Senate Meeting Minutes

Wichita State University
Classified Senate Meeting Minutes

September 2003 - May 2004

September 10, 2003

Present: Ellen Abbey, Heather Ballard, Denise Burns, Warren Carter, George Corbin, Kelly Eck, Jane Eshelman, Glen Fisher, Theresa Fisher, Lloyd Harp, Alice Henry, Cyndy Hodge, Shelly Kellogg, Alice Kreissler, Billie, Norden, Val Peck, Ross Pierce, Lee Posey, Mike Purdue, Kathy Riker, Kevin Stuewe, Hugh Thompson, Tom Veltman, Joyce Ward, Doug Weber, Ann Welch
Excused: Don Brooks, Rusty Small,
Unexcused: Sheila Bates, Mike Hinkle,
Guests: Rhonda Cantrell

President Beggs, Speaker
- President Beggs spoke to the senate updating them on what he expects for 2003-04. He had met with the governor and faculty earlier this week. He stated that he was pleased with the interaction between students and faculty/staff. He has had parents of students stop and compliment him. He reminded us that classified staff often times are the first contact for a student and he appreciates our friendliness and helpfulness to them.
- Ellen takes part in monthly Board of Regents (BOR) meetings. Dr. Beggs stated that we were adjusting to the budget. He is currently holding 2% of budget back. He held sufficient dollars for FY-03 so we are not in trouble. However, he hopes we don't have to use the current 2% that he is holding. Governor Sebelius doesn't anticipate dealing with a recision this year.
- Matrix priorities will stay the same:
1) enrollment numbers;
2) mix of students. We have 6.2% more out of state students. International student enrollment is down from other years. We have had the 2nd largest enrollment in the last decade. Board of Regents will announce the enrollment numbers on the twentieth day of classes. Students are enrolled in approximately 147,000 credit hours. Does not count classes/workshops that start late.
- Koch Arena is half open (opening for volleyball tournament). Construction has gone as expected. Athletics will be moving back in Oct 13-16.
- New Welcome Center plans are almost done.
- Kansas has approved the new research building and it should be completed in 2½ years.
- Enterprise Resource Project has received a grant so it will reduce our costs significantly.
- Still investigating tuition vs. enrollment. Deb Byers is collecting data on student debt by the time a student leaves college.
- Downtown Center will close in August 2004. Didn't grow like they anticipated it would. They are looking at alternatives for the Westside Center. It has totally outgrown its facilities. There won't be any “bumping“ of classified staff as a result of the downtown closure.
- Physicians Assistant program is going to a master’s degree and the audiology program is going to a doctorate degree. The WSU program is the only one in the state.
- We lost $4.2 million last year. Of the $15 added on to tuition, the first $5 went to pay for the new approved rate of insurance. All except the BOR started Block Funding the same year the budget started going down. The other $5 goes to the student and $5 to marketing, which is now being held for the 2%. The university only has two sources of revenue - tuition and/or grants.
- Alternative to civil service is not a clean cut picture and he is sensitive to that. Will not vote on anything until he knows where we the classified staff come from.
- Dr Beggs indicated he felt the university was in a very stable position currently. Our liberal arts college is very defined. KU & K-State have a much broader definition.
- Dr Beggs thanked the classified staff for their efforts on the car show last spring.

Senator Responsibilities -- Two new senators: Billie Norden and Mike Purdue. They replace Pat Campbell and Ed Gomez, respectively as they were re-classed after the election. Ellen reminded the senators of their responsibilities: Attend meetings the 2nd Wednesday of each month; keep constituents apprised of senate happenings; and to serve on committees. Ellen agreed to summarize events and send them to each senator to pass on to their constituents.

2004 Position Paper -- Ellen explained the position paper to new senators. The six regents schools meet once a year with the Kansas Council of Classified Senates to draft one combined paper to take to the legislature. This year’s meeting will be held at Ft Hayes on October 17. Will need to get paper drafted right away. Last year’s paper ended up with a compromise, but most still wanted money. They ended up with one vote per school. Asked for the lowest step increase to be above poverty level. On the WSU campus alone, 17% of our classified staff are at poverty level or below. The consensus of the senate was to form a position paper committee.

Ellen also stated that in the Wichita Eagle today there was an article on KPERS again. It appeared that what they were proposing was that in order to close the gap the employee would have to pay more.

Meet your Classified Senator Reception. Cyndy Hodge reported that the Meet Your classified Senator Reception will be held September 18, 2 - 4 p.m. in the RSC Fireplace Lounge. She asked that senators attend so they could meet their constituents. Refreshments will be served. Call or e-mail Cyndy to let her know if you can be there.

Newsletter -- The newsletter is almost ready to be printed. They will put out next week before the Meet Your Senator reception. The committee’s goal is to highlight a senator in each publication. This publication will highlight Glen and Theresa Fisher.

Alternative Committee Update -- Ellen announced that she and six others plan to go to KU next week to meet with their KU’s alternative committee. They also plan to meet with the opposition group as well. This is still in the research phase only. No decisions will be made without input from classified staff.

Holiday Tree Lighting -- Val announced the date for the Holiday Tree Lighting this year - Wednesday, December 3, 2003. Reception will begin at 2:00 p.m. and the ceremony at 2:30 p.m. Volunteers who responded to her request for service: George Corbin, Jane Eshelman, Alice Henry, Alice Kreissler, Mike Purdue, Hugh Thompson, Joyce Ward.

