Have a book that you would like to suggest for consideration for the Common Read program? Please review the selection criteria to determine if the book will be a good fit and then and submit the form below.

Selection Process

Every two years the nominations submitted below are reviewed by the Office of First-Year Programs with the criteria written below. Once the nominations have been reviewed the list is narrowed down. The narrowed down list is then shared with a selection committee to read before meeting. The selection committee is made up of students, faculty, and staff from across campus. The committee brings different perspectives to select books that are applicable to our incoming students and programming across campus. The selection committee then chooses books for 2 years to aid in the planning process. Any questions about the process or criteria can be directed to Student Success at student.success@wichita.edu

Selection Criteria

  • Appropriate, accessible, and relatable for college students (entering freshmen)
  • Cross-disciplinary, can be used in a variety of classroom environments
  • Relevant to current issues and trends in society
  • Related to current university research, initiatives, or activities
  • Linked to university values:
    • Seizing Opportunities
    • Success for all stakeholders
    • Diversity of culture, thought and experience
    • Adaptive approaches
    • Teamwork
    • Positive risk-taking
  • Opportunities for on-campus programming and events

Nominate a Book for Wichita State Common Read

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