WSU to change student fee structure and tuition refund policy

A few weeks ago, you were informed of two significant changes for students that will go into effect in fall 2017, pending Kansas Board of Regents approval. Now we have more detail to share regarding that change.

First, the university plans to change its student fee structure, eliminating the current per-credit-hour fee and replacing it with a more equitable tiered system. Students will fall into one of three tiers based on the number of credit hours they take. All the students within a tier will pay the same flat fee to support athletics and access to student services. Course fees, certain program fees and other infrastructure fees will remain a per credit hour fee.

The change was spurred by student concerns that the fee structure forced full-time students to pay considerably more than part-time students for equal access to services.

Wichita State continues to face uncertainty as the Kansas Legislature considers budget plans that may still include additional funding cuts to higher education. The new fee structure will spread any increase more equitably.

The current fee proposal is as follows:


9 or more credit hours $658
6-8 credit hours $439
Up to 5 credit hours $220


7 or more credit hours $658
4-6 credit hours $439
Up to 3 credit hours $220

The second change concerns the WSU tuition refund policy for students who drop classes. The university will discontinue its prorated refund schedule in 2017-18. Though the details are being worked out, the plan is for students to be eligible for a 100 percent refund for a period of time at the beginning of each semester or after the course begins. After that period of time, refunds will only be given through the tuition refund petition process. Students will still have the option to switch to another class with the same credit hours without penalty.

An FAQ about these issues is under development at If you have questions or concerns, you may contact Tony Vizzini at 316-978-3010 or send email to