As May Arise -- No other items brought forward.

Denise Burns moved the meeting adjourn. Kathy Riker seconded. All in favor. None opposed. Motion carried. Meeting Adjourned.

Val Peck, Secretary

October 8, 2003

Present: Ellen Abbey, Heather Ballard, Sheila Bates, Don Brooks, Warren Carter, George Corbin, Kelly Eck, Jane Eshelman, Glen Fisher, Theresa Fisher, Lloyd Harp, Alice Henry, Mike Hinkle, Cyndy Hodge, Janice Holtsclaw, Shelly Kellogg, Billie, Norden, Val Peck, Ross Pierce, Lee Posey, Kevin Stuewe, Hugh Thompson, Tom Veltman, Doug Weber, Ann Welch
Excused: Denise Burns, Alice Kreissler, Joyce Ward
Unexcused: Mike Purdue, Kathy Riker,
Guests: Rhonda Cantrell, Connie Landreth

Speaker, Paul Dotson -- Dotson stated he had spent the first three months getting to know our campus, including spending time on all three shifts. He stated that he now knows this is an incredible campus. Paul has been an adjunct at WSU since 1994. He received both of his degrees from WSU. He is meeting with all senates so he can get to know us.

Paul has been fighting a vehicle “hangtag” issue with the current vendor since his arrival. Problems with the vendor and inferior quality of tags. They were breaking.

Dotson gave an update on the car jackings earlier this summer. Two people were accosted by a gunman - one in College of Ed parking lot, the other in the Wheatshocker parking lot. Appeared to be the same person(s). Police recovered the gun, but the gunman got away. Their prime suspect is a California teen, who has left town, since he almost got caught twice. Dotson has tried to keep the campus community apprised of situations like this by holding community meetings, sending direct -emails, posters, etc. to increase our awareness of what is going on.

Speaker, Connie Landreth -- Landreth distributed handouts on the new health insurance that will become effective in January. The handouts provided an overall summary of the changes for next year. Most dramatic is the increase in premiums. Co-pays are going up and more out of pocket expenses. Connie will be holding numerous informational meetings on campus and she is willing to make a presentation to departments if they would like.

Position Paper
- Larger schools tend to want to have salaries first on the list even though we have had no raises for three years. Discussion followed regarding pulling away from the Kansas Council of Classified Senates (KCCS) and creating our own paper to distribute to our own legislators. However, concerns regarding the “political arena” are important too. Right now feel we must stay together for unity. Ellen and Lloyd Harp are going to KU next week for the annual KCCS meeting.
- Letters were mailed to all agencies last year and they got no responses. Legislators always want to know how much everything is going to cost. They even nixed things that didn't cost anything in physical dollars, e.g. increase vacation and sick leave, increase paid holidays, etc.
- Jerry - suggests options for TIAA or KPERS. They are not offered in KS. Ellen stated that they need us to be in KPERS.
- Write to your legislators. Jane will try to find out when legislative meetings are going to be held on the east and west sides.
- Shelly moved we accept the position paper as is. Cyndy seconded. All in favor. None opposed. Motion carried.

Ellen passed out information on KPERS and UCATS employee e-mail address assignments.
In the essence of time, Items 4, 5, and 6 are tabled until next meeting.

Hinkle moved the meeting adjourn. Thompson seconded. All in favor. Motion carried.

Val Peck, Secretary

November 12, 2003

Present: Ellen Abbey, Heather Ballard, Sheila Bates, Don Brooks, Denise Burns, Warren Carter, George Corbin, Kelly Eck, Jane Eshelman, Glen Fisher, Theresa Fisher, Lloyd Harp, Alice Henry, Cyndy Hodge, Janice Holtsclaw, Shelly Kellogg, Alice Kreissler, Billie, Norden, Val Peck, Ross Pierce, Lee Posey, Mike Purdue, Kathy Riker, Kevin Stuewe, Hugh Thompson, Joyce Ward, Doug Weber, Ann Welch
Excused: Tom Veltman
Unexcused: Mike Hinkle
Guests: Rhonda Cantrell

Approval of Meeting Minutes -- September minutes - Shelly Kellogg moved to accept minutes as read. Kelly Eck seconded. All approved. None opposed. Motion carried. October minutes - Shelly Kellogg moved; Cyndy Hodge seconded. All in favor. None opposed. Motion carried.

Position Paper - Ft Hays Meeting -- Ellen distributed minutes from Ft Hays Meeting and also the final position paper. WSU and KU led the meeting. The Council liked the 7.5 salary listed on the paper. Closing the liability gap did not pass on this paper. KPERS is working on that quite heavily.
• Pay Matrix - poverty guidelines $8.85 is poverty pay. Living wage is $11.51 for family of four. At WSU, 11% are currently working at poverty or below. 46% working at or between poverty and living wage. Our figures are better than last year.
• Judy Dillard provided some figures on COLA. We didn't get quite 1.5% COLA. Federal and Military will get 2.2% and it doesn't have to be voted on.
• Ellen suggested sending out the position paper to the entire legislature. Let them know we plan to be there on Feb 10. Put that date on your calendar and let Ellen know if you can go. They go in groups so you don't have to be by yourself. Call Cyndy, George, or Ellen.
• Alternative to Civil Service and Survey Alternative sent out survey and have been received. Had 141 returned. Committee will look at on Friday and see what they want to do with it.
-Jane Eshelman stated that some of her constituents expressed some confusion because they didn't have a concrete proposal to look at.
-Cyndy Hodge - her constituents didn't have any confusion - explaining the process as they didn't know what they wanted.

