WSU Weapons Policy Survey

Under the Kansas Concealed Carry law effective July 1, 2017, concealed carry of handguns by those 21 and older will be allowed in public areas of all WSU buildings unless the public area has adequate security measures to ensure that no handguns are present. Open carry of firearms will still be prohibited.

Public area” is defined as any portion of one of our buildings that is open to and accessible by the public or which is otherwise designated as a public area by the university.

Adequate security measures” are defined as the use of electronic equipment and armed personnel at public entrances to detect and restrict the carrying of weapons into a public area. Such measures are already in place in many government buildings. The purpose is to ensure that no concealed weapons can be carried into such public areas.

This survey is to gather information that may be helpful to the President’s Executive Team in determining priorities for “adequate security measures.”

If you believe the physical location where you work on campus is a public area that should have “adequate security measures,” please answer the questions below:

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