Accessing Pinnacle:
  • Log into Pinnacle
  • Enter your MyWSU ID and Password
    • If you are not able to access the billing, please enter a service request at Choose Telecommunications Assistance, then click Other and Billing.
To Access The Monthly Bill:
    • Under the "billing" tab choose "department billing".


  • The search function should already be enabled and your monthly billings should be listed there.
    • If you would like to filter by a certain org or department, you may enter the number in the "Department Number" field.
    • If you would like to filter by a certain billing date, you may choose that in the "Billing Date" fields
      • ITS Telecommunications bills on the 25th of every month except June and December.
  • Click on the date you want to see.
    • For example, clicking "25-OCT-2020" will show the overall bill for that month.
    • It breaks down the units and the total amount for recurring charges and one time charges.
    • To view the bill in its entirety, click on "View Report".
  • There are several subtabs under Department Billing that will help you to understand your bill more fully.
    • You can see a "Summary by Account" that will show you the funding used on all charges.
    • "Non-Usage Charges" will show you all one time charges, such as work orders, cellular phone charges and conference calls. They each have a bill note to help you understand the chrages.
    • The "usage charges" subtab will show you all long distance calls made throughout the period.
To Download Any Report:
  • You can download any report individually by drilling into the main tabs (recurring charges, onetime charges, usage charges, etc.)
    • Each tab will have a down arrow, and that will start the downloading process.

  • pinnacle 2

  • To view the entire report, make sure you are on the department billing tab, and "summary" subtab.
    • You will see a blue button that says "view report". Click "view report".
    • It will take a moment for your bill to generate. You can save or print, whichever you prefer.
Check Work Orders:
    • On the left hand side of the screen, choose the "services" tab. You will then see a new set of main tabs.


    • Click on the "incidents" tab.
      • You can drill down into each of the work orders by clicking the underlined number.


  • To log out, simple press "logout" at the top right of the screen.

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