State of Kansas Mandate on E-Mail -- Ellen distributed processes on this mandate at the last meeting. The state is attempting to go paperless. Every employee will be assigned an e-mail address so that everything can come thru e-mail. There is some question whether that includes pay-stubs. Jane said that for the healthcare it would not allow her to get into the system from a MAC. Ellen said her concern is that approximately 85% of the Physical Plant doesn't have computers. Also the language barrier. This is supposed to be in effect by Jan 1. Warren said they haven't seen any activity that would indicate they are preparing to give them computer access.

Tuition Advisory Committee -- Faculty senate has proposed a Tuition Advisory Committee. The charge is to participate in the development of tuition recommendations to be presented to the Board of Regents. They are asking for a classified senate representative. Denise Burns volunteered to serve on this committee.

Governor’s Executive Order - Cell Phone Usage -- Ellen distributed the Governor’s Executive Order on Cell Phone Usage. Whether personal or state calls, cannot use a cell phone in a state car. Cannot use when operating other equipment too, i.e. mowers, etc.

Committee Reports
• Holiday Tree Lighting - All plans in place. Set for Wednesday, December 3, at 2:00 for the reception, tree lighting 2:30. Tree will be decorated on December 1. Will move the Executive Council to 3:30 for this month.
• Community Service - Heather Ballard - Someone that Tom works with is collecting teddy bears for Exploited and Missing Children Unit. They give teddy bears to children who are being interviewed. Should be enough different that it wouldn't conflict with other charitables. The Senate was in support of this. Heather will check on size of teddy bears needed.
• Traffic - no report
• Food - Warren Carter said they met with Sodexho. Prices have gone up in vending machines. Vending machine break-ins will be fixed with bullet proof glass. Some are not in service due to the vandalism. Fairmount Towers operation. Appears that the number of choices is not as large as it used to be. He has asked for a menu & not received it. Don't know what you’re going to get when you go over there. Price is $5.32 for all you can eat. Biggest problem is inconsistencies. Blimpies is doing well. Copperfields - the salad bar is behind the counter now. Contact Warren if you have any concerns about the food service. Regarding the vending break-ins - one arrested others served with papers to stay off premises.
• Library Appeals - meets next week. - Shelly Kellogg
• Newsletter - Meets next week. Think about a senator to highlight.
• Picnic - Denise Burns - will meet right after Jan 1.

As May Arise
• Stuff the Bus - campaign starts November 17. Will be stopping at Morrison, Jabarra, Grace Wilkie, and Clinton. Will be picking up on December 4.
• The Governor designated December 26 as a paid holiday. Only need 40 hours for shutdown now.
• Tuition Assistance - November 21 deadline for spring.
• Human Resource website updated to include news and events.
• We will have a regular meeting in December.

Cyndy Hodge moved to adjourn. Shelly Kellogg seconded. All in favor. None opposed. Meeting adjourned.

Val Peck, Secretary

Next meeting: December 10, 2003, 3:30 - 5:00 p.m., RSC 305

December 10, 2003

Present: Ellen Abbey, Heather Ballard, Sheila Bates, Don Brooks, George Corbin, Kelly Eck, Jane Eshelman, Glen Fisher, Theresa Fisher, Lloyd Harp, Mike Hinkle, Cyndy Hodge, Shelly Kellogg, Billie, Norden, Val Peck, Ross Pierce, Lee Posey, Tom Veltman, Joyce Ward, Doug Weber, Ann Welch
Excused: Denise Burns, Alice Henry, Mike Purdue, Kathy Riker, Kevin Stuewe, Hugh Thompson
Unexcused: Warren Carter, Janice Holtsclaw, Alice Kreissler
Guests: Rhonda Cantrell, Peter Zoller, Mike Turner, Gary Ott, Jim Rogers, Dr. Zoller, Mike Turner and University Computing Center

Dr Zoller stated that beginning Jan 3, 2004 all official email addresses will be changed to The university has to integrate with the SHARP system. E-mails will have to be registered if don't have one. You can have your other e-mail forwarded. A lengthy explanation will be out on Thursday, Dec 11 in the Inside WSU.
Mike Turner – Employees will have to attend training on SOS and Lotus notes. They are starting communications/training now. Human Resources will provide training for groups of people. They are hoping it will be a more effective way of communication. The State is already communicating with Human Resources, and others by e-mail now. Will begin receiving Pay Advices by e-mail sometime in 2004.
Gary Ott - first step is getting the e-mail addresses established and active so we can be notified electronically. It will be a gradual process.
-The question was asked on how the physical plants would be dealt with. Gary Ott stated that they are trying to set up computers at the plant for those employees to access daily. They are still trying to work through that. Details are not worked out yet.
-Dr Zoller - If everyone on same e-m system it would be easy for scheduling group meetings.
-Shelly Kellogg stated that you can now find the notes from Topeka posted on the HR News & Events.

Approval of Minutes from Nov Meeting
Shelly moved the minutes be accepted as corrected. Motion seconded. All in favor. Motion carried.
Billie Norden asked how to get junk mail to stop for temporary people. At this time there isn't any way of knowing who has not been here. When ordering labels, etc. ask Margene in human resources to leave off all temporaries.

