are not set by WSU. The rates were determined by the developer based on that company’s reading of the market and a study of comparable housing arrangements at other universities.
  • WSU’s role is operational. WSU Housing has been engaged to operate the complex as a new option for on-campus living and to help streamline the application process for students. WSU benefits from having an attractive additional housing option. The university housing and residence life department will receive fees for managing the property.
  • The Flats at WSU is not student-only housing. The complex is open to anyone who might want to live in the campus environment, including WSU faculty and employees of Innovation Campus partner companies.

-- Teri Hall, Vice President for Student Affairs