Thursdays with 3S: You Don’t Have to Grow Where You’re Planted

Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Jordan Glover has found his way at Wichita State and is helping other students do the same. He’s an aerospace engineering student, an intern for 3S and a mentor for other engineering students at WSU.

“I feel that for personal growth to be able to happen, you have to get away from your home city,” Glover says. “I felt like I’ve been growing myself here in Wichita.”

Glover found the 3S position on Handshake, the Shocker Career Accelerator called him to set up an interview, and he’s been working as a certification engineering intern ever since.

Glover’s role certifies different modifications on aircraft by following Federal Aviation Administration guidelines. They research what has been done in the past, the best available equipment, how and where a part has been installed before and their recommendations moving forward. They culminate their research into a report that they then present to clients.

“Not many aerospace engineers get to see the certification side of the engineering process,” Glover says. “I think that’s one of the best things I’ve gained from this experience.”

Glover said this position has helped him confirm that engineering was the right career path for his future. He has big ambitions and goals like moving to another state and exploring different kinds of engineering.

“I want to experience everything that I've learned within my field and all of my classes to figure out where these applications fit within the job world,” Glover says. “I’ve learned so much from this internship, and there’s a lot to gain from learning in a non-class setting.”

Glover says he’s been able to share his experiences with his mentees in the College of Engineering. He also says his 3S colleagues offer life advice and job guidance during his internship. He’s happy to share those tips with other students and advice he’s picked up on his own.

“Procrastination seems very easy until you get behind,” Glover advises. “You’re also going to struggle in college if you don't have connections and don't have a social life because you need that for your mental health. Find that friend group you can grow with.”


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