KU Alternative Summary
Ellen has asked Tom to put on website. New updated summary is on KU website. Ellen will e-mail to all of us so we can send to our constituents. The Committee is considering creating focus groups. Will probably put out another flyer to let them know what happened on the survey. The Governor said in the Lawrence World Journal on November 9, that she hopes to see smaller more flexible governance to allow supervisors more flexibility in trimming their staff.

Exploited and Missing Children's Unit Update
At the last meeting approved collecting teddy bears. Decided to postpone until Feb or March. Heather suggested watching for after Christmas sales on teddy bears. Tom said the EMCU will accept all sizes.

Employee Suggestion Program
Distributed Policies and Procedures for Employee Suggestion Program. Pass on to constituents. Located on the web in Internal Audit Chapter 3.

Committee Reports
- Tom Veltman - met last week and will highlight Lloyd Harp. Will also have an article on the counseling & testing department and Shelly will write an article on SOS. Cyndy will have an article about the controversy. Plan to have newsletter ready by mid- January.
Elections - Cyndy Hodge - will be starting to contact in Jan.
Shocker Pride Picnic - Ellen reported that Denise has all of the info for the picnic. Deadline for nominations is March 31.
Traffic - Mike Hinkle - met today. 5 tickets. One dismissed.
Heskett Center - Mike Hinkle - went to first meeting last night.
RSC - Attended one meeting; out sick on the last meeting. Gave approval for $86,000.

As May Arise
- Ellen – was invited to speak to the Fine Arts Staff Council. She asked them how many hear from senators? No one. Please, please notify constituents of upcoming info. Tom asked if way to split up list to include constituents in your building. If someone can determine an easy way to do this, let us know.
- Reminder of Feb 10 Legislative Day. Those going so far are George Corbin, Billie Norden, Jane Eshelman, Lloyd Harp. There are several people outside of senate that want to go. Contact Cyndy or Ellen if you can go.
- According to constitution need to elect a president elect in Jan. There is some concern about senator eligibility for this position if elected before the regular election. If that is the case, elections will not be in time for this. Ellen doesn't feel like it is really important for the new president-elect to shadow for 6 months. There are a number of people going off the senate this year; they could be re-elected and serve, but don't know that at this time. To change the constitution, will have to go out to everyone and have a 2/3 vote to pass. Will send out an e-mail about the president-elect.
- Last month Tuition Advisory Council asked the classified senate to provide a representative. Denise Burns volunteered to serve. The TAC then called and said that only the president could sit on this committee.
- Heather Ballard reported that in spite of all the references in support of Claudia Keller to serve on the health commission, she was still turned down. The Commission didn't give a reason.

Cyndy moved the meeting be adjourned. Heather seconded. Motion carried.

Val Peck, Secretary

January 14, 2004

Minutes -- President Abbey called for the minutes to be approved. Denise Burns moved minutes be approved as written. Theresa Fisher seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Guests -- Ellen introduced guests Renea Goforth and Heidi Mynon. They are planning on going to Legislative Day also.

Alternative to Civil Service
Ellen distributed a new document on the Alternative to Civil Service. Page 3 contains language that could be submitted to the to Board Of Regents (BOR). This proposal is simply requesting permissive legislation which would allow regents schools to opt out of civil service. It is written to be decided on a per school basis - not all or none. The BOR is meeting right now. Ellen distributed her notes from the BOR meeting regarding Alternative To Civil Service and their regular meeting. Each president has to submit a plan on how they will be handling the paper process if going to alternative. The first question is “What is the threshold of approval on campus.” KU approved theirs with a 56% approval. Not sure that is enough. If added to legislative bill, it has to be written. Tom Sloan has agreed to write, but doubtful it will pass this year. Ellen stated not to expect anything to happen in the legislature this year. Per Sloan, the Chief of Staff is working on reform in classified staff - that isn't going to happen this year either. The purpose is to allow increases per university rather than the legislature voting on an increase. It’s been 10 years since the pay matrix was increased. Ellen has sent Tom Veltman a 19 page document to put on the web for our perusal. Reggie, president of the board of regents, thought maybe they should let KU be used as a pilot for as long 3 - 5 years and go to faculty salaries. What is % for classified staff? Per Lloyd, 3% to classified employees. Ellen listened to the State of the State address. In 1999, $8.9 million promised. Still owe us $5 million for block funding fees. Ellen read from text “in recent years we have reduced the size of the workforce by 10%.” Read on the website and be informed - just be aware. Ellen will attach proposal to her notes. Reggie suggested they have regular meetings with Classified Senate and the BOR. Need to have top-down support. Maybe we should have this body appoint a person to serve a 2-3 year term for continuity.

Legislative Day
Ellen suggested going to the senate website to find out who your representative is. Write your representatives regularly. Let them know how you feel about COLA & support - we are way behind. Let them know we’re coming up on Feb. 10th & give them a copy of the position paper and hopefully the BOR proposal. Those attending legislative day: Ellen, Glen & Theresa Fisher, George Corbin, Cyndy Hodge, Lloyd Harp, Renea, Gorforth, and Heidi Mynon. Maybes: Val, Janice Holtsclaw, Hugh Thompson, Jane Eshelman, and Vicki Quade. Ellen stated that for those going, she would set up time to get together to distribute handouts and the representative that they will see. They will leave at 6:00 a.m. Dr Beggs will pay for the vehicle and senators will be given assigned work time. Need to be sure you have your supervisor’s approval. Meet on the February 9, at 4:00. Those going should schedule blocks of time from 9 - 3. Contact your legislator to set an appointment then let Ellen know. KU liaison going to discuss if timing is right for “rally” at the capitol. To include other agencies.

Ellen mentioned she had had her first discussion with an Eagle reporter this week, but thought it probably wouldn't be in the paper. She let her know that we’d been frozen, pay matrix was way behind, a lot of our employees are working in poverty, insurance costs have raised (doubled), and many employees don't qualify for Health Wave because of being a state employee. Ellen and Cyndy are drafting a letter to the editor to see if they get any response. There are 24,000 classified personnel employed by state of KS. Make a little noise!!

Committee Reports
- Cyndy reported there is a balance of $623.12 treasurers - $623.12 balance. There was less than $1200 this past year.
Election - Cyndy, Lloyd, & Kelly. They will get together next week to get process rolling.
Newsletter - Tom - about ready for the press. Will be out sometime next week.
Shocker Pride - Denise. Will try to get information and letters out for donations very shortly. Nominations due middle of March
Traffic - Mike Hinkle. No report.
Food Service - No representative
Library - Shelly Kellogg - meeting soon.
EMCU - will send out notice next week. Watch for teddy bear sales after valentines day. Healther working to get a date - sometime in March.

Ellen asked if any PC’s in physical plant yet. Physical plant said “no”. Ellen will get custodial list to Fishers.

Cyndy moved the meeting be adjourned. Don Brooks seconded. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.

Val Peck, Secretary

REMINDER - Next Meeting Wednesday, February 11, 2004, 3:30 p.m. 305 RSC

February 11, 2004

Present: Ellen Abbey, Heather Ballard, Don Brooks, Warren Carter, George Corbin, Kelly Eck, Jane Eshelman, Glen Fisher, Theresa Fisher, Lloyd Harp, Mike Hinkle, Janice Holtsclaw, Shelley Kellogg, Alice Kreissler, Billie Norden, Ross Pierce, Lee Posey, Kathy Riker, Tom Veltman, Joyce Ward, Doug Weber, Ann Welch
Excused: Cyndy Hodge, Val Peck, Sheila Bates
Unexcused: Denise Burns, Alice Henry, Mike Purdue, Kevin Stuewe, Hugh Thompson

Approval of January Minutes
Two minor changes: Heidi Meinen’s name is misspelled and Shelly Kellogg should be included in the Election Committee. Shelly moved the minutes be accepted as corrected, Lloyd seconded.

Recap of Legislative Information Day
Classified staff that attended included Ellen Abbey, George Corbin, Glen and Theresa Fisher, Renee Goforth, Lloyd Harp, Janice Holtsclaw and Heidi Meinen.

The Kansas Council made a decision as to how we would approach senators or representatives in that the groups would be compiled of individuals from different areas rather than a group of individuals from the same area. This causes problems in that sometimes the group someone is in does not meet with a representative from their specific area. We are going to suggest a different approach so that individuals can meet with their respective representatives.

A statement made by Eric Sexton in Topeka said that our appearance at Legislative Day may be sending a negative signal; that being “why aren't you at work?” It may be better if we visit our representatives here and go to the local town hall meetings.

No one was able to contact Don Betts, Rip Gooch’s replacement, for an appointment.

Ellen felt her meetings were somewhat successful. Dennis McKinney, being from Greensburg with a large SRS constituency, seemed sympathetic to civil service employees. Jean Schodorf was not very receptive. Nile Dillmore asked for Ellen to complete a study as to how much money it would take to bring some of our employees out of poverty level. Les Donovan cancelled his appointment. She had a representative ask her about a union called “Service Employee Union” (SEU). None of our group had heard of it so Ellen plans to ask Mike Turner if it is a state union.

Lloyd felt his group had some good interactions and some not-so-good interactions. He heard comments that K thru 12 education was a large problem and that the budget does not show how the 3% COLA the Governor spoke of in her speech would be funded. He met with some individuals on the KPERs committee and heard talk of a possibility of raising the input portion of current employees to help fund the liability gap.

George felt his meetings went fairly well overall. He was in a group that did not include any of our area representatives. Things his group pointed out included the poverty level and food stamp eligibility. Out of the individuals he met with, Ray Cox was the least receptive.

Janice, Theresa and Glen were in one group. They had some good interactions. One representative, Joshua Civante stated that he has been studying the inequities and differences between classified and unclassified positions. Janice stated she was with someone from KU that was quick to point out that we were representing the Board of Regents institutions rather than the 25,000 civil service employees that Janice stated we were representing.

Discussion regarding Alternative to Civil Service
KU’s Senate President, Kathy Jansen sent an email to Ellen asking for a statement from WSU saying that we support their alternative to civil service and understand if passed it would be on a campus by campus basis. She also asked if we would be open to her coming to WSU and speaking about the alternative. Shelly motioned that we say no, Mike seconded. It was also decided that we are not comfortable providing a statement offering our support as we do not know that the passing of an alternative would be on a campus by campus basis. At this point, Ellen is not going to respond to the email.

Committee Reports
Nominations went out Feb.11, they are to be returned by Feb 20. Two categories (B and D) had no vacancies. A total of 15 senators needs to be elected. We hope to have ballots out by March 1.
Rhatigan Student Center: The dining area of Copperfields will close for the summer for remodeling. Duffys will be open for seating only. Unsure if Blimpies will stay open during the summer. They will be remodeling “front of house” in Copperfields and plans are in works for the Shocker Lounge remodel. SGA is on board for the remodels. Jim Herrman and David Casida are scheduled to speak at our next senate meeting.
Traffic: Meeting next week.
Community Service: Exploited and missing children’s collection of teddy bears (any stuffed animal acceptable) was meeting after this meeting to discuss final plans. An official announcement will be mailed next week.

As May Arise
-The Institutional Goals have been placed on the Research Institute’s web site. The goals are now being required by legislature.
-Ellen handed out a copy of an article from the Lawrence Journal-World titled “GOP targets Sebelius’ budget ‘holes’.” The article talks of taking money out of KPERs investment earnings to cover operating costs and to fund the 3 percent raise. She encouraged each of us to write to our representatives regarding this plan.

Shelly motioned we adjourn, Don seconded.

Next meeting: March 10, 3:30 – 5:00, RSC 305

March 10, 2004

Present: Ellen Abbey, Heather Ballard, Sheila Bates, Don Brooks, Denise Burns, George Corbin, Kelly Eck, Jane Eshelman, Glen Fisher, Theresa Fisher, Lloyd Harp, Janice Holtsclaw, Shelley Kellogg, Alice Kreissler, Billie Norden, Val Peck, Ross Pierce, Mike Purdue, Willa Shelton, Tom Veltman, Joyce Ward, Doug Weber,
Excused: Warren Carter, Mike Hinkle, Cyndy Hodge, Lee Posey, Kathy Riker, Kevin Stuewe, Hugh Thompson, Ann Welch
Wanda Seal

Minutes -- Shelly Kellogg moved the minutes be approved as sent. Lloyd Harp seconded. All approved. Motion carried.

Guest speaker, David Casada of Sodexo, was unable to attend today’s meeting due to illness. He asked Ellen to pass along this information: Sodexo is going to start a monthly newsletter, so they can keep us informed of all the renovations taking place over the summer. When Copperfield’s is closed they will use Duffy’s for eating. Dates are not definite yet as they are waiting on approvals. Blimplie’s will be open this summer and they have just renewed their contract for another year. He was told about staff concerns regarding no food service when classes not in session. Ellen suggested contacting Cassada if have concerns.

Legislation Day -- Ellen reported that she went to Emporia for legislation day on March 1. K-State and Hays were not represented at the meeting. They meet every year regarding the position paper. It was suggested that rather than write another position paper the senates write a bill. The fall meeting of the Council of Classified Senates will be at Emporia this year. They will provide legal advice for our bill. The 3% cola is still on the board, however Dave Kerr opposes it. He suggests that all budget problems would be solved if classified did without raise. (He didn't do without his).

Board of Regents Visit -- The Board of Regents will make their annual visit to WSU on Aril 26th at 1:30. We will have one hour of their time. Ellen stated that we need to decide what we want to do: Question and answer, presentation, Executive Council, full Senate, etc. The executive council has some issues that they want to discuss. Add classified issues to their agenda. Also suggest going ahead with the quarterly meetings with a classified representative from each school. Other issues: Morale, cost of health insurance sky rocketing; Would also like to discuss the KU civil service alternative. Ellen believes it is on the BOR agenda again this month. Shelly suggests having the executive council there for sure, and then anyone else that wants too. Jane Eshelman wants to be involved. George Corbin is interested and suggested presenting what we presented at the legislative day. Jane stated that it is very powerful if can share about the people working below poverty line and health insurance increases we are experiencing. George noted that even in good years, we weren't getting anything.

KPERS - latest legislative summary on retirement. There are a number of bills out there related to KPERs. Please look at them and share with constituents. Contact your legislators.

Committee Reports
Shocker Pride - Denise Burns. Will be meeting on Friday to choose the 3 nominees to be sent to the president. She stated that they had a wonderful selection this year. Have already received a few prizes. May decide to send another letter. Will keep trying.
Election - Shelly Kellogg stated that ballots are out and they have received a few. They are due by March 16.
Community Service - Heather Ballard reported that the teddy bear drive is doing really well. She has over 220 in just the police department. Several boxes are over ½ full and one or two are full. Someone has been over (MRC) video taping the animals. Anne Merret (LAS Advising Center) sent four bags of bears over to the police dept, compliments of her sorority.
Traffic - Per Ellen, from Mike Hinkle - Sixteen tickets were sustained, three were dismissed.
Library - has not met.

As May Arise
-Hugh (Butch) Thompson has injured both knees and had to have surgery.
-Kevin Stuewe’s father passed away in Feb.
-Ellen refigured the pay matrix at a 7.5%. It reduced the poverty levels by 28%. There has always been a lid on the steps. Matrix stops at level 16, with the first three deleted, leaving thirteen steps. We have not had any raises for four years. COLA is not a raise.
-Please remember to let us know if you aren't going to be able to attend a meeting.

Burns moved the meeting be adjourned. Kellogg seconded. Motion carried.

Val Peck, Secretary

April 14, 2004

NOTE: May meeting has been moved to RSC ROOM 215 (Great Plains Room) 3:30 p.m.

Present: Ellen Abbey, Don Brooks, George Corbin, Jane Eshelman, Glen Fisher, Theresa Fisher, Lloyd Harp, Janice Holtsclaw, Shelley Kellogg, Alice Kreissler, Billie Norden, Val Peck, Ross Pierce, Lee Posey, Mike Purdue, Kevin Stuewe, Willa Shelton, Tom Veltman, Doug Weber, Ann Welch
Excused: Heather Ballard, Denise Burns, Warren Carter, Kelly Eck, Mike Hinkle, Cyndy Hodge, Kathy Riker, Hugh Thompson, Joyce Ward
Unexcused: Sheila Bates
Guests: William Cooper

Minutes -- Shelly Kellogg approved the March minutes as sent. Jane Eshelman seconded. All in favor. Motion carried.

Guest speaker, Dr. Elizabeth King, Vice President for University Advancement presented gave the annual report of the Foundation. She reported that due to the economy being down the past three years, the funds have suffered a downward trend as well. Other general information she noted:
• The funds have earned around 16% since July 1.
• WSU has 194 non-scholarship funds. $1.6 million provided in scholarship funds. $1.4 million in actual funds. They have 134 general scholarships (designated by the donor). Other funds are restricted.
• Have had a good fund-raising year this year. Through 3-31-04 received $9.1 million focused on current funds.(doesn't go into endowment). $7.5 million for immediate campus needs. Are doing quite well in working with deans and in meeting goals.
• The new Welcome Center is a $5.2 million project that is scheduled to open April 2005. Funding is primarily by Mill levy.
• Next campaign will be a “people” campaign. This is to designate funding for faculty and staff support. Academic Affairs will decide on the next priority for buildings.
• We now have 849 Shocker tags on the road. The tags have generated $112,000 for scholarships since program started.
• Shocker Auction is now 24 years old. There are approximately 80,000 alumni living. About 73% stay in the state of Kansas. Close to 6,000 are associate members.
• Marketing staff highly effective. Their staff created the Thinker, Moves, Doers and I am WSU logos. They don't go to outside advertisement agencies; use alumni and students for ads.
• Project Springboard is a pilot project targeting the unemployed - sponsored by the Wichita Eagle. WSU has 100 new students because of that effort.
• Ulrich Museum The only university to go into the Asmat community to collect art. Once they use the artifacts for religious ceremonies they are no longer used. Jerry martin, Anthropology purchased crates of these items. Admission is free for us after opening night. (April 23).
• The bumper horse is coming back shortly after having been out for restoration. Money came from SGA originally and now helped with restoration as well. Cost $50,000 just to restore this and one other piece. We have an exception outdoor sculpture collection.
• Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) District 6. Have been a winner third time, second year in a row.

Election for President
Received six nominations for president. Only one accepted the nomination and that was Lloyd Harp. There were no other nominations from the floor. Kellogg moved nominations cease. All in favor. Motion carried. Harp was asked to leave the room. Votes were received by voice. All were in favor. None opposed. Harp elected president for 2004-05.

Board of Regents
Will be here April 26. Ellen Abbey, Lloyd Harp, Kelly Eck, Jane Eshelman, Shelly Kellogg, George Corbin, Cyndy Hodge, Val Peck, all volunteered to be on the team. Ellen asked them to look at calendars to see if can be available on Wednesday of next week. Agenda items agreed on: 1) become part of the legislative agenda, 2) want to make sure they establish quarterly meetings, 3) talk to them about morale, issues with health insurance, freeze, & pay matrix, 4) Mention position paper as part of the background that was presented in February, 5) touch base with them on the KU proposal.

Committee Reports
Shocker Pride Picnic May 5 - Janice Holtsclaw reportoing for Denise Burns - door prizes are in. Yellow card sent out is for the meal ticket and drawings. Must bring it to get food.
Newsletter - Tom Veltman. Going to meet tomorrow. Almost finished. Should be printed within the week.
Teddy Bear drive - collected approximately 550 - 600 animals. Delivered to the EMCU in the state building. They were very happy
Traffic - no report
Library - Shelly Kellogg. Heard eight cases. Upheld most, adjusted a couple.

As May Arise
-Ellen stated that the revised food policy just came out. We can have food donated and not have approval by Sodexho. Must be from a licensed entity. Other food must be approved by upper administration. Casida would still like to speak with us. Ellen will schedule him for May.
-Election for the vice president will be held in May.

Mike Purdue moved meeting adjourn. Theresa Fisher seconded. Motion carried.

Val Peck, Secretary

May 12, 2004

Present: Ellen Abbey, Donna Belt, Don Brooks, William Cooper, Warren Carter, George Corbin, Charles Eaton, Kelly Eck, Jane Eshelman, Rebecca Espinosa, Lori Evans, Glen Fisher, Theresa Fisher, Margaret Ford, Susan Fordyce, William Heard, Mike Hinkle, Cyndy Hodge, Wanda Hughes, Cathy James, Shelly Kellogg, Garrett Moyer, Billie Norden, Robbie Norton, Val Peck Kathy Riker, Kevin Stuewe, Willa Shelton, Joyce Ward, Doug Weber, Ann Welch, John Williams
Excused: Sheila Bates, Lloyd Harp, Alice Kreissler, Ross Pierce, Lee Posey, Mike Purdue, Hugh Thompson, Tom Veltman
Unexcused: Heather Ballard, Denise Burns, Janice Holtsclaw
Guests: Ann Moser, Rhonda Cantrell, Nancy Thompson

Ellen Abbey, out-going president, presiding for Lloyd Harp, in-coming president, who was on vacation.

Minutes -- Approval/corrections of April minutes: Corrections to minutes. Hinkle moved minutes be accepted with change of “exception” to “exceptional” in the paragraph regarding the outdoor sculpture collection. Theresa Fisher seconded. All in favor. None opposed. Motion carried.

David Casida, Sodexho: Ellen Abbey introduced speaker David Casida, Sodexho. He enlightened us on the projects and changes they are making over the summer to Copperfields and Fairmount Towers. His office is across from Copperfields and if you have questions give him a call at x5861. Do leave a message if he is not available. His assistant is Kendra White.

Sodexo is currently in negotiations to finalize plans to add some future dining services. The Fairmount Towers project is approved and scheduled to start on May 19.

Second large project - update and enlarge Copperfield’s dining area. Updating flow of traffic to accommodate more visitors. Have to make sure to address different budgets. They are in 80% agreement on where they are going on this project. Hopefully start construction sometime late this summer. In a recent survey they are looking at offering small dining possibilities, similar to Blimplies, on other parts of campus. They tested out the coffee cart in the mornings in Hubbard, but haven't made any decisions yet. Also looking at another building, possibly Ahlberg Hall. Places where people seem to be there for extended periods of time. They should have some specific plans by end of summer.

Sodexo is planning to revise their catering menus and revising some policies to provide more clarification and address price, flexibility, and schedule.

Ellen Abbey asked for clarification on the new food service policy. Clarification on food brought in. Roger Lowe has given strict guidelines that must be adhered to, including donated food. If you’re planning an event, to be sure you are in compliance, contact David at x5861 before the event.

New Senators -- Ellen extended a warm welcome to the new senators and encouraged them to move forward. Our Vision - To unify the classified employees. Learn from constituents what their concerns are and pass on information to the senate. Classified Senate meets the second Wednesday of each month Executive Council meets the first Wednesday of each month. Look for meeting notices and minutes on the website.

Outgoing Senators -- Ellen presented certificates of appreciation for outgoing senators. Cyndy Hodge presented Ellen with a placque in recognition of her service to the senate. Cyndy also read a message from President Lloyd Harp to the senators.

Nominations were accepted for vice president and secretary. John Williams was elected as vice president and Val Peck was re-elected as secretary.

Board of Regents Visit: Several of the classified senators met with the Board of Regents on April 26. Out of nine of the regents, we had six come to talk with us. They had other choices . Visit was very good,. Talked about poverty figures on campus - employees almost ½ making less than a living wage. Seemed interested in helping us and getting us on their legislative agenda. Interested in our concerns. Reggie Robinson interested in having quarterly meetings. They want to stay in contact with classified staff to help us out with some of our issues. Talked about health insurance, pay matrix, morale, etc. Gave them a lot of info that they can take to Topeka. We gave them a report from an actual employee position on campus and how this person currently qualifies for food stamps. Senator Ward asked how many had topped out at top of matrix.

Adjusted Leave Policy: We all should have received memo regarding adjusted leave policy. Nancy Thompson and Ann Moser spoke to us on that matter. New policy allows you to adjust your leave time during the week. Example: 4 hrs of vac on Tues, then come in on Sat and work 4 hrs. Previously, it was a “wash”. Now, if it is submitted to the departmental timekeeper in writing and recorded on the comments line, the employee can choose to be paid at straight time. However, your department must have the budget to pay. Even though it is supposedly your choice, most departments don't have the money to pay. If that is the case, the employer should not ask them to work. Regarding comp time: Have to have 40 hours physically worked during the week before any comp time is paid. Contact Nancy, x6162, or Ann, x3644, for questions regarding specific circumstances.

Unclassified Supervisor Training: Ellen had contacted Mike Turner and Ted Ayres earlier this year with regard to the need for training of unclassified supervisors. She received a memo this week from Roger Lowe with regard to the fact that in the past supervisory training has been strictly voluntary. Lowe stated that they have now changed their policy to make training mandatory for unclassified supervisors. The employee can always grieve their evaluation if they are not satisfied. They can also elect to not sign their evaluation. They can also respond in writing to their concerns by supervisor.

KPERS update: The Kansas Senate was attempting to delay payments into KPERS so they could use these funds for education. The Senate was for it; the House against. It did not pass. However, it could still come up. Board of Regents was also concerned about the way KPERS was spending our money. Please continue to contact your legislators. Ellen distributed a list of legislators. She suggested not using your work e-mail when contacting them. Legislators information is also on website.

New Senator Orientation: New senators were provided a short orientation and explanation of their duties. Very important that you let the secretary or president know if you will be absent. Two unexcused absences is cause for replacement on the senate.

Committee Sign-Up: Senator Hinkle suggested that all standing committees be cleared of previous senators, giving - new senators a chance to serve on them. (Not a formal motion). There was a lot of discussion. Senator Hodge moved that this be tabled until fall so that president Harp could provide his thoughts. Hinkle seconded. All in favor. None opposed. Motion carried.

Shirt Orders: Shirts are available for senators. Let Lloyd know if interested and send payment to him.

As May Arise
-3% pay increase is 99% sure. Not an increase - it is a COLA. If it passes, it will be effective on June 6, and show up on our July 6 paycheck.
-Ellen indicated that we would receive a new list of senators and constituents shortly.
-Ellen generally writes a synopsis for us to send to constituents. She doesn't know if Lloyd will continue that practice.
-Lloyd will have sign-up list for committees at next meeting.
-Legislative Day will be the second Tuesday and held in Topeka. Dr Beggs usually supports our attendance for this.
-Excused absences necessary.
-Ellen thanked the classified senate for making her presidency a great experience.

It was moved the meeting adjourn. Cyndy seconded. Meeting adjourned.

Happy summer!!
Val Peck, Secretary