Win points for your college by participating in the Clash 2021 Virtual Games! Students have many games to participate in from Aug. 20-27. Students will receive virtual points for their college, in addition to points won at the in-person event. The final winner will be announced in September!

Registration and rules for virtual games will go live on Aug. 20. Be sure to sign up to participate and earn points by clicking on the links below. All virtual game sign ups will be on Shocker360. To participate in the virtual games, download the Suitable app to gain access to Shocker360 and receive virtual Clash points!

Check out the games below and come back to this page to sign up on Aug. 20!

Minute-to-Win-it Home Games

Play fun challenging games at home! Beat the game in one minute! Record yourselves playing and send to us via the form above to receive points.

Register for Minute-to-Win-It

Shocker Talent Showcase

Calling our talented shockers! Send us a video showcasing your talent! @newSHOCKS twitter page will tweet your videos and you will gain points through likes.

Register for Shocker Talent Showcase

E-Gaming Tournament

Compete in Rocket League and advance to the next rounds! Final match will be broadcasted live on WSU TV and Shockwave. Register online via the clickable link above!

Early Registration - More info to come

Scavenger Hunt

Go on a hunt on campus! Visit on your own time and use clues to get points!

Register for the Scavenger Hunt

Virtual Escape Room

Complete a fun virtual escape room to win points!

Register for the Virtual Escape Room

Kahoot Frenzy

Think you are a trivia master? Then sign up for a date to play Kahoot trivia and get those points!

Register for Kahoot Frenzy