Co-authors of ‘The Art of Communication’

Wichita State Communication Sciences and Disorders Professor Ray Hull has co-authored a new book, “The Art of Communication,” with New York Times best-selling author Jim Stovall.

Hull and Stovall are longtime friends and colleagues, and their unique accomplishments and personal experiences make them experts in the complex field of communication.

Ray Hull

Plagued by stuttering as a child, Hull grew up unable to say his name or answer the telephone. The one thing Ray Hullthat kept him going was the realization that he did not stutter while singing a song or talking to the animals on the family farm. He set out to “cure” himself by intentionally placing himself into situations that required talking. He tried out for high school plays, enrolled in speech classes, became a radio disc jockey and signed up for intercollegiate oratory competitions.

Although he encountered some setbacks, he eventually got to the point of fluency and won the Kansas State Intercollegiate Men’s Oratory Competition. Today Hull is a sought after speaker on the topic of the art and impact of communication in your personal and professional life. He is also involved with theater and professional radio and television production. He has authored 13 books, with more in the works.

Jim Stovall

In spite of being completely blind for over 25 years, Stovall has led a remarkable life as an author, Jim Stovallathlete, investment broker and entrepreneur. He has also been a national champion Olympic weightlifter, as well as the author of 30 books, including “The Ultimate Gift” and “The Ultimate Life,” which have been made into motion pictures.

Hull and Stovall were able to overcome their challenges to become successful in their fields. They are both acclaimed authors and speakers, making hundreds of public appearances at speaking engagements and workshops worldwide. By combining facts and revealing stories, “The Art of Communication” is able to help others understand how to improve their communication and therefore their